A story of the earliest colonial settlement of Australia on the Hawkesbury River told from an Aboriginal point of view. The story begins in 1810 and ends in 1850. An answer to “The Secret River”. This historical novel is a third person narrative about Mary James, a Darug Burruberongal woman and her struggle to survive, her fierce...


A clown's meteoric rise to political fame. This story contains adult language & themes, sophomoric language & themes, lots of drinking, even more womanizing, criminal acts depicted humorously and humorous acts depicted criminally. There is enough in this story to offend everyone.

Northern Arrows

As a child, a young village girl found a wolf in the forest. Years later, they live for the hunt. But all is not as it seems, and the two hunters have decided it is better to investigate on their own than to wait for things to fix themselves.

Smile for the Coup D'état

Broke, drunk, and caught up in the mayhem of a military coup d'état in Thailand, Peter and his dangerously charismatic friend, Joseph, double down on their pursuit of destructive obsessions. But the crimes that they have committed together are becoming increasingly hard to hide under the tumultuous new political order. Pressured...

The Shakespeare Murders

Thomas Brown is a high school English/History teacher who lives in Western Sydney. He interrupted his studies in Forensic Science at university when his mother was disabled in an accident, leaving him responsible for his elderly parent's care. An old friend, now a police detective, calls him in to help solve a series of baffling...

Gradually Then Suddenly

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Ella Riley inherits her home and her belongings, including a ring with a mysterious inscription. As Ella solves her grandmother's final riddle, she discovers a tale of fear, escape and new beginnings. "This time though, I saw a countdown to freedom and finally I had my own secret, my own...

Good Night Papa

Good Night Papa is a collection of fifteen short stories (including one screenplay) set in Japan and around the world. Each story presents a dilemma, conundrum or mystery which its characters solve by wit or resolve: What does a recovering alcoholic mail pilot do when his plane crashes in the Australian desert with a bottle of gin on...

Forever Alice

The scientists and technicians in the humanoid robotics industry were always in control of their creations, until something unexpected made them aware of the dangers associated with the development of artificial intelligence and machines equipped with the option of rationalization and independent thinking.

The Darkness

The 2015 NaNoWriMo Novel Contest winner. A virus decimated the entire planet's human population. No treatment or vaccine could be found, so contraction—meant death. Humanity was forced to seek refuge in hermetically sealed self-sustaining bunkers, commonly referred to as ‘biospheres’. After the world’s power grid failed,...

Soul Burn

Holly watched an angel kill her brother. Now, hunting them down one by one, she plans to destroy the one responsible, but her new friend Ande keeps getting in her way. By the time she learns what’s really happening, it’s spiraled out of control. She has to find the real enemy, and the truth, before the world tears itself apart.

Gate 6

This walled city protects its citizens and mass exports an essential product that improves lives globally. But is there something darker going on?

The Child Alive

Bel Caldwell is a veteran detective of the NYPD, working violent crimes. While battling problems in his own life, he stumbles upon a chilling crime scene that destroys his notions of good and evil, bringing him deep into the darkness of the human soul — and a grudge that continues to remain, even after the body has been laid to rest.

Drop Dead Society

In a world where access to the internet has become so expensive only the privileged elite can educate themselves, an underground group set up secret dead drops in public spaces where individuals upload a copy of the current internet.