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This Fan-Fiction has spoilers to Five Nights At Freddy's, is full of gore and violence, etc.






Oh and the chapters are short.

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Chapter 1: Planned Murder

I grabbed the doorknob firm, hesitating to turn it. I didn’t really want to enter this building. Ignoring my fears, I crept inside.


Inside wasn’t a pretty sight, or smell for that matter. The place smelt like a rotting carcass whilst looking like someone had sprayed year old water on the walls then left it for 10 years. I took a step forward, but the floor gave way below my foot. I lifted my foot up and winced at what I saw. Rats were scurrying around below the floor, nipping at my toes through my shoes. I yelped and shook them off. Squinting in the darkness, I was able to make out a hallway that I was meant to (according to plan) enter. Just the thought of taking another step was enough to make me nervous. But if I was ever going to do this, I had to walk. 


Pacing myself, I was able to wander down the hall, miraculously not falling into the endless abyss that is the basement. I could just imagine all the rats and other rodents eating me alive, never allowing me to make my move.


The child was standing there, their nose pressed up against the glass, a cloud of breath surrounding their face in the cold. He was wearing the sort of thing you would wear to a party, with a sparkly, striped hat. I was thinking about retreating, leaving him alone, but I had to do this. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a knife. The blade was sharp, enough to kill an adult, let alone a child. I ran my hand aross the top, feeling the cool, shiny metal. Brand spanking new, that’s the last time it would ever be that. I reached into my other pocket and pulled out a bandanna. Come the day, this boy will be dead. I jolted my hand across his mouth and then tied the bandanna over his mouth and nose, then proceeded to thrust the knife into his chest, leaving him sprawling across the floor and blood slattering all over the door. My purple was fading, turing into a maroon sort of colour. His clothes were stained red, his nose and mouth was leaking the stuff. Disgusted, I made a run for it.


My knife was dripping blood, was dripping blood. That poor child was sitting in a pile of blood. I was starting to wonder why I did this. Why I killed him in front of a glass door. I could've gotten caught! Oh well. I didn't, so that's what mattered. I jumped in the driver's seat of my car and drove off. My ponytail had come out, but that was the least of my worries. What I was really worried about is how I am now a marroon colour, it's NEVER going to come out. I will be the world's most ugly person, never able to murder again. 

I got home and went straight to the shower. I had to wash out all the blood. I had to rid any evidence of the murder and everything I did. I knew there was blood and a dead child left at the crime scene, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I watched as the red ran down my body and onto the shower floor. My shower soon went from a light cream colour do a faded red. Blood was everywhere. I needed to find a new way to do my murder. A suit. Something that can take a hit for the team. Soak up the blood. Allow me to do multiple murders in one day. One minute. One. Second.

I ventured back to the resturant, searching for a suit of any kind. I went into a secret room in the back, only to find a Spring Bonnie suit/animatronic, just sitting in the darkness. I walked up to the suit and felt the faux fur. It was like a baby's bottom. Softer than silk, tougher than steel. The perfect disguise. It was exactly what I needed.

I could hear the THUMP THUMP of my feet, pounding into the bichermen, each step accelerating me forwards. I had never ran this fast. Clutching the suit, I kept thinking about how I was not only a murderer, but I was a thief. I began to feel bad. I questioned if this was worth it. If I should kill myself along with my next victim. I vigorously shook my head.

"No. William. Pull yourself together. Many people had done this, gotten away with it and lived. If they can do it, why not you? Now go." I said, attempting to give myself a pep talk. I stuffed the suit into the boot of my car. I drove home at about 140km per hour, 100km above the speed limit. I kept going through the ride without getting speed flashed once. I cackled.

Children were so dumb.

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Chapter 2: Williams Disease

I leaped out of the car, then heaved open the boot. The suit was still there, a little altered in it's position because of my rough driving. I carried it into my house, slightly stuggling because of the weight. A thing as heavy as this would be incredibly hard to wear. If it was too heavy, my plan would be destroyed. I heaved on the suit. It fit surprisingly well. I mean, it wasn't made for me or anything, just the person it was made for happened to be my size. Relieved, I took the suit off. I instantly felt the weight lift off, and my body rise. I would have to make modifications. Being in this suit for an extensive amount of time would effect my body greatly. I leaped down the stairs to the basement. I had a case, a glass standing one, right in the center of the room. Lamps around and inside it. The glass glimmered in the light of the lamps, reflecting the room around it. I unravled the suit from my arms. I opened the door of the cabinet. The glass slightly shaking by the movement. I carefully draped the suit over the mannequin, making sure to not miss any parts of the mannequin. It gets cold in the basement and I don't want the inside of my suit to be freezing cold when I'm going to do my murders.

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