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What happened to Julie,s life once she turned into a famous film star,from a girl who was mistreated by her step aunt.What did she do to become famous.What did she loose and gain,from this fame?

The Logic Engine

In the year 2307 a man wakes up having no recollection of his memories. Through his travels he will learn who he was and what he has done to the world. He will meet friends and foes, each one of these encounters giving him answers and questions.

How to succeed as an independent author: An interview with Row Murray

Wrangling shelf space in a bookstore is hard and competitive, even if you’ve been "traditionally" published. But that’s not to say it’s totally impossible as an independent author! I interviewed Row Murray – successful bookstore shelf wrangler – about how she found distributors and readers for her book, For Foxes' Sake.

Trouble | Kim Taehyung Fanfic

- A fan fiction of Kim Taehyung, known as V in the Kpop boy group, BTS. - A beautiful girl, Rose moves to Korea because of family issues. There, she meets Taehyung, who is the most despicable person to her. But of course, a romance book must end with romance. So what happens? They fall in love. Read on to find out more!


Color is the only way of defining you. Color is the key for survival. The world is about gone, destroyed and taken over by a different group of people. Three. Just three different colors can change society forever. But can Mare and her friends stop the whole thing from happening or just be the people who can become a color and live the new society to define themselves.

Five Nights At Freddy's: Book 1 The Beginning

3 friends go to what's left of Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Once there strange things start to happen. Tommy's girlfriend breaks up with him, animatronics start to come alive and try to kill him and his friends. Will Tommy end this madness once and for all? Find out in book 1 of my new series.

Scream: The Beginning Of A Deadly Legend

Lakewood, Utah. Once a beautiful town. Then after a chain of murders you can't trust anyone. But there are people who have dealt with this. They go by... The Lakewood 6!