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Hibiki isn't one to steal her best friends dad. But what happens when he gets you pregnant?

Anna Spargo-Ryan: Writers on Writing

An interview with Australian writer Anna Spargo-Ryan in which she also gives some brilliant (and practical) advice on writing and publishing. In addition, you can read an uncut chapter from Anna's debut novel The Paper House and an advanced chapter from her new novel The Gulf, published by Pan Macmillan in May.


This story is about a man that only finds way of pleasure is if it has to hurt someone. As in his secret guilty pleasure and thinks that no one deserves the attention that he isn't getting. He doesn't do it physically he does it mentally.

One Beyond The Web Of Lies

Lucy is a 25 year old woman, finding it hard to meet a man on her intellectual level, struggling with her job and her relationship with her mother it's about time Mr. Right came along, however what happens next she could have never imagined...

The Logic Engine

A person wakes up with no memories or knowledge of the world, the only thing he knows is that he has the ability to teleport himself. On his journey he will discover the world as well as his past. Each chapter is an event in his life and in each one of those he learns something new. ( 14/100 chapters)

Five Nights At Freddy's: Book 1 The Beginning

3 friends go to what's left of Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Once there strange things start to happen. Tommy's girlfriend breaks up with him, animatronics start to come alive and try to kill him and his friends. Will Tommy end this madness once and for all? Find out in book 1 of my new series.


Ellie is fourteen, and has a secret crush on a sixteen-year-old boy at school. And then there’s Simon, her little brother, who wants to make her life miserable by revealing her secret to everyone because she tattled on him again. But before the secret can get out, Ellie is hit by a car, and falls into a coma. Thrown into a corner of her subconscious mind with no memory of who she was or where she came from, she struggles to find her way back. Will Ellie wake up from her coma, or will she stay locked inside her own mind forever?

Tilting Homeward

Gypsy wandering, adventure, travel, the meanderings and quirky workings of fate that hint at a grand plan we are all living out, and how it works out for two people in the end.

Eternal Circle Of Pireas

Cuando el reino de Rockos se destruyó todo en Arcania cambió. Ahora Elena, Briana, Cristela, Nathan, Jasper y Edric deben de salir del colegio de Pociones y Hechicería de Tarteas para emprender una peligrosa misión y descubrir el secreto que guarda el rey Doroteo en su reino.