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Book Marketing/Promotion

My book is finally getting published by a small publishing house in the US. How do I effectively market and promote it? Thanks.

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Hi! There's allot of ways to gain a audience. Obviously your at least decently good at writing! (Congrats.) therefore you can write a few shorter stories in the genre you've wrote your novel and post it here and WattPad, they have mobile apps.

On your profile, post a direct link to your story, followed by a summary!

In the back of books, post the summary to your publish book.

Thank everyone that comments, follows, and votes for your stories! Connect with the reader!

Also, if you get a few free copies consider GoodReads, GoodReads is a great tool. You can post a give away of your book! You can also post your book on your profile, and then speak to people in the chat rooms, post reviews on other stories, and just try to make friends it helps!

If you have business cards, you can ask if the library or a store or someone you know won't mind handing them out! Someone you know could do it at school or work. :)

I wish I had more suggestions to help!

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