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A writer to help you write.

Hello. I’m not sure how active this community is. I myself discovered Tablo a few years ago, but life has taken me elsewhere and I’m just now back on this platform with a semi-different direction on my writing career.

I would love to help others on the journey to publishing their books. If your book is complete and on the final draft, I’d gladly help to proofread your work.

What does a proofreader do? That’s a great question! I DO NOT edit (although there might be some general content editing here and there), instead, I make sure that those tiny writing mistakes that could cost you a whole book are gone. That tiny missing comma or that unnecessary dash. Yeah, I help you get your work 100% thorough for publishing. In a way, a proofreader is kind of like the last line of defense in the writing journey before your book goes off to the publishing press.

Since I’m at the beginning stages of my career, I’m more looking for experience than anything else. We could help each other out. Contact:

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