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Are you obsessed with experiments in form and genre, with wordplay and literary games? If so, please join us to discuss and share experimental writing.

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Who are you?
What do you write?
What do you read?
Which aspects of experimental writing interest you?

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So... I'm Paul.
I've been writing all of my adult life. I write extremely long novels or novellas - and nothing in between. I explore history and future scenarios and the humdrum of everyday life.
My literary gods are Georges Perec, Italo Calvino, Jose Luis Borges, W G Sebald, Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera.
I'm interested in solving or setting literary conundrums, experiments with narrative structure, word play and the relationship between writer, character and reader.

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My name is Sarah I Wright horror and I'm 11 but I need to see how my story's are my family think that are ok and so do I but I need some feed back from a person I don't know I may be only 11 but I know horror I love it I ever right creepy pastas and I just need that boost for some one to check out my stories

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Hi Paul, I'm Jim.
I saw this is a new Community and it sounds right up my alley. I've been writing for a few years, mainly sci-fi but also last year tried my hand at a crime novel. But I'm really interested in experimenting with narrative and I'm currently exploring ideas around nested narratives and frame stories. Right now I'm reading Labryinths by Borges and am loving it, finding the exploration of dimensions really fascinating. Anyway, look forward to engaging more about all this, cheers for now.

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Hi Jim. Good to meet you and welcome to The Laboratory. There's a long history of interplay between crime fiction and experimentation. I'm looking forward to finding out what you'll achieve with those narrative techniques. Ah, 'Labyrinths'... what can I say?

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I'm Justin but I write as Curt Lincoln. I've been a writer my whole life, but until a few years ago, never dreamed of being published.
I have mostly written flash fiction, much of it experimental. I've written work that was only dialogue between a parent trying to read to a child, used a single color to convey mood, pulled only forty words from an anthology article to create a story, so I like the challenge of experimental fiction.
I love to mix the beauty of Fitzgerald and Grey with the carnivalesq and surrealism of Kafka and Dick.

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Hi Justin and welcome to The Laboratory. Your approach to writing sounds an interesting one. Hopefully, you'll be sharing some of it with us here. Kafka and Fitzgerald - that's an interesting notion.

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Hi Justin, nice to meet you, your word chemistry sounds intriguing, look forward to seeing some of your work if you decide to share it on Tablo. I enjoy pushing the limits of language too, trying to mix beauty and the bizarre. Excuse my ignorance, I assume you mean F. Scott and Philip K, but not sure who Grey is?

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Who are you?
Premise: Stories illuminate how we live and help us imagine the future.
What do you write?
Current project: a high fantasy murder mystery
What do you read?
Current/recent: China Mieville, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ursula LeGuin, N. K. Jemisin
Which aspects of experimental writing interest you?
In current project: narrative structure

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Hi Erik and welcome to The Laboratory. Your current project sounds intriguing. Ah, yes, China Mieville - definitely one of the more interesting writers operating out of England at the moment. I loved 'The City and the City'.

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It,s Hijab here.I started writing at the age of six,Still I,m young.I wrote in a bundle of papers.Like adventure and kid stuff.Now I write romance and tragedy.I,m working on tragedy but on wattpad.
I read romance and school stories.I love them.Tablo is axtually a little cofusing.We could,nt message or comment..😬

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Hi Hijab. Sorry you found things confusing. This community is for experimental writing rather than romance or tragedy, but good luck with your writing!

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Hola, my names Chelsea and I started Tablo this year so you can say I am a beginner. I am 12 year old girl and I prefer to write about anything but love stories. I'm fine with reading them but writing them always turns into flops. I have actually tried writing one (love lies) but I decided to stop writing that one because I made better stories which actually sounded better. Umm I'm thinking of something else to say... oh yes I'm from brasil but moved to England a while back!

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Hi! My name is Hannah, I'm a writer and reader here on Tablo. I write mostly fantasy with a touch of SciFi, but I love to read almost any genre. At the risk of sounding a little stupid, I was hoping to open a discussion here about what classifies as experimental fiction? I haven't heard the term before now and I'd love to hear anyone's feedback on what they think it involves :) It sounds really interesting!

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Hi Hannah, I also wonder about what classifies as experimental fiction. I'm reading a bit of metafiction at the moment, postmodern stories (Italo Calvino, John Barth) that are as much about meanings conveyed through the narrative structure as they are about any meanings/themes conveyed through the actual content of the stories themselves. For me, these seem pretty experimental, I guess because they're recognising the limitations of traditional narrative structures and are seeking to push beyond them.

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I wear multiple hats, but when I'm behind the desk and the muse is behind me, I write fantasy/sci-fi. When I worked as a book store manager, I chewed through all the sci-fi and young adult publishings. I love antiheroism - Joe Abercrombie books in particular.
I write on the edge of Deep Point of View. That makes me a bitter enemy of "said" and all other speech tags. It takes a bit of practice and a thousand edits, but the results can be spectacular.

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My real name is Sarah, but this is my middle grade handle. I used to mainly read manga, and never quite got used to the form and culture of Western fiction.

I write Magical Realistic Tech Noir with transhumanist elements.

I like experimenting with having fictional narratives being aware that--indeed that are fictional narratives, and play with this fact.

I also like having novellas structured as short story collections about the main character throughout their life. Even my longer short stories/shorter novellas have this structure, as it was the way I found around this 2,000 word limit I had back when I stuck more strictly to plotting.

Of course now I know plot's pretty much a ruse anyway.

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So good to read all your work and introductions too. I tried poetry but found so much of it obtuse and too cerebral and so alot of my poetry experiment merged into prose yet didn't fit the classic short story structure either. i do love the poetry of Bukowski and Neruda because its so direct. I used to Teach English and now am living a bit of an "alternative lifestyle" as in not so much "hippiedom" but anti mainstream materialism and compulsive consumer values, if that makes any sense. Have written a novel, Zen Daze, first chapter hear-( be warned first chapter shocking, easier and more beautiful chapters after) . Maybe full novel soon here. Now am working on memoir.

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Bukowski is himself so much you think it is him but it is not it is another one. He chain smoke yes, he reads but at the day he is plain buk . Busk.

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Bukowski is his own so much to chain smoking you would think it was but two was the price of one (ha) yes. Just buk is all you could say. Just buk knows ki.

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At the moment I am experimenting with the cut-up method. I will share my cut-up short story on tablo (if you are interested). I write fantasty, magical realism. I read the same. Especially Pratchett. So sad that his fiction is coming to an end :-(

Anyone else experiemented with cut-up fiction? And help! does anyone know why my text is scored out in two of my posts... copyright infrinement?! Was trying to share some samples, a small percentage of the whole to introduce myself. *sigh* technology!

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experimental writer experimenting to write a book where reader remembers nothing at all to put the most stubborn boy or girl to sleep kind of knock out writing to awaken drooling and emotions which is only thing real humane about the Humanities and Arts what are they now but culprits and empty, the order, the neutron, the fundamental route to self-realization.
I believe, writing can be most powerful weapon against all evils of the universe no matter how perverse, there's nothing more real than the imparting of the Soul which is the only advantage we have over the machines. For the Day is Coming when we don't need drivers and pilots and teachers and bankers and beggars and waitresses and even sportsmen, they are looking more organic as ever.

To Understand is to be Scientific
To be Scientific is to be Emotionless
To be Emotionless is to be Cruel
To be Cruel is to be Poison
To be Poison is to be Evil
To be Evil is to be Kind

published by six nine press

falling waters flowing flowers
america america thou art america

comrades! forward march!!

the old underground

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I write in many genres but am currently stuck in future civil wars mode. After spending almost 30 years writing about a racial civil war in Australia, I realized that I did not have the permission of the first people of this country to write about their painful experiences. So my 150 000 word opus sits waiting for that permission. But this experience did give me an ability to plot and create fictional civil war scenarios. So I began to write of a fictional future civil war, in Australia, that involves no religion, no race and no foreign invasion. I call it my "SNIPERS SERIES". The first book, 54 000 words and climbing, is just called SNIPERS. This will be followed by BUSH SNIPERS, FEMALE SNIPERS and finish with a prequel BEFORE SNIPERS!
My ancestors were mainly from southern Ireland and northern England. I have been to both of my ancestral homes. One was invaded by the English, occupied and freed after bitter civil wars. The other was invaded by the ancient Romans, the Vikings and the Normans.
Australia has only had one brief "white" civil war. it was about money. So I do have a precedent. Class war was a long cold war in this country for over 100 years. My fictional series just turns up the heat.
I have tried to get five economics books published, without success, so decided to explore my creative writing side.
Having written hundreds of fast stories, very short stories and plays, I have done my first eBook. It will be published as soon as its being proof read.

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Hi, my name is Skylar and I'm experimenting with poetry, and how I can make certain changes to give a subtle more in depth meaning to the piece, recently I've been messing with Shakespearean sonnets. Also I was experimenting with a novel I've been working on and breaking the fourth wall, while still maintaining the integrity of the story.

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Right now I've gotten quite interested in classics of literature like Faust, The prince, or Dante's Inferno.

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So i am Aliza
I write fiction or fantasy. So young adult
I read anything that sounds good
I really like experimenting with plot twists so It’s basically FanFiction but i don’t publish it I make different plot twists and characters and it really helps me with key things is writing. When I practise with writing and I try to focus on one thing I worry about the background to the story the character but with fanfiction it’s just adding or rewriting something that’s already a book or a movie or a tv show and that helps a lot because I can focus on the one thing that I need to improve on and I won’t need to worry because backgrounds and characters are already there. And same for if I was practising characters I’ll just add a new character. Or a character background, just write a background for a character that’s not really a main character and isn’t really in the story that much.

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I'm Aria. Nice to meet you.

I'm not new to writing, however I quite enjoy fantasy. For me, this was my only genre until a while ago, until I got into romantic fiction, inspired by a book called Halo. I'd love for you to read my short story A Thousand Stars as it is my second and best romantic fiction. I'd love for you to read my other stories too.

Thanky all!
Aria Xx ❤️

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Hi I’m Sam teacher by day, author by night. I have been writing most of my life and I find it a good escape from my busy work life.

I’m a bookworm and read over a 100 books a year. I have several favourite authors Chris Carter , Elly Griffiths to name a few. My favourite genres are crime, thriller and dystopian although I have recently got into true crime and historical fiction.

I write novels that cross over through several genres I guess that’s my experiment. Whether I will find one genre to write for and stick with it, time till tell. Whether these novels that cross genres work is something I hope will be answered here.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look at my stuff and offer constructive criticism.

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vyvyan ogma wyverne is my real name. i chose it myself and paid good money to the registrar of births deaths and marriages to make it official. i have written several novels but never actually completed the final draft. some were for children, one is semi-autobiographical, and one is a searing satire about not getting a phd from a typical university. in these last two i experiment with what used to be called magical reality. i was told that writing an autobiography would clear the way for greater creativity, and yes, i think it did. so i'm sharing that here, one chapter at a time, as i complete the final draft. i hope people will read and enjoy it.

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