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Are you obsessed with experiments in form and genre, with wordplay and literary games? If so, please join us to discuss and share experimental writing.

Please Read Me! Community Rules & Guidelines

Hi there and welcome to The Laboratory, Tablo's community for writers interested in literary experimentation. I'm Paul. I joined Tablo over two years ago now and I'm your Community Manager at The Laboratory.

Hopefully, it'll prove a great place for writers to exchange ideas. No doubt, there'll be some friendly disagreements. We'd like to keep them that way. So here are some simple rules for everyone to follow when talking to others and posting content.


✅ Be respectful.
This may be an online space, but we’re all equals no matter where we share our thoughts and opinions.

✅ Keep your comments focused and on topic, according to each discussion.
This helps facilitate the best, most productive conversations.

✅ Protect your privacy.
Comments in the community are visible to the general public. You shouldn’t post anything here that you wouldn’t say in public. Don’t give out personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses.


❌ Be hateful.
Disagreements can lead to great progress. However, insulting individuals and bullying will not be tolerated. Members that use obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs or other disparaging language will be removed.

❌ Publish material that does not belong to you.
You must be the owner (or have obtained approval from the owner) to claim any material as your own.

❌ Defame or breach an individual’s privacy.
This is illegal. Authors that publish or post material that is untrue, or designed to negatively target an individual, will be removed from the community.

❌ Forget to have fun.
After all, that's just what the Oulipo has been doing for the last fifty years...

If you have any questions about these rules, or need further clarification, comment below and I’ll be happy to provide answers. If you have something a little more private to say, or need to report a member who has breached these guidelines, please contact me at hello@tablo.io.

Let's make the most of this space, to inspire and support one another. Make yourself welcome. Join in the discussions or start your own. Add your books to The Laboratory. And we'd love you to introduce yourself and tell the community about your writing on the New Members thread.

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