Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin is a creative writing school offering courses from one-day workshops to longer intensives run by the leading figures in contemporary publishing. Faber Academy was established by London publishing house Faber & Faber to provide writing courses that draw participants into the epicentre of the book publishing world.

Exciting new announcement from Tablo

In case you missed it, Tablo has introduced paperback publishing and expanded their distribution network to 40,000 online and physical retailers. Anything that you write on Tablo can now be published in eBook & paperback to nearly every bookstore in the world, with one click. It makes them the largest distribution network available to independent authors, and the simplest way to self-publish a book. You can read a little more about the product here - https://tablo.io/ash/weve-launched-paperback-publishing-and-expanded

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