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Maywitch [Complete]

When suspicious incidents begin rattling North America, it doesn't take long for the authorities to realize that something supernatural is happening. To solve the problem, though, they'll have to ask for help from Maywitch - the organization of mages tasked with keeping their peers in check. Kay Adamis, a young witch struggling through college, isn't too mad when Maywitch drafts her. She's a decent firecaster who's better at magic than studying, and since her parents aren't around, she needs some help paying her bills. But nobody warned her that the casualties were quietly mounting after months of magical unrest and resulting cover-ups.

How to succeed as an independent author: An interview with Row Murray

Wrangling shelf space in a bookstore is hard and competitive, even if you’ve been "traditionally" published. But that’s not to say it’s totally impossible as an independent author! I interviewed Row Murray – successful bookstore shelf wrangler – about how she found distributors and readers for her book, For Foxes' Sake.

Kangaroos Next 200km

COMPLETE When a drunken dare sees Mason Stubbs roaming lost in the Australian outback, he expects to perish under the desert sun. But then along comes trucker Jackson Cooper, intent on making his delivery to Alice Springs on time. The pair may not see eye to eye at first, but they’ll have to adjust to each other’s company. After all, there’s nothing else but kangaroos for the next 200km.

" Straight"

Maria is a " straight " 17 year old girl who goes to Tomville High where she is crushing Maya Clarkson. The problem is that she doesn't wants to disappoint her parents. She also doest want other the consequences that come with dating Maya. Maya isn't so safe either. Her life will be on the line if she dates a girl.

Kissing Booth

Follow Quinn Hart and her classmates as they finally make it to the year they had been all dreaming of. Transition Year. The intentions of this year are for self-discovery and that's exactly what happens in ways Quinn did not expect but appreciated all the same. Some secrets are let out, friendships are formed, friendships are broken and romance blossoms. For Quinn, it began with a kiss. It was just a kiss on the lips to help raise money for their Transition Year funds, right? There was no way that Violet Valentine had any other reasons to engage in behaviour such as that, right?

The Secrets we Keep

Book 1 of the 'Witch Hunt' series. "Uh, please tell me sparkles come before some demonic transition into a bat?" In which Skyler Harris, a muggle born runaway moves to Forks to live with her god-father, Charlie Swan. The benefit of a small town? To lay low. The other side of the coin? Vampires. One in particular that she can't keep out of her head, Rosalie Hale. (Updated Tuesdays)

Burning Love ❤️

How am I ever going to find love again with this look . I know that I've hurt a lot of women In my life , and i regret all my actions . People stare at me as if I was a beast or a creature they never saw before. I know I deserve whats happening to me. It looks like Love gave up on me and is taking her revenge.