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NaNo Challenge Update

Over the last month we’ve been busily reading entries from our NaNo challenge. There’s been thrillers, fantasy, literary fiction, young adult novels and much more. We’ve loved exploring the vivid universes and getting to know the characters in your fiction.

We’ll now be highlighting a range of strong entries (based on engagement analytics and editorial opinion), to Hardie Grant Egmont and Pantera Press publishers. They’ll review them and see if there’s any particular books or authors they think have potential. Of course, many writers who submitted their work to our NaNo Challenge have a lot of potential. But they’ll be looking to see if any novels align with their specific lists and what they’re currently hunting for.

A few things to note:
- We're not alerting the longlist yet (mainly because it's a wider selection than anticipated).

- We’ll email you if the publishers need further information (or need to see more of your novel).

- Hardie Grant Egmont or Pantera Press might also get in touch directly - there’s a chance you’ll get some valuable feedback too.

- Please be patient as there's not an exact timeline for this process.

After the publishers have read the longlisted entries we will share them with you on Tablo so you can read these fabulous novels-in-progress too. Stay tuned…

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this - we've loved reading your work. Wishing you all a creative year ahead


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It gave me time to really think about female villains, reflect on whether what I felt was love or lust/infatuation, and by the time he told me I was 100% sure (even though I'd been sort of feeling that I loved him for several months prior to then)

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