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Losing work

Hello two times now I have experienced the upsetting issue of coming back to tablo after either a moment away or a few hours and finding that all my work is gone. It has happened each time after saving but leaving the page open. I'm not sure why this happens and as there is no recovery feature or possibility that I can see it has meant that I need to start over each time. That it has happened twice now makes me very nervous to continue writing in the program as I can't predict if my work will be there when i get back. I don't want to stop using tablo as I really enjoy the formatting and appearance while writing but I don't want to keep losing my work. Please advise, thank you.

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Hi Layla, I’m really sorry to hear about this. A key requirement for us when creating the new writing platform was to have automatic backups and offline support, to make it close to impossible for writing to go missing. This sounds really unusual, and concerning for all of us, so I’ve passed this onto engineering to take a look at.

We’ll take a look to see if any of your work is recoverable as a first step and, following this, we’ll investigate what may have happened to make sure it won’t happen to anyone else.

I’m really sorry about the stress this may have caused, and we’ll hopefully have some good news for you!

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At some point our essential information or messages are lose accidentally and we need to get them back however we didn't realize how to get them back. In any case, subsequent to writing reviews perusing this post I am ready to completely use the learning that you share with us in this article. Great job!

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