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The New Home

He could not see anything, it was dark, and it felt like something tried to pull him away from the shimmering light by the door. Once he opened it, he fell down on the floor, gasped for air as he saw an explosion and an old bearded man fell onto the floor as well.

The black haired boy tried to move his body forward, towards the old man lying unconscious and bloody over the broken table on the floor.

“Grand, pa…” he tried to talk, realizing it was a bad idea, considering how low the oxygen level was. He grabbed the old man’s hand, in hope he would wake up.

Nevertheless, the air was gone, the boy lost his consciousness just as he noticed that the main door broke open, and a firefighter walked towards them turning into a black entity with glowing red eyes who smiled an evil smile before using the axe on his grandfather.

“Eric!” the old man shakes the boy awake. He suddenly realizes he had a very realistic nightmare while he slept in the backseat of the car. Grandfather steps out, to grab the luggage behind the trunk.

Eric is still shaken up, the boy relaxes his head towards the driver seat.

“You look like hell, was it the dream again?” his grandfather asks.

Eric shakes his head as he tries to calm down and find his water bottle from his old, black backpack.

“No, it was different, it was fire this time, and you were in it.”

“In a bad way?” he asks, but can see on the pale face from the boy that it was most likely.

“Well, we have arrived. Welcome to our new home.” He changes the subject.

Eric peeks out of the window, and cannot decide whether the dream he has halfway forgotten already, or the big grey painted, run down, old mansion, with giant trees behind and the cloudy sky, with a lightning stroke behind the building as a cliché scary movie, is the weirdest thing he ever experienced.

“We will stay at a ghost hotel?” Eric asks.

Grandfather sighs as he looks at the big mansion, as if it is going to fall down at any moment from lack of maintenance, and Eric grabs his backpack as the old man says.

“Never thought they would be lazy doing the maintaince when I left.” He says, walking ahead towards the mansion.

Eric hesitates getting out, but does not want to be left alone in the car either, so he obediently follows his grandfather towards the mansion.

    “A black haired kid, probably ten years old, arrived with an elderly man at the monsters hotel.” quotes a girl like a journalist, hiding behind a wall while a big young boy supports her by standing on his shoulders.

“A boy? If he moves in here, he will probably come to our school then. Oh my god, maybe he likes pizza.” He smiles happily and shifts position so the girl loses her grip.

“Wait, Dennis, don’t!” both fall down behind the wall.

A moment of silence before the girl continues on telling:

“If it weren’t for you being my cousin, I would have gotten rid of you by now.”

    The grandfather walks right in to the mansion, and simply dump the bags by the door. Eric peeks inside, sees a dark Victorian styled hallway with a staircase in the middle, connecting to an open second floor.

“I’ll go look for someone, you just wait in the living room over there.” Says grandfather and walks to a second hallway on the right side of the stairs.

Eric looks around, the inside is actually a lot cleaner than outside, despite the mashup with the modern furniture.

He peeks inside the living room, it is more as if a family meeting room, with a television than a living room. He sees an old painting of a family from long time ago, probably from hundred years ago, or longer.

Then he hear a noise, something putted aside, and not just once.

Closely and silently he walks  to the hallway, opens the door on the other side of the living room, and sees a curly, redheaded young man in a wool sweater searching and stabled stabeling books upon pile of books.

“Not this one, no, no, and no.” he becomes tired. Eric walks in, thinking of introducing himself, but is interrupted by the man’s anger as he yells: “Not this one either! Where is the goddamn dragon book!?”

Eric looks around, trying to find the book he mention.

Both has been searching for quite some time, so Eric immediately sees the big blue book he mentioned, golden frames with a dragon marked on it.

He picks it up, only to give it to the man.

“Is this the one?” he asks.

The man turns, putting on his reading glasses that hangs around his neck.

“Yes! That is it! Thank you!” the man grabs the book, walks fast past the boy, who jumps back surprised as the man continues past and waves his arm liked he is fanning away a mosquito.

Eric witnesses that the books begin to fly around like a small storm inside the room, and nicely put back in the shelves in neat order.

Eric is astounded, wondering how they are able to fly like that. The young man flips pages to search, in his own world in his mind, not noticing the boy curiously playing with one of the flying papers.

Eric walks in closely to see what he is searching on, seeing all kinds of pictures and info on dragons, lizards, reptiles and so on. Then he stops with a hand smashed on a page of an unusual feather and a warning red rune beside it.

“Found it!”

He opens his drawer, to bring out the same feather from the book and a notebook, so then he began writing a strange symbol.

“Come on…” he waits for a reaction, the excitement between those two is unbearable to wait for something to happen.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” He pricks himself with the pen, so the blood from his fingertip can make the symbol activate. It glows into a small ball of golden dust, it materializes itself coffee and flows into the green cup next to him.

Eric did not know what just happened, did the strange man just used use magic to make himself a cup of coffee?

“Ah, the sweet nectar of awakening.” The man drinks it, and sits down on his comfortable chair behind the desk.

Eric is rather disappointed and confused at the same time.

“Why waste time on searching for the book to make coffee, rather than using a coffee device, or the oven? That would take at least three to five minutes.”

The man stares at the baffled boy with an obvious expression of disappointment, and then looks away mumbling while he drinks it. “What?” Eric wants to hear.

“I can’t use electric devices.” The man answers in embarrassment.


“Enough about me, rather, who are you?” he asks.

“Me? I’m…” grandfather calling out for him, wondering where he is, interrupts him.

“I’m in here, grandpa!” he calls back.

“I clearly told you to wait…” grandfather stops when he sees the young man. In addition, both of them is baffled to see each other.

“Hello, Greg.” says grandfather, hoping the man would say something back.

“Dad? Did he just call you Grandpa?! Did you kidnap this kid from somewhere? Because I know that Hank did not have one, and neither did I.” He points at Eric, confused and upset at the same time.

“No, he’s Kevin’s.” grandfather answers with a smile, ruffling the boy’s black hair.

Greg stands up speechless, and walks towards Eric while tearing up.

On his knees, he grabs Eric’s arms to look closer.

“Heh, you’re his kid alright. You have his looks.” He hugs the boy.

Eric gets even more confused and awkward, just has having figured out that the strange man who could perform magic is his uncle. In addition, Greg cried like a sissy.

“Why, (hick) have you come? (Sob) Now of all times?”

When Eric looks at grandfather, he has a serious expression that wrinkles his forehead. Eric knows that he has to leave the room when that happens, since he must never know what grandfather is planning to do, unless he tells Eric himself.

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