Beneath The Shadows by Conquer Ross


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Chapter 1

James walked the halls of Miami State College, only bringing a sharp smile and a heck of an personality. Miami Florida was the most brilliant and most thoughtful place that can start a successful career and life. No other way James to put it so he packed his bags and went to college.

His former friend, Caleb Hills, was also attending and throwing his bro an awesome house party, filled with alcohol, drugs, and women. How would James say no to that offer? He needed something to make him forget about his parents and his frightful childhood.

James shook his crisped sandy brown hair from his face and kept his mind on point. He knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to go into Forensics, to become an brilliant detective and to work under cover. He like solving puzzles and setting up clues to cracking the perfect case. But, he also had a passion in music. His favorite instrument, the acoustic guitar. He would stream on it for hours and hours on end, rocking to the perfect melody. Nothing pleased James more than an nice hand work on the beautiful beast.


As James walked the halls of the gigantic, marvelous building, he bumped into this short shy young girl. James stared at her for a while, realizing her true colors. Her black silky hair swept from her shoulders to her sides, brushing her so sightly. Her turquoise eyes sparkled as she scanned the floor, for her papers. Her flawless skin and face made it impossible to look away. Her curvy hips and thighs copied her moment. Everything about her made James’s heart skip a beat. He had to say something. Do something to get the young girl’s attention. He sat his bags down and started to help the young girl with her papers.

“I’m terribly sorry about that, mam.”

He started to say, which made the young girl look up and fully examine James. He was gorgeous in her eyes. His dark hazel eyes were sweet but demanding. His long sandy brown hair swept to the side, revealing his powerful sharp face. His smile flashed. His body was big and strong, even though he was a bit taller than she was. If love at first sight was real, this would be the guy she would call her number one.

“Oh no, sir. I wasn’t even paying attention.”

She stuttered. After realizing so, she decided not to speak without thinking. Anything could come out her mouth, even about that gorgeous male that stood in front of her.

“Well, I can tell we are on the same page.”

He flashed sweet smile. She wanted to melt away in her feelings, but decided not too. She didn’t want to seem awkward. Since no words were being said amongst the two, James introduced himself.

“Hello. My name is James. Very nice to meet you.”

She took a hold of her papers and gave James an welcoming smile, not to show any redness in her cheeks. Now that, would had been embarrassing.

“Hello James. I’m Stephanie. But you can call me Steph. Its very nice to meet you too.”

And right there, they both shared and welcoming laugh as she started to wave James goodbye.

“Thank you so much for helping me with my papers. Infinity, it's time for me to go but I hope to see you around.”

James watched her go, with an opened mind and a proud heart. He knew he had fallen in love.


“Yo James!”

His friend, Caleb shouted on top of his lungs. James basically ran towards Caleb and attacked him with one of his special bro hugs.

“Caleb, my man! How you been?”

James shouted back as Caleb helped him with his bags, to their room. Caleb threw the lugauges on top of the queen sized bed as James let out an relaxing sigh. He was glad and over-excited to leave the house, to pursuit his dream and make it big like his idol, Tom Cruise. He had all his plans planned out and all his goals set out. He was basically living a big life, right here and right now.

“Now since you are all set, let's get ready!”


As they both started to get ready, James thought about Stephanie. He wondered if she would be at the party. If she was, that would complete the rest of James’s day. He wanted to see her again. To at least talk to her again. But, he had to make sure Caleb is nowhere around her. Caleb would take her away from him, with a wrap around a finger. He couldn't let that happen. Caleb was one of those bad boys, we like to call, Man Whores. He would take any girl he wanted, in a week's time. If he's with the same girl, he’s either liking what's she's giving or wanting something from her. Caleb had short blonde hair, with dark highlights at the ends. His skinny but very muscular body curved the right way, matching his chest and arms. His light grey eyes shined like the full moon that lit high in the sky. He only wore long V neck shirts that showed most of his chest, leather jackets, converses of any color, and black or blue skinny jeans. He always called James, The Weird one, because he only wore converses and heeled cowboy boots.


Once they both got ready, they walked out the door, to enjoy the night of fun planned ahead.

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Chapter 2

James’s boots clapped the floor as he and Caleb walked into the house party. James was fascinated by the dancing red and green light patterns that raced on the walls. Dancers and waitresses everywhere. The country music, Thomas Rhett, he believed, was overpowering him. All his energy and joy was ready to release out of him. Caleb walked towards an former stripper and grabbed them both two powerful drinks.

“To living our lives to the fullest!”

Caleb handed a cup to James as he held it tight , waiting on Caleb’s command. Once Caleb was ready, his smiled formed as they started to toast.

“No regets!”

They both shouted to the rooftop as they quickly tossed their heads back and poured the watermelon flavored poison down their throats. It burt a little to James, but it made him feel good in an sort of way. James called another round, while taking a look around.

“I feel good today and nobody can't bring me down!”

Caleb and James both sung, while getting drunk as hell. Caleb spoke up.

“Dude, go get you an girl. They would love a country feila, to sleep with.”

“Caleb, there's more to life than just sex. Sex is just an activity, in my opinion.”

James replied, drowning himself with more alcohol.

“Okay, where's my man, James?”

They both joked as Caleb pointed to an random short girl in the crowd.

“What about her?”

James tilted his head to the left, watching the young female talk to her former girlfriends. She was pretty, but not his type. He only liked Stephanie. Stephanie was the apple to his eye. His alcohol to his drinks. The drugs to his body. He only wanted Stephanie. She was something. She was truly, absolutely his only lover.

“Nah. I have an eye on one girl.”

“Oh, is she here?”

“I don't think so. Come on, man.”

“Where were going?”

“Peter is over there, sniffing god’s greatest creation. We are not about to miss out.”

James pulled Caleb’s arm towards the table, about to have some real fun.


Meanwhile, Stephanie walked into the country club and looked around. She didn't like large crowds more than not liking people. She has not yet found a guy like James. She kind of missed talking to him, since he was the only guy that seemed to talk to her. All the other guys just wanted to have sex with her and then leave her for somebody else. She didn't want that repetition. She stayed with her friends and talked with them, since there was nothing else better to do.

Watching girls grind up and down poles, twerking their butts for money, and basically begging for sex, made her feel sick to her stomach. She couldn't imagine herself doing all this for paid attention. She always thought that strippers were dumb idiots that didn't know how to close their legs and basically get an living. To provide for themselves or at least to care about other people than themselves.

About an hour later, Stephanie was confronted by an very tall male and his friend. She stopped at the same table that they had called her and her home girl to. She watched the two males, stuff cocaine up their noses and washed it down with strong liquor. The male to the right looked awfully familiar, but she couldn't tap her finger on it. The taller male grabbed his best friend and approached the two curious girls with drunk smiles and fashionable bodies.

“Hello ladies.”

The converse boy spoke to them, mostly the girl to Stephanie's right.


Her home girl basically flirted with the converse boy. The cowboy stared mighty hard at Stephanie. She took notice, without him breaking the stare. It was like he was attracted to her, in some kind of way. That what fascinated Stephanie.

“Hey, let’s go talk. Maybe in private.”

The cowboy took a hold of Stephanie's hand as they left the two friends alone.


Stephanie giggled at James’s jokes and asked questions about his concerns. It was really fun to be around him. James, who doesn't know what’s going on, could not recognize his lady love that stood beside him. He thought of her as an friendly enjoyable girl to hang around with. Stephanie, on the other hand, recognized James and wanted to be around him. She felt strong and confident, about talking to him.

Once they reached the roof of the building, James took Sheph by the hand and took her to the edge of the building, to watch the view of the cars head and back lights. To show her the full moon, that shined big and bright, upon the stars. Drowning in its culture and glory. He indeed liked this view very much and thought,

“How would she feel about this?”

Well, the twirling of her hair and the sparkle in her eyes told James that she enjoyed this beautiful and marvelous sight. But, it also told James that this was an new chapter in his life. Starting with Stephanie.

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Chapter 3

James woke up with the worse of an hangover. His head was pounding, his heart aching. His body trembling and his lungs stung. He started to moan and toss and turn in his large bed, not noticing the body that laid next to him.

James fell onto the ground and started to curl, aching from the huge pain left in his body. This is not the first time this has happened before. It started back in Texas, when he was trying to impress the girl he liked and some of the other cowboys, that he wasn't afraid to do anything. That he could be cool and awesome like everyone else. But, most importantly, to fit in like everybody else. That's how he met his buddy, Caleb. After getting approved, the gang started drinking more. That was also the first time ever that James did any drugs of any kind. And that fateful morning, he experienced pain like no other. He promised himself that he won't do anything that heavy again. Now, he broke an promise from himself.

James grabbed the nearby bucket and threw-up all he had that night. With all his strength that he had left, he got up and walked the bucket in the bathroom, to wash later. He grabbed a small wipe and wiped his mouth, feeling a lot better. Suddenly, a figure rose from the top right of his bed as James stared at it. Could it have been Caleb, who was so stoned that he couldn't make it to his own bed? Could it have been Stephanie, the only and true lover that he wanted for the longest of time? Or was it some unknown stranger that James couldn’t remember if he slept with? Those three questions poundered James as he didn't know what to do in this situation. If it was another woman, how could he live with himself if he had someone else other than Stephanie? Truly, he was in love with her and truly they only met an whole day ago, but he wanted her to be with him. She was different. An good different, that only comes once in a lifetime.

The figure moved the blanket off its head to reveal an woman. James wanted to collapse on the floor and beat himself in the head. How could he? Sleep with some random female and pretend like it's okay. Well, to be honest, he didn't even remember. He didn't remember anything but that last view of the car headlights before blacking out.

The older but fully clothed female, waved at James as he slowly gave an wave back.

“You are a lifesaver.”

The female spoke to James. She pulled a rubber-band off her arm and started to put her hair in a ponytail. It was quite long, in James’s opinion.

“How? What did I happen do to save you from?”


She said, doing the finishing touches to her ponytail.

“You gave me somewhere to sleep, after Caleb kept pushing me off the bed.”

“Caleb? You were with Caleb? So we didn't do anything last night?”

She laughed at James’s response. She thought it was cute and smart.

“No. I have been with Caleb since you left with Stephanie.”


“Yeah, you and Stephanie left. Once it was time for us to go, we started to look for you two, but you were nowhere to be found. Once we found you two, you were passed out on the floor and she had sat there and watched you. You don't remember that?”

In that very time, James wanted to collapse onto the floor and roll over, laughing. Just to laugh until he cried or even better, until he couldn't laugh anymore. But, he also want to cry his eyes out. He wanted to unleash all of his feelings and show this older female, how big of an coward and unfair person he really was. How could he forget about the so called girl that he was in love with?

James raked his hands through his messy morning hair and replied,

“'t remember that. I was, you know, very drunk…”

He paused and thought about it. Stephanie was the girl he showed the light view to. And to think that she was just a friendly and enjoyable girl to hang out with.

“And also high.”

James shrugged his shoulders as she shared an surprising laugh to James. Something about James fascinated her. She didn't know if it was the countryish tone in his voice or his image. She watched his arms arch and his muscles tight. He had been shirtless for the longest time, only wearing basketball shorts and black socks. He was taller than she was, saying about exactly 6 foot. He made a sudden move that she mostly paid attention to.

“I’ll be back. I’m going to take a shower.”

He walked away into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.


About an hour later, James walked out the bathroom, only bringing out a towel. He walked towards his dresser, and raked his hands through his hair, to the back. His wet hair shined and and his body dripped with little water droplets. His body shined like a sparkling vampire. She didn't want to make it look like she was checking him out, but she couldn't look away from his gorgeousness. She watched Caleb walked out of his room and approach her, with an charming smile. He kissed her forehead as James walked into the back, to get dressed.

James walked into Caleb’s room and went through his closet. James knew that his buddy had at least have something fashionable or stylish to wear on their first day of school. He found an blue, black, and white plaid shirt with a pair of his skinny jeans. James changed into the clothes as he hummed a great melody, he had in mind. He changed his socks and slipped on his boots. Maybe after school, he could go to the nearby park and play his melody. Could he write a song to it? He didn't know, but what he did know is that it was going to rock. And so will he.

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To Be Continued...

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