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Hope, Encouragement, Love

 The two dogs:

I wrote this all by myself. Feel free to share it with others and take it into your heart. Thank you!

On a very cold night in the alley in which they lived, two dogs roamed the streets. 

One, was very cute, but the other, was ugly. The ugly dog felt bad for his brother because he felt that he was holding him back.

“Why do you stay with me?” The younger one asked.

“I love you. And that could never change. Even if others told me to change it, I wouldn’t.” The older replied.

The ugly dog kept his head down, feeling horrible about everything he has done.

Just then, a human walked into the alley.

She saw the cute dog and chased after it, eventually catching it. The ugly dog tried to bark and claw, but the human growled back.

“Eww! Your way to ugly to come home with me and my new dog! Leave at once.”

The cute dog didn’t even protest to his brother as the human took her new puppy into her car and drove off.

Feeling scared and alone, the ugly dog cried all night, not even caring that he was wondering far off from his home in the alley. He came across a little girl, who said he was a miracle. 

The little girl introduced herself as Anna, and asked the ugly dog what was wrong. When he replied, 

“A human took my brother, and my brother just let it happen without protesting for me. I wish I was a cute dog. Then, I could’ve stayed with my brother. And now, I’m lost without him.”

Anna told the ugly dog that she would help him find his way home, along with the brother, in the morning.

“It’s much too late to find them now.” She said, “Besides, I am gonna give you a bath so you can get squeaky clean.”

The ugly dog curled up in Anna’s lap and soon fell sound asleep. When he awoke, Anna was carrying him into a nice cozy apartment.

She took him into the bathroom and bathed him, dried his fur, and wrapped him up in a towel. 

“I wish I could adopt you. But, if you wanna find your brother, that’s more important.”

When morning came, ugly dog did not want to leave his new owner. 

She was much to young to drive, so she walked ugh dog all the way to the old alley in which he lived.

When they arrived, Anna was scared to find a very cute dog jumping all over her and screaming, “Help me find my brother! I love him so much and was taken from him yesterday. It’s not the same without him.”

Cute dog didn’t know his brother was snuggled up in a blanket in Anna’s lap, listening to the convo. He started to tear up.

“What was his name?” Anna asked.

“People called his ugly dog. But to me, he was the cutest, most sweet dog I’ve ever known. And I am glad to have him as a brother.”

Anna unwrapped ugly dog and set him down next to his brother.

“I thought you didn’t care about me.” Ugly dog said.

“I will always care about you, no matter what.” Cute dog replied.

Anna asked the two dogs where they were planning on living.

To her surprise, ugly dog asked to stay with her. 

“I love you, Anna. You are the best owner a dog could think of.” 

Anna needed that in her life. She was constantly bullied at school for everything, and she didn’t know why. 

Small acts of kindness are what unite us all. They can improve us and make us better in so many different ways.

Be sure to help out someone in trouble, even if they are ugly, dumb, bullied, or more. People really need t, and giving them hope is all they need.

Right now:

Someone is thinking about you, wants to be your friend, wants to be in your company, wants to be with you, is hoping ur feeling ok, is wanting you to live a happy life.

Wants you to be with them

Wants you to comfort them

Wants to be ur shoulder to lean on

And needs YOU.

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