Life Lessons #2


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About This

 This is the 2nd book to a series that I have decided to make. The first one was about the ugly dog and the cute dog and how love always shines through in the end. I will be making more of these and they will simply just be titled Life Lessons with the number of the book after it.

Thank you so much if this is either the first time you’ve read one of my stories or if you are returning because you follow me. If you don’t follow me please go ahead and like and follow me and my little stories. Thanks!!!

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Have an Amazing Day

 You make the world a better place.

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The School Loser

 Elle Peters was classified as the school loser. Everyone bullied her. Especially the popular girls.

“Your ugly and stupid.” They would say, and then they would shove or push her away.

Sometimes it would go farther than that, and she would go home with a bloody nose.

“If you tell on us, we will kill you.” They would say.

The mean girls even found a way to get Elle’s number and cyber bully her. She had no way to stop it.

One night, Elle was walking down the street to try and get some alone time at the park. 

Elle ended up walking over to a swinging bench and sitting down. She looked on her phone. No new messages. She felt joyful that nobody was bothering her right now. 

Finally, some peace.

Not for long. The mean girls found her on the bench and approached her, mean expressions on their faces. “Look who we have here. Mrs. Loser Mc Dumb Face!” The meanest of them all said, and then snickered. She fake tripped over a tiny rock and dumped her hot coffee all over Elle.

Elle screamed and jumped off the bench, trying to run.

“We’re not done with you yet.” The mean girls declared.

They grabbed Elle by the ear and beat her. 

She ran home and pondered on what she was going to do. She had made her decision by sundown.

Elle stood on the edge of he bridge. No matter what anyone would say, she wasn’t going to get down. She took her final breaths and prayed.

“God please help my journey to Heaven be as quick as my jump here. Amen” 

Elle looked over the edge of the bridge and jumped, leaving the world behind and wasn’t even noticed until the next morning.

Elle’s parents sued the mean girls and their families because their dead daughter had left them a note that had every single detail in it.


Please know that you do not have to be like Elle. Someone in this world loves you. Even if it is just your parents. Talk to police or parents about bullying and make sure that you are safe. If the bullies are locked away, they can’t come for you.

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