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Cold,Lonely,Happy...And Everything In Between

I look outside, it’s raining hard. Which every drop comes a sound.

The morning air as cold as ice.

My house was filled with the smell of rice.

As I sat, there came along a group of mice.

The pot was hot, or so I thought,

the silence overwhelming.  

I would not bare to look,I would much

rather have read a book. 

That’s all I could have done, for everyone was gone.

The wind was hollering my name, as none had done 

in a long time. 

I sat in bed, reflecting.my room was closed and dark.

The only light on such a night,came from a nearby fireplace.

I sat there, quiet. 

I closed my eyes along with heart and soul. 

Now, I can hear the children play in the clear blue sky.

At last happy. 

(Please think deeper about this for it’s  suppose is to be heat warming but sad)

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