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New start!

 So let me give y'all a description of myself. I am kinda new of this but i wrote stories of my own you can fine one of mine on wattpad.its call "alert" by Coolbre2o1. Well that's all enjoy!

"New start"

"Come on mom im going to be fine trust me" I sighed.

Mom: I'm just gonna miss you so much,my baby is going to college *eyes watering*

"Look I love y'all so much i gotta go though" I rushed.

I said my goodbyes while hopping in the car.

I arrived to the college heading in and talking to my administrator.

Administrator:here is dorm room,302.

"Thank you"I smiled.

I walk in see a room that could be a house  if you ask me it didn't look like a dorm.

I found two bedrooms for some reason thinking that could be a extra room since im not planning to have a roommate.

"Ugh i could use a nap.."

As soon as I start to drift to sleep the front door breaks down.

"What the hell?!" I screamed.

Person:who are you?!

"The person that owns this dorm the exit is behind you oh wait you kicked down gorilla "I squinted.

Person:I'm the person that OWNS this dorm so get to stepping!

"Why don't we just call the administrator?!"

Person:then do It he smirked.

I rolled my eyes while dialing the number.Turns out that their weren't enough for many people so he had to move in with me.

"Ugh your my roommate now..since you are what is your name"

Person: Im going to my room 

"What is your name smart-"

He shuts his room door before I could finish my sentence.

"I literally hate boys" 

Its around 7:30 and I finally got to take my nap without having doors kicked down or any interruptions.

"Im hungry..what's that smell?"

I smell something that smells so familiar...SPAGHETTI!

"Who is cooking spaghetti?! Oh gorilla is...hmm" I chuckled.

Blake: my name is Blake by the way and this is for me and only me

My eyes open wide not because of his name but that whole pot of delicious,tasty, and scrumptious spaghetti was his and only his.

Blake: Im kidding violet *laughs*

"My name is Elena falls" 

Blake: well Im gonna call you violet

"Oh boy" I rolled my eyes.

We eat and I decided to take my shower while singing "that's what I like by bruno mars"

Blake P.O.V

"Let's see If violet likes pranks"smirks.

I open the door as quiet as I can.I hear her singing bruno mars song and couldn't help but smile but I came back and took her clothes. While I was opening the door I hear her turn the water off. I rushed out and waited in her room.

Elena P.O.V

I didn't see my clothes any where and I knew who got them.

"Blake!!!!!!! Give me my clothes!!!!!!!"I shouted.

Blake:their in your room! *laughs*

(You can do this Elena just run in there he won't even see you..)

I run in my room and notice that Blake is in my ROOM! I don't even know why I didn't put a towel on.

I couldn't move a muscle I was nervous,embarrassed, can say I was everything...

Blake face went to shock to a smirk, he was thinking of something.

"Get out now!!!" Is shouted.

Blake: no problem

After I gotten dress I decide to call my brother.

"Hey big bro!"

Tyler: hey baby sis how is college?

"It's fine turns out I have a roommate and I start class tomorrow"

Tyler: is your roommate a girl or boy?

"Uhm..." I hesitated.

Tyler: Elena

"It's a girl" I lied.

Tyler: Is she cute? Tall? Cause I wouldn't mind dating a college chick

"Trust me she isn't your type,she is hideous.."

Tyler: I'll take your word on It sis but I have to go mom is still crying over dad..

"Please don't get me started on him.. he is not my father.."

Tyler: whether you like it or not Elena he is our father,I know what he did to you was terrible but give him another chance..he has cancer baby sis..

" I don't care he deserves it! That worthless bitc-"

Tyler: stop! Elena stop being disrespectful..some kids would be thankful to call someone father you don't even understand!

"Well that's them"


I hang up the phone I don't have time for lesson on respect. y'all are probably thinking"how could you say that?" Well It's what he did to me AND my family but that's for another time. I hear a knock on the door.

"Go away" I huffed.

Blake: Im sorry Elena.. 

"Im over It Blake" rolling my eyes.


"...goodnight" I smiled.

I wake up getting ready to head to class.

"Ill just get a apple"

Blake: why do we need to get up so early?

"It's called responsibilities" I smirked.

Blake: ignoring that comment, what class you got first?

"Uhm..Mrs.B how about you?"

Blake:same but Ill see you later gotta fix my hair

"Puh-lease Its gonna take a miracle to fix that" I laughed.

Blake: bye violet *rolls eyes*

I walk in class seeing that im the first one (thank god) 

(That means I can pick my own seat)

Mrs.B: who are you and why are you in here before the bell?

(Damn it)

"Uhm..Elena falls im supposed to be in this class..

Mrs.B: well you can wait outside

"Don't get your ass in a twist" I smirked.

Mrs.B: I suggest you leave or go to the principal office

"Oh please,what you gonna tell them 'a lady walked in my classroom' "

Mrs.B:that's it! Go to the principal office!

I go to his office and see 3 kids in there. A goth,preppy, and Blake?!

I was about to approach him when I get pushed by the preppy girl flirting at him and sitting on his lap.

"EXCUSE YOU MISSY but I was gonna talk to him"

Bethany: please loser go sit with gothy over they're

Blake:Can you get off my lap?

Bethany: Whoa! Babe getting hard aren't we?

My eyes felt like throwing up.I felt jealousy fill my body ...It's not like I like him...

"Babe? So y'all date huh?"

Blake: Elena-

"Well congratulations I hope y'all make a horrible couple"

Bethany: little girl get this through your head: Blake Carson is MINE

"Bitch have him I don't want his ugly behind anyway" 

Everyone in the office got quiet even Blake.. he was surprised 

"Now that I got your mouth shut make sure you don't get surprised when you see him banging another girl" I smirked.

Bethany: how dare-

Blake: get off of me 

Bethany: but bae..

Blake pushes her off and lifts me up and carries me to the what I thought a  janitor closet

"Put me down!!!" I shouted.

Blake: ok

He drops me on my ass

"What was that for!" Pissed.

Blake:I didn't think a nerd had a sassy mouth *glares*

"I didn't know a idiot could have a girlfriend that doesn't even know he has a roommate that's a girl" I glared.

Blake: what is your problem?, cause It seems like your jealous!

"Me jealous? Don't be delusional" 

I turned around facing the wall, I couldn't show him I was bluffing.I suddenly feel hands wrap around my waist.


He leans in my ear whispering.

Blake: you know babygirl...being disrespectful comes with a consequence

"Says who gorilla?" laughed.

Blake: me of course.. but you will see when you get home *smirks*

He leaves the room while my mouth is wide open trying to catch some air but seems impossible.

"Alright we gotta get to class Elena just don't pay no attention to him" I breathe some air in.

I walk in class and see everybody eyes on me like im a trophy and seeing Mrs.B glaring at me.

Mrs.B: wow glad you came back..go take a seat mrs falls

I go sit down at the closes seat I could find.

Derek:well hello pretty lady, how you doing it?*trying to flirt*

"Oh great I got to sit by a wannabe flirt" sighs.

Derek: I see that I have a feisty one*smiles*

"Please blondie take your sorry pickup lines somewhere that matters" I smiled.

Everybody in class bust out laughing.

Mrs.B: I see we got a comedian in here *glares*

Blake: better be careful Mrs.B she is very annoying *laughs*

"Please says the one that kicked down my front door" glares.

Blake: don't you mean OUR door?

"Don't flatter yourself It's not a good look on you" rolled my eyes.

Bethany:y'all live together?! 

Blake: It's not a big deal bab-

"Actually it's like I own your boyfriend because he isn't paying his share on the dorm so yes we do live together" 

I gave bethany a huge cheesy smile.

Chase: can y'all shut up and let the teacher teach

Blake: Is you gonna stop us?

Now chase isn't a nerd he was wearing a black jacket on top of his white T-shirt that hugs his abs. He looks like typical boy that doesn't care about school and would rather skip the whole day. 

"Looks like baby Blake got some competition" smirked.

Bethany: who are you baddie?*blushes*

Chase: something that you can't have,I mean really your boyfriend is in the room. Your that kind of girls that boys don't like except Frat boy you call "babe"

Derek: damn chase chill bro

Blake: better listen to your friend or your gonna regret it

Chase: please I'll have my father deal with you and I PROMISE you won't like it

Blake: oh so you can't deal with your problems on your own?

Chase: It's not that,It's because your a waste of time to deal with *sighs*

I got the feeling that he isn't like the other boys.

"Let's stop fighting were about to leave anyway" I sighed.

Chase: of course, Im surprised your not saving your own side boy

"What are you talking about?"

Chase:nevermind let me shut up

I was confused he wasn't talking about Blake right? I mean we haven't hooked up though..

Lunch comes around and everybody in there section as in populars,jocks,gothics,nerds and that's when you got the average which is me and other people.

Amora: hey can I sit here?

"Yea sure "

Amora: let me just tell you that chaos in class was crazy! *laughs*

"I know but im not just gonna let you talk to Elena falls like that" 

Amora:damn you like pineapples huh?

""chugging down.

Soon before Amora could say something I felt my pineapples fall to the floor.I turn around and see bethany smack then out of my hands.

"Bitch your lucky I don't put my foot up your ass!" 

Bethany:oops sorry, that's warning 2

I have had it with her.My hand went  straight across her face.

Bethany:why would you do that!!!

At that time the whole cafeteria had their eyes on us.

Amora: step along princess.stop being a drama queen

Bethany:you both will REGRET this!!!

"Can't wait Bethany!!!!" I shouted.

Sorry for the cliffhanger and how short it is this is just a intro  I just have a question how do you change the book cover  if ypur writing on your phone if yall could help me on that I would love and appreciate that anyway hope you enjoy...peace✌️

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 I finally got home rushing to my bed. I flopped down and let me just tell y'all It felt good.

"This is nice" letting out a breath.

Blake:hey babygirl

"And the goodness is ruined"sighed.

Blake:Are we just gonna lay and chill here?

"There is no WE Im gonna lay and chill here" drifting off to sleep.

Blake lays beside me. I open one eyes seeing him staring at me.

Blake: come on babygirl im bored and you do deserve your punishment 

Both of my eyes open after his sentence.

"I have no idea what your talking about"

 He lift me on top of him and my head leaning on his chest. I breathe in his scent and damn it smell HOT.

Blake: do I have to show a demonstration babygirl?

"No...but Im tired blake leave me alone"I whined.

Blake: you need to learn your lesson whether you like or not 

He puts his hand on my waist making me jump up and fall on the ground.


Blake:great your awake!

"I hate you,lets get this over with.." getting up off the floor.

Blake pulls me closer to him while he sits on the edge of my bed.

Blake: so what should you do?

"Isn't that your choice"yawning.

Blake P.O.V

I couldnt help but look at her brown silky hair plooping up every time she moves.

"Let's see have to follow my commands which means talking no backing out and no movements unless they are given to you by me"smirked.

Elena:but..that's not fair

"Starting now" 

Elena was giving me a glare.I get up and whisper in her ear.

" look very beautiful today"smirked.

I see Elena blushed,damn she really is beautiful.

"Come on babygirl say one word"

Elena: *coughs*

I start to kiss her neck slowly.


"Babygirl..don't..moan or ..lose"smirked.

I see Elena bites her lip holding it in.

I kiss all the way on her chest while she struggling to keep calm.

Elena:mmm..I can't  do it!!!!!

"I knew you would break,Im going to take my shower " laughed.

Elena P.O.V

"Oh my god this is bad ..I have a hickey!!"nervously shouted.

"I need Amora" dialing number.

15mins later*

Amora:hey girl what's up?

"Nothing much just need some help hiding something.."I choked.

Amora:what is It?

"...a hickey.."

Amora:damn girl!!! Who did It to you??

"Let's not focus on that can you help.."

Amora:yea It will probably take ..30mins 

"That's fine"breathe in air.

20mins later*

Blake:hey babgirl you got some-

He looks at Amora in shock.

Blake: who is this Elena?

Amora:Im Amora Terris Blake Carson *smirks*

"Yea she is just helping with..something" looks down.

Amora:apparently SOMEONE gave her a hickey..wonder who?*smirks*

I gave her a glare telling her to stop.

Blake:well I'll see you guys later,heading out


Next mornimg*

"Blake wake up!"

Blake: what do you..want?

"Your girlfriend is right here and wants to talk to you"rolls eyes.

Bethany:babe let's go shooping!

Blake:Im actually ..sleeping*yawns*

Bethany:but babe please I want some new pumps!

"Look gorilla isn't in the mood ask him when he is fully energized"

Blake laughs under his breath.

Bethany:the only gorilla here is-

"Andddddd that's my clue to kick you out"

Blake:bye Bethany!


I push her out the door quickly lockig it.

Blake:finally but now Im awake..

1hr later

Im dancing and jumping on the couch.

"Oh come on spongebob you can save the  krusty crab!"

Blake:get down babygirl your gonna fall *laughs*

"No! Spongebob squarepants!!!!"

Soon my foot slipped and before I noticed I fell and...Blake jumps and catches me bridle style.

"Oops" I nervously laughed.

Blake:babygirl what did I tell you?

"Get down.."Looked In his eyes.

Blake leans closer to my lips and..

Blake:next time I won't be there to catch you 

I got to admit that sting a little but I put that at the back of my head.He eventually put me down and I got a phone call from my Mom while Blake sat next to me playing on his phone.

"Hey mom what's up?"

Mom: sweetie their is something I need to tell you..


Mom:have you been watched?

"No why?"

Mom:Elena someone is watching you and they are out to get you..

"What?! who?!"

Mom:I don't know but tyler is gonna be getting so you can stay with us,pack your stuff

"Mom.. I love you but I don't want to leave

Blake gave me this worried face.

Mom:It's dangerous Im not taking No for a answer now pack your bags

"No Im staying now if you excuse me I gotta go"


I hung up the phone.Who is you to tell me to come home,that's probably a excuse for me to come home.

Blake:you alright?

"Yea but Im going to take a walk" 

Blake: ok

25mins later*

So I decided to eat at a diner and I notice chase was sitting and reading a book.

"Hey chase can I sit here?"

Chase:well I WAS busy but yea

"Thanks..what are reading?"

Chase:drop the act Elena 

"What do you mean?"

Chase:you really don't know who I am? I was the boy that was your bestfriend since we were in diapers!

"Chase?! Im so sorry! When did you get back?!"

Chase: slow down peanut,I came back 3 weeks ago *chuckles*

 I hugged him so tight breathing in his scent,he still smell like warmth.

"I can't believe your here! we got to hangout"

Chase:I know peanut but are you dating Blake?

"No why?"


Chase:well text me anytime but I gotta go 

"Ok bye chase"

Before he exit the room I catch him amd hug from behind.


Chase:yea peanut?

"I missed you"

Chase got stiff and soon turn around and hugged me back.

Chase: I missed  you too

I get home seeing clothes all over the floor.

"What the hell?.." I looked around.

I go in the hallway following the clothes leading to Blake room hoping that everything I see doesn't mean that he is doing something..I hesitate opening the door and see Blake having sex with Bethany,he on top doing it all. I froze looking at them trying to hold my tears back. I instantly gain air back and ran to my room locking the door. All night I was crying in the corner And my anxiety wasn't helping either.I hear a knock on my door I ignore it.

Blake: babygirl..?

Why did hurt when he called me that?

Blake:can we talk please?..

It took all my strength to get to that door.

"What you ..want?" Sniffing.

Blake: babygirl were you crying??

"That doesn't matter now if you ..excuse me Im going to sleep"looking down.

Blake: Im so sorry.. I know you seen us but-

"What but?! I don't care anymore! This is why I don't get involve with boys! They play with may be my roommate but that doesn't mean we have to talk" I closed the door.


"Just leave Blake Carson we just met this means nothing go sleep with bethany..again!"

I heard blake get out of the house because he slammed the door.

"That's It ..Im going to see chase tomorrow"

Hey guys sorry if this was short..again but please form me about the cover thing ..let's get to the questions! What will Blake do after he walked out? Is Elena starting to have feelings towards Blake? And finally, what will happen between Elena and chase? Stay tune!!! Hope y'all enjoy!!!✌️


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 I get up getting ready and wearing my black crop top sweater with some jean shorts and my black jordans.

I make me some eggs and bacon singing"love you like Im gonna lose you" 

Blake:your in a good mood

(And my happiness is a goner)

Blake:silent treatment?ok

He comes and hugs me from the back kissing my neck.I was so mad at him that I couldn't even enjoy his touch.

"Get off of me Blake Carson"I said firmly.

Blake:babygirl Im sorry..

I turned around to him and notice that we are a inch apart.

"Sorry for what? Were not dating. So It doesn't matter"

Blake:then why are you mad?

"Because you brought one of your hoes in our dorm..I mean have some respect!"

I couldn't help but feel guilty because his face went down quickly.

Blake:oh well I'll stay out of your way for now on..and at least Bethany know how to make me smile..

"Good..wait what? Blake-"

Before I could finish he already left.There is no word that described how terrible I felt.I was so selfish that I didn't notice I offended him.

30mins later*

Chase:Im glad you came peanut *blushes*

"No problem...This is beautiful!"

He had a little picnic down by the beach where we used to hangout out by when we were little.

Chase:thanks I thought we could re-live the memories

"That's so sweet"

Couple of hours pasted by and I kept noticing a muscular guy looking at me for the past hour.

"Uhm chase can we leave..please"

Chase:yea you alright? You look pale..

"I can't breathe ...anxiety!"

Chase:shit! alright hop in the car and I'll take you home..

We get in the car rushing home but I also noticed that the dude hopped in a black van and started following us.

"Can we go...fas..ter?"

Chase:hey look let's go to my house you can barely breathe plus my house is closer

I can barely breathe but my eyes stayed on rear mirrior watching the black van until they took the short cut I usually take home,they must of thought we were taking the long way to my house.We arrived to his house.

Chase:here go take a shower and I'll get the bed ready

"Thanks chase again.." I walked to the bathroom.

Blake P.O.V

"Where the hell is she?!" I kept walking back in forth in my room.

Bethany:babe who?the loser?

"She isn't a loser!!!"

(She's my babygirl..)

Bethany:stop worrying about her and worry about me not having fun with you

"Im gonna look for her! "

Bethany: but what about-

I leave before she finish her sentence.I go looking for my babygirl worrying that she got hurt..

Elena P.O.V

I hopped out of the shower getting my hair dryed.

Chase:hope this is cozy enough peanut 

"Yea thanks are you gonna be sleeping with me?wait I mean as in side by side I mean as In friends!?"

Chase:yea if that's ok*laughs*

"Great no funny business though"smirked.

Chase:I'll pass*laughs*

We get all snuggled and I notice that he wrapped his hand over my waist and pulled me into his chest. Why does boys like doing that pulling waist thing?I finally drifted to sleep.

Chase:goodnight peanut*drifts off to sleep*

I wake up seeing Im alone in bed feeling kinda lonely.I hear my phone go off and see I got ten miss calls and 45missed messages from Blake.

"Oh boy I forgot to tell him I stayed here last night"

I picked up the phone calling him.

Blake:where are you?! Are you hurt?! What happen?! Please answer babygirl!!!

It felt good hearing his worries  about me but I came back to life.

"Im fine blake just passed out last night and ...a friend took me to his ..I mean her place!" Biting my lip worryingly.

Blake:I was worried that something happened to you

"Im fine It's not like your my father.."

Blake:I know babygirl but you gotta text me when that stuff happens

"First:your NOT my dad second:I can take care of myself! And third:stop worrying about me Im NOT your babygirl"

Blake:Elena Im sorry for the hundredth time

"I don't care leave me alone please," sighed.


I hang up seeing that chase was listening to my conversation.

"Hey chase"

Chase:hey, you told the famous"Blake Carson" how it is*laughs*

"He either acting like my boyfriend or my dad"rolles eyes.

Chase:I know how you feel remember Rain?

"Yea she is way over protective over you"*laughs*

Chase:she still is!,she's like where Elena I miss her.she misses you like crazy

"And she only ...?"

Chase:7 *smiles*

"She is growing up, last time I seen her she was 3 years old"*smiles*

This is what I needed.My bestfriend, sharing old memories.he always know how to make me smile.Im glad he is back even though I kinda forgot him.There was a part of me missing and he fits that part perfectly. I just hope nothing get in the way between us...

"Well I have to ask you something...can we please play at the park?" I said giving a cheesy smile.

Chase: yea sure You can borrow my girlfriend clothes 

"I didn't know my little chase had a girlfriend"smirked.

Chase:yea...we been dating for 3 months

"Is It official?" I asked going down the stairs.

Chase:well of course,I love the girl!

"Ohhh well when can I meet her?" Sitting on the couch.

Chase:uhm so ..she isn't a type of person you would like

"What you mean Im very "easy going"smiled.

Chase:your not, I feel like your not going to like her and I need my bestfriend opinion 

"You really don't but set up any time and we can meet and I'll try to be on my best behavior"rolled my eyes.

Chase:thanks peanut*grabs waist and hugs her*

I was startled how he grabbed me but finally gave him a hug back.

After a couple hours I decided to show my face at the dorm mainly cause I got class tomorrow or else I would have stayed with Chase for couple more hours.

"Im home!"laughing.

Blake:....*continue to watch tv*

"Oh ok no perfect approach"*giggles*

Blake gets a phone call and answers It.

Blake:hello?how did you get my number?

Blake:yea she is here, why?

Blake:Elena...your stepfather is in the hospital..your mom wants you home

"No"I said firmly.

Blake:mam she said no but I hope he is ok bye

I hear my mother yelling on the phone because of my answer and having Blake pull the phone away from his ear.

"Tell her I'll come but in 45mins"rolled eyes.

Blake:Mrs.falls she will be there in 45mins

I see blake hang up the phone and stares at me but I quickly turn my head.I feel terrible for what I said but he has to understand Im not a baby.This is out dorm he has to have some respect on my choices around here. Y'all are probably thinking"we all know Elena that you like him and you didn't like what you see,that's why you got mad". Y'all are probably correct but at the same time...I just met him.

I head to the hospital not even caring one bit about my "stepfather".

Tyler:baby sis! Finally now we can see him

"Yay.." sarcastically.

Mom:hey sweetie how are you feeling?

Stepfather:Im..*coughs*fine...hey ..Elena!

He was happy to see me every time I show up,I never knew why.

"Hi william"I said looking away.

Mom:*whisper*he is dying show some respect Elena falls

"Ugh can I go now?"

Stepfather:yea but...It was...nice*coughs*

"Nice seeing you too I guess"I said feeling a little bit guilty.

Tyler:(she is gonna regret what she is doing and push out the world out again..)

I had to get ready for class tomorrow especially for"Bethany"but Im not here for the drama Im here for education and friends,like Amora.


I decided to wear black jeans and bubble gum pink  shirt and some white nike's.

"Hey blake,good morning"I said hoping he forgot yesterday.

Blake:..*walks out the door*

"I guess he remembers"I pouted.

I enter Science class with a smile cause I wasn't last.Sadly I seen Bethany and Blake making out and chase seeing alone so I decided to sit by him today.

"Hey chase"Smiling.

Chase:hey peanut! Im surprised your sitting with me

"Please your my bestfriend"I said hugging him today.

Chase:why you so happy today?

"Well I found out that they're is a party tonight!!" Holding his arm tightly.

Chase:well have fun

"Your coming with me like a plus 1"

Chase:I rather get on Netflix all day

"Please..bestfriend "puppy eyes.

Chase: ...

"Pwease"puppy eyes.

Chase:fine stop doing that peanut It's too adorable!

Blake:can y'all stop flirting!*laughs*

Me and chase looked at blake confused.

"Don't be jealous Blake"

Blake:I would never date a hood rat

"That's a lie your dating one already"giving a cheesy smile.

Bethany:please your just mad cause me and Blake had IT In YOUR dorm

"Bethany? I suggest you shut up before I knock that 50 pounds of make up off your face!

Blake:let's talks about the dude you be hooking up with at 12 in the morning!

"Oh please you wish it was you and plus your the one starting lies cause your too embarrassed to tell the truth!Let's tell Bethany about the hickey you left on MY neck! 


Blake:that isn't true! I love you babe!!

Bethany:oh really?!?!!?? Cause last time you kept saying where is she where is she my babygirl!!!!!!!


(He was really worried of me..?)



Amora:damn...Elena Falls done it again*laughs* 

Chase:looks like frat boy is single

Blake:Shut the hell up chase cause we can handle it right now!

I stand on top of his desk squating to Blake face.

"Please put your hands on my BESTFRIEND and WE gonna finish it right here because you mess with him you mess with me you mess with us you can easily get beat!"

Eveybody left at the bell for lunch, while Im packing my stuff up.

Soon I felt muscular arms pulling me In a corner with a cloth over my face.I accidentally breathe It in and falling asleep.

Stranger:yea I got her,She is asleep and chained up boss

I wake up hearing someone on the phone but I couldn't see anything,guess I was still blind folded.

"Where am I??!!"

Stranger:oh look princess is up,how do you feel?

"Punching you in the balls"

Stranger:oh That's not nice,Do you know who I am?

"Someone that kidnaps people for no reason"I snapped.

Stranger:No,well I'll just let you see for yourself *taking the blind fold off of me*


Ace:hey princess!

"Why did you kidnapped me?!"letting a tear down my face.

Ace:oh princess...I'll explain but for now I gotta get you of here

"But you kidnapped me in the first place"

Ace:I didn't one of my dad slaves did*sighs*

"Mr.walker? He never liked me I never knew why though.."

Ace took the chains off of me and ran in the hallway.

James:where are you going with her?

That voice terrified me always,It was one of the scariest man I ever met. Y'all wanted to know about my past well this is a part of It.

"Stay away..from me James!"I shouted.

James:Aw Elena are you still afraid of me?*laughs*

Ace:what do you want James?

James:your father wants you..privately 

"*whispers*Ace please don't leave me with him ..please"I closed my eyes.

Ace:I won't 

James:I'll take care of her-

Ace:you won't because she will be going somewhere your not

James:but your father-

Ace:I don't give a damn about my father

(Ace:1 James:0)*laughs* I think in my head.

James:fine! But I will get you all to myself Elena falls*walking away*

"Ace thank you so much! He scares me everytime..I don't know what he will do to me.."I cried.

Ace:look at me

Ace lifts my head up and It surprised me how I close he was.

Ace:I promise you I will protect with my life

I looked at him with his beautiful ocean blue eyes.He gets closer to my face and kisses me passionately.

"Thank you Ace..It's nice to have protection.."Blushed.

He takes me to a bedroom so beautiful that you can tell the theme was love.

Ace:well this is where your gonna stay until I come back and please lock the door from James and If someone name marie knocks on the door answer It,she is a maid for us.

"Thanks Ace"

He leaves and Im just sitting and call Amora.


Amora:where are you,your late for the party!!

"Im sorry I got caught in..a family thing.."

Amora:well Chase wants to talk to you

Chase:peanut where are you?! You dragged me here ..and I don't see YOU!

"Im sorry Its a family thing..."

Chase:that's a lie cause you really can't stand your family..

"Trust me I'll be there chase"

Chase:fine but please hurry Bethany keep trying to grind on me..

"Don't worry just drink and save me a drink please"

Chase:ok peanut bye

"Bye"letting out a sigh.

2hours pasted*

Ace:hey princess you ready?

"Yea Im missing a party because of this"

Ace:Im sorry princess again we gotta hurry before my father checks on you again

We leave and he walkes me to the door.

Blake P.O.V

I can't believe she isn't here but she asked me to get out of her away.I hear people outside of the front door.

I look through the peek hole and see a light skin with curly brown hair with Elena.I decided to spy on them until he leaves her.

Elena P.O.V

I see Ace blushing while he talking to me,I never seen him blush but I also haven't seen him ever since 2 years ago because of his father.I was so deep in thought that I couldn't hear Ace talking.

Ace:Elena? Princess?!

"Huh?!Im here!!!"

Ace:I was apologizing for everything tonight*pouted*

"It's fine Ace trust me"lifts his chin up.

Out of nowhere Ace pressed his lips against mine.I easily gave in.

He pushed me against the door but Not hard enough to hurt me.Are kisses were passionate,I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth and for the past five minutes our tongues were moving together.

Blake P.O.V

I really can't see them but I see their lips touch and felt him push her against the door.I had the urge to open the door and pushed him off of her but It wasn't my part to do.I finally see him give her peck and a hug her goodbye.I instantly ran to the couch and act like I was watching tv.

Elena P.O.V

"Hey Blake! You liked the scene you were watching?"smirked.

Blake:how did you know?

"I know how you are kinda but that's not what I wanted to talk about.Im sorry for what I said about Bethany, I shouldn't have said that.I was out of line and I want you to forgive me and decide If we can be friends again"I said biting my lip.

Blake:That's all I wanted babygirl,a apology*smiles*

I jump on him and hug him so tight.

"Thank you Gorilla!"Laughing.

Blake:No problem babygirl*laughs*

I went and took my shower thinking what Im gonna eat tonight.Even though Im exhausted from everything that happened.

I get out fixed me a pizza and all of a sudden me and Blake get a knock on the door.

Blake:expecting someone?


Blake opens ths door and It turned out to be my stepsister.



Hey guys!!!!! This is the longest one so far and Im proud of myself! I know this seem so short but of course the first 5 or 4 gonna be short but whatever!!! Please help me on the cover thing by the way!! So lets get into the questions!

Why did Ace father have people kidnapped Elena? Do Ariana and Elena have a good relationship? Is Chase gonna be mad at Elena for never showing herself at the party? Is Ace and Elena getting closer after that scene we saw or read?*laughs* and last but NOT least what did Ace father do to keep Ace and Elena apart for 2 WHOLE years? Well I know but y'all don't! Anyway stay in tune to find out the answers to all these questions and hope y'all enjoy love you!!^ ~^ 

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Don't trust people

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"Unbelievable!"Is what she said

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Janitor closet

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Lies can't talk

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