Three Kingdoms


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Long Ago...

Long ago 

Two kingdoms were once one

But by deep magic a third appeared in the middle


In the beginning, morality started changing

Great friction did grow between good, and evil   

A war struck the kingdom 

They moved apart leaving much land in between them


In the middle of that abandoned land a sword of great power appeared

Two wizards of evil went out that night not knowing what awaited

The sword of power was found, a duel ensued

What they were looking for soon disappeared before their eyes

Only leaving a few words behind 

They both went their separate ways one good, one still evil 


By an unknown magic that abandoned land soon became full by other people from a far

Because of the words stated that fateful night the two original kingdoms for now, kept at bay

Not to cross again until a certain day

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A servant girl ran down the hall to the throne room of the castle with the general following behind, to the throne room where Kind Audric of Nalith, also known as the middle kingdom, and his wife Queen Marigold were. 

"Please, wait here General."

 She opened the door, walked in a bowed to the king who seemed to be talking with the queen before he came in. 

"Rise." came the deep voice of Audric.

"Thank you my king, General Severin is here to talk to you, he says it's urgent." The girl hurriedly spoke.

"Send him in." the servant girl walked over to the door were two soldiers stood at either side, she opened it and gestured the General to come inside.

"My King! I would like to speak to you about some growing concerns I've been having." Severin started.

Audric nodded. "What about?" 

"The raids on the towns and villages, they have been slowly uprising. Also there has been mysterious deaths of our countrymen reported as well."  

"Raids first." Audric frowned, "How much in the past year? Where do you believe they originate?"

"At least several more, and I am very sure they are from the Kingdom of Melavia, I can tell by their armor." 

"When do you think these raids started uprising in number?" Audric asked.

"Sixteen years ago." 

Audric was silent for a moment. "Could it... no, it couldn't be." he whispered. 

Marigold leaned over to her husband. "What couldn't be?" 

"Could the one have appeared?"

Marigold nodded. "Maybe, if so then that means times will get tough, and very dangerous. Until the one saves us." 

Audric looked back at the General. "Tell me about these mysterious deaths." 

"Many families all over Nalith have reported missing family members some of them have been found, not alive though. This seems to have started sixteen years ago too."

Audric frowned again. "I don't know... Maybe it's a temporary trouble. We've had raids before sixteen years ago."

The General nodded. "Yes my king, they were very seldom--" 

A soldier burst in the doors. "Forgive me my highness! But Langdale is under a terrible raid, we need help!"

"I'll come. General! Get part of the army! Marigold dear, make haste in fetching our daughter." 

The General ran off in one direction while the Queen ran of another direction, she ran down a hall, and down some stairs and out the door. There she saw her daughter, a beautiful sixteen year old with orange hair, and green eyes. She wore a dark blue dress with a hood, she also had a belt on her waist for her sword.

"Fleta!" The Queen called to her daughter, who was in a practice sword duel with a squire, her daughter was very skilled in swordsmanship, she always out did anyone she would have a duel with.

Fleta saw her mother out of the corner of her eye, as soon as she came running out of the door she quickly put her sword in a X shape with the squires sword and moved their swords downwards, if she did this she would get a pause long enough to tell the squire they could pause.

"Just a minute Payton."

"Aw princess... I was hoping to win." He replied as they both returned their swords to their sheaths.    

 Fleta smiled, then ran up to her mother before her mother could reach her. "Mother?"

"Come with me, quickly!" The two went as quick as they could, when they were in the throne room they found Audric ready for battle. 

"Fleta, times are getting dangerous, I want you inside the palace more often. I'm going with the part of the army to stop an usually terrible raid. We shall talk more later." He ran towards the door. 

A thought came to Fleta quickly. "More Melavia attacks?" She thought, then she called out to her father just as he reached the door. "Father! Let me come!" 

The king quickly turned to look at his daughter, he shook his head. "No Fleta." Audric then ran out to join his army. 

Fleta's mother put a hand on her shoulder as she stood behind her. "I'm sorry dear--"

"Mother, I would be just fine!" 

"Maybe your right, but your father said no." 

Fleta sighed. 

"Surly you've heard about the raids and mysterious deaths rising in number." 

"Yes, I'm... I'm going to go hunting now." Fleta turned around and looked at her mother. 

Now it was her mothers turn to sigh. "Don't stray to far from the palace, Do you want to use my bow?" 

Fleta shook her head. "No thanks, I'll use a throwing dagger."  

"Stay safe! Remember, don't stray very far!" Her mother called after her daughter who was walking away.

"I wont!" Fleta called back. Then she scurried to her room took her hunting dagger which was hanging on the wall by a few nails, then out the back door. She was surprised to still see Squire Payton outside, he was sitting on a rock.

"Would you like to continue our duel?" Payton asked, he was about two years younger than her.

Fleta shook her head. "No thank you. I'm sorry Payton, but would you like to go hunting with me?"


"Squire Payton!" Sir Cartland, one of the knights who was Payton's mentor came out of the back door.

Payton immediately stood up and turned to look at his teacher. "Yes Sir!" 

"The king has gone to battle against raiders in Langdale the army, it is our duty as knights to watch the town while the king is gone. Excuse us Princess." 

Fleta nodded. "It's alright. Goodbye." 

"Some other time?" Payton asked as Sir Cartland walked off.

"Of course, go on now. I don't want you to get in trouble." 

Payton grinned at the princess and caught up with his mentor. 

 Fleta looked off into the forest most of the leaves had fallen, very few were left on the trees. She walked into the forest one hand holding her dagger, and the other hand on the hilt of her sword, just in case...


About 10 minutes into the forest and she had found nothing. She knew these woods well and where to usually find some of the animals, but strangely, none were found. Fleta stood still thinking, then she heard a twig break. Fleta closed her eyes so she could hear things better, then she heard the noise again, some one was walking towards her slowly. Payton had snuck up on her in the forest before, but she knew how his walking sounded. This wasn't him.

Another twig snapped. 

Fleta dropped her dagger, bringing her sword out of it's sheath very quickly she moved into battle poise. There, about 20 feet away from her a tall strong looking figure of about six feet high, it's face was covered with a black cloth that only two holes for it's eyes the whole figure wore black, a single white triangle outline was on the shoulder of who ever it was. But that wasn't Fleta's concern at the moment, because who ever it was holding a battle ax and charging at her. 

 Fleta immediately blocked the ax with her sword, then quickly ducked as she moved out of the way freeing her sword. The dark figure swung at her again, she blocked the attacker again. The dark figure slowly pushed her sword towards her then Fleta used her the attackers own idea against him by turning the battle ax towards the dark figure, then with a push she thrust it into the attackers stomach. 

The dark figure gave out a hair-raising yell and dropped to the ground. 

Fleta was glad she didn't have to clean her sword, but that didn't matter at the moment. She caught her breath, and ran back to the palace. There might be more around... 

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"Father! I must speak to you!" Fleta waited a little while until her father came back from the battle to tell him of her own battle behind the palace. 

Audric was back in his normal kingly clothing, he was writing some things down, with a candle by his side for light. He looked up from his paper at his daughter. "What is it Fleta?" 

Fleta walked up to her father. "This is urgent... but I waited until you felt at home again."

"What dear?" 

"I went out to hunt a little after you left for battle, and... I didn't catch any animals, but I caught someone." 

"Go on." Audric listened intently.

"This someone, who ever it was, was about six feet tall, wore all black with two eye holes to see out of, an outline of a white triangle was on the shoulder, and it was holding a battle ax. After I noticed this person, he charged at me... we fought, and I defeated it." Fleta told her father.

Audric's eyes widened. "You should have stayed inside! But did you say a white triangle and a battle ax?" 


"And you... defeated it? Just you?" 

Fleta nodded. "Y-Yes father, it must have been a just crazy killer." 

Audric shook his head. "Not just any killer... They are called Jénakul." 


"Yes," Her father continued, "The white outline of a triangle means that it is straight from Melavia, very evil, they seek to kill the good." 

"Anything else about them?" 

"In history, they have always been taken down by three people. Fleta, I am very proud of you." 

Fleta's eyes widened. "Thank you... Um... is there anything else you can tell me about these Jénakul?"

Audric shook his head. "No dear. I'll tell your mother tonight."

"But please tell her gently Father. Mother might faint." 

"I will." 

"Well, goodnight Father." Fleta said. 


Fleta walked upstairs, when she was younger she used to bring a candle with her, but she was so familiar with the palace now, she knew every nook and cranny. No need to be afraid of the stairway, or anyplace at night. Fleta did need a candle soon though, she was going to the library; it had been at least 2 years since she had been to the library. She didn't need to come here for her education because her teacher brought the needed books. 

These books were special though, they told about myths, legend, history of the world, how to read the messages in the stars, and there were even other books she hadn't seen yet waiting to be opened again, and have eyes read it's contents once more.

"History, history..." She scanned over the book titles with her finger, reading each title.

History Of The Government In Nalith, History of Nalith, On The Kingdom of Aredia. 

Fleta paused, and smiled. Aredia was to the east right next to Nalith, Melavia was on the other side of Nalith. She had heard many great stories about the wonderful kingdom to the east, she had always dreamed of going there, ever since her father took her on his lap when she was little, and told her about it. The marvelous ruler, welcoming citizens, and an honorable wizard which has been to Nalith several times. 

Melavia was the exact opposite of Aredia, a horrible kingdom with a heinous ruler, vile citizens, a malevolent sorceress who has been around for a very long long time and the myth of a hideous abominable and immortal warlord. 

She went back to reading the titles, she took out: 

On The Kingdom of Melavia, Days Of Old, Folklore. 

She started with Days Of Old, as she read it came back to her what her father had told her when she was younger...


"Long ago... before Nalith, there was one big Kingdom called Adrédien." 

"Ah-dre-di-een?" Little Fleta pronounced. 

Her father nodded smiling. "Yes, it was a good kingdom, then an evil rose out of it which was hiding for a long time. People started taking sides, then a great war came upon Adrédien." 

Her eyes widened. 

"It lasted for many days. Neither of the sides, good, or evil, could be defeated. So they traveled very far away from each other leaving lots of abandoned land in the middle. One night, about 16 months later a sword of power appeared in the middle of the abandoned land. An evil wizard, and sorceress went out that night." 

"Go on daddy." 

"They knew something seemed different in the atmosphere so they met up and left towards what ever this was. Soon they came upon the sword of power, both of them saw an inscription near it, it said;

Great power to who ever wields this sword

Leave it not to the hands of the evil

Or the world they will corrupt and hoard 


If the first attempt to wield is in an evil manner 

This power will disappear until the one is born

And the barrier between kingdoms will fracture

The sorceress wanted that power and made a lunge for to sword, then the wizard stopped her. The sorceress was very angered, which lead to a wizard duel. It is said that as soon as the wizard saw the sorceress make a lunge for that power that he realized his ways were wrong. It was the sorceress that noticed the sword was disappearing, she ran over to grab it but it was completely gone..."

Fleta's eyes were wide the whole time as she listened. "What were their names daddy?"

"Cedrica the Sorceress, and Xanov the Wizard."

"We know Xanov! Wait, but wasn't that long ago?" Fleta asked confused.

Her father nodded. "Wizards, and Sorceresses live a long time. Lets continue. Shortly after the sword disappeared some words were left behind in the spot where the sword was.

When the one appears this must be done to fix the wrong:

The one will find the sword of old 

On a journey of many miles

The one's greatest fears must be sold 


The one will face many a danger 

What once was untamable will be tamed

The one will outdo the spells of conjure


When the one has found the sword

The unclear will be made clear

And soon become all peoples new lord


Another great war will soon arise for the sword of power 

Shorter, but worse than the last

If the one succeeds, evil will finally cower" 


Fleta looked up from the book she was reading and looked at one of the candles lazily flickering. From what she read it seemed that the one had appeared, by two lines in the first prophesy.  

'This power will disappear until the one is born

And the barrier between kingdoms will fracture'

There always seemed to be a magical barrier that kept Aredia, and Melavia from crossing but from how things had been going lately it seems that barrier has broken. Now it seemed as if Melavia was searching for the sword.  

Maybe she could help somehow, Fleta hoped. 

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