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Arcadia - a virtual reality puzzle game - a place where you could relax, solve puzzles. 

People all over the globe rushed to get this game.

Her game. 

Sienna Ingram, the creator of Arcadia stood overlooking the terrain she created. The mountains stretched overhead, and the sounds of a babbling brook was heard from down in the flower-filled valley. 

She was a sharp 20-year old with wavy jet black hair and blue eyes who loved to solve things; ever since Sienna was a child she was always solving. 

When she got older she realized her dream to be an engineer. When Sienna finally got her Masters in Engineering she started working on a virtual reality game - Arcadia. 

The object of Arcadia was to bring the virtual landscape to life. If you could figure out how. 

Sienna walked over to a rock platform and kneeled down making it rise into the air. There was one more part of the world that still needed to be brought to life. In the background, she could hear birds chirping and a soft breeze blew making her hair float a little.

Sienna looked to the left, in the distance, she could see gray clouds forming. "That's odd," she spoke, "Just a small color glitch." 

The platform made a small sound signal that she arrived at her destination, which she called The Islet of The Air. it was a small sky island about 30 feet across in diameter. The islet was a grey-green color, that meant that it hadn't been brought to life yet. 

There were four logic puzzles that went into bringing the small sky island to life, Sienna solved each one carefully. Looking down, she saw the grass was becoming a lively green, the flowers opened and a few birds became unfrozen. Sienna looked over the world once more before exiting, the grey clouds that moved in from the horizon seemed to be covering the whole virtual world. 

Sienna frowned. She knew that she needed to go back to reality, and fix the coding before this got out of hand. 

"Computer," she spoke hurriedly, "end game." 

A screen with a picture of a color changing sphere appeared in the air, a computerized female voice answered. "Request not understood. Please try again."

"End game. I'm done, let me go back." 

"Invalid request," answered the monotone voice.

Sienna looked around, the world she created was turning grey. "Oh no..." Sienna looked down, slowly the island she was standing on turned from lively green to dark grey, birds froze in midair, the breeze stopped, and the sound of water below disappeared. "Computer override. End the game!" Sienna waited, her palms sweated profusely as she waited for an answer. 

After a minute of silence from the computer, it finally answered. "Overrides, locked. Exits, locked. Computer, locked."    

Sienna turned around to face the dead virtual world she created. 

She didn't know how long it would take her to solve this.

But she would. 



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