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This is the Second book in The End series.

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^_^ again soo good

Chapter 1

The End Starts Now


"What gives Rae!?" Max laughed as I took a cookie from his lunch playfully. 

"Well you looked like you looked a little tense, I decided to cheer you up." I gave him back the cookie, "Any way school is almost over for today and the teacher isn't here." 

Max shook his head while grinning his chestnut brown hair shone under the florescent lights, "Its study hall Rae, we shouldn't be talking anyway."

"Oh well your right." before taking out my algebra homework I looked at Max's handsome 16 year old green eyes, he looked back at my blue ones with a smile.


"Gosh Maxwell, I don't know what I'd do without you!"  I blushed as we walked in the school bus. 

"What makes you say that?" He asked while looking at me.

"First, you were a friend to me when no one else would. Second, you were willing to be my tutor and help me bring my grades up I understand school so good now I am an advanced student! Not only did you help me with school but with how I see life." 

Max smiled and gave me a one-armed hug, "You know RaeRae I'd feel pretty down being away from you too, but what would you do if we happen to get separated?" 

"I don't know." Looking out the window I bit my lip for a second then huffed a sigh, "Besides that... were really close to being at war with Russia." 

"I know, but I just wish that this would stop and we would be allies with Russia again." 

"Fat chance lovebirds." Quincy, a 15 year old boy who sat in the window seat spoke up, "Haven't ya heard the news or are you too infatuated with each other to realize whats going on." he coughed with his arms crossed.  

"Yes yes we saw the news Quin." I gave him the 'Seriously' look. "Things can change at last second can't they?"

Quincy rolled his eyes, "Wake up beautiful, this is 2036 our statisticians have been right almost every time, and its pretty stinkin' obvious that war is gonna strike." he sassed.

"You have a good point, but don't talk to my girl like that ever again, or I'll tell everyone your a mama's boy." Max threatened.  

Quincy's eye's widened.

I laughed.


Me and Max have the same bus stop, right in front of a gas station. 

"And just think Max! We'll be using hover cars soon! I think its soo cool that Asia finally invented a working hover car that we can use on the roads!" I babbled. 

"I know right?! Well... not with a war on the brink of happening, but don't worry Rae." Max looked a little concerned as we walked towards our homes. 

"Well Max, about that-Oh! looks like were at my house." I jumped at the timing. There was something I really wanted to tell him... but I am to nervous to tell him.

Maxwell smiled at me, his brilliant green eyes shinning showing his zest for life, a smile that I always thought could match no other, "I'll see you next week at school then Rae, but Rae before I go I keep getting this funny feeling so I should tell you... Rae, if we ever get separated don't break down because I am gone When things so wrong, smile. Please Rae, will you smile for me?" 

I suddenly felt confused, "Max, I-I'm confused..." 

"I know. So am I, but will you promise me that you'll smile?" His confused pleading eyes made me die a bit inside. 

"I promise." 

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Chapter 2

Taking my house key out of my pocket I let my self inside. 

"Rae! How was school?" My mom ran up to me. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with an blue infinity scarf and black slacks. People often say that me and my mom are look-alikes. We both have blue eyes and light blonde hair. 

"Oh it was fine mom." 

"Good. Now your father will be home in about 3 minutes, you better get started on your homework." she chided. 

Laughing nervously I made my way to the coffee table and spread out my lovely algebra. 

Right on time the door opened, and my dad walked inside, he looked happy to be home, but I could tell he was anxious.

"Lizzie dear-" My dad started to speak but my mom ran right up to him and hugged him. I looked away from my homework to watch my mom and dad.

"Burton! How was work?" 

"Everybody at work was anxious and irritable, I think I was too." 

"Honey... everybody is anxious." 

When my parents looked my way I quickly went back to my algebra. 

"Well Rae how was school?" My mom and dad asked in unison.

I played with my hair nervously, "Uh... okay... I guess, a lot of the school is worked up about the war too."

My dad crossed his arms and looked at my mom sadly, "That Senator Coleman of Arkansas worked so hard to try and stop it..."

"Well just see if his efforts worked." My mom said while walking off to the kitchen.

As soon as my pencil touched my homework the television turned on by its self I made a little shriek and my parents ran into the living room.

 "Attention America," the words came up on the screen with the American symbol at the right hand corner "At 12:00 noon today we got a message from Russia saying that If we don't hear from them by 12:00 midnight were at war. Call your Friends and Family to get ready." The message replayed over and over. 

My mom stared incredulously at our flat screen television her blue eyes wide with shock, My father's face expression became grim, his dark brown eyes quiet with worry.

 I just stared at the message, 2 seconds later I heard commotion outside. Running to the window I could hear the fearful chatter of people inside their houses. I wonder how Max is taking this.

The biggest chill I ever had ran down my spine. 

Mom sprinted to the home phone and called all the family members she could think of. Much to my surprise she called my dads side of the family too. My mom and dads side didn't always met eye to eye on things.

after 2 hours later of the government replaying that message, they said that the conformation or cancellation of war will be confirmed at midnight and other information. 

"Rae, this is the first and last time I'm ever gonna say this, but I'll let you stay up till midnight."

I laughed a little bit, half out of growing anxiety, and half from dads voice tone. 


Hugging a pillow I stared at the blank Television. Could Max be up too?

I sat in the middle of my parents on the couch, they talked silently while watching the clock, "Flipping kittens! The suspense is killing me!"  

My mom and dad laughed for the first time in days, "The joy's of living with a 15 year old." He chuckled.

"Dad!" I smacked him with my pillow. 

It felt weird laughing before we knew what was about to announced...

"Hahaha." He winked at me.

"Two minutes to midnight guys." My mom's laughing eyes became fearful ones again.

"Equal to 120 seconds." I huffed. 

All three of us kept our eyes on the flat screen television, as soon as the clock hit 12 midnight the television turned on by its self again. 

We held our breath.

The President appeared on the screen holding a microphone, he looked angry, "No messages from Russia, we will be having war. There should be missiles, at least one, the WM1412000. If this becomes a world war then we'll fight like we always have."

I closed my eyes quickly as another killer chill went down my spine. 

The camera went to a woman she had platinum blonde hair, "The WM1412000 missile is the most advanced that was ever created. its affection radius is a little over 12,000 miles."

"Then the affection should be from Canada to the bottom of South America!" My mom shrieked.

"Thankfully, we have one of theses bad boys too, and if they send one over so will we!" She had a fiery look of defiance in her eyes, "We'll spot it in space then we'll send ours." 

"Oh golly, thats almost all the eastern side of the world." My dad breathed. 

"The effects of this missile are horribly extraordinary. It can destroy whole biomes, take one billion people out in one shot, mess up the atmosphere-" She got interrupted by a man wearing an Army uniform.

"Thats all for now." He said gruffly, "whole message you just saw from the presidents announcement to this point will be replayed to make sure we inform as many people as possible." And it started over.

Me, Mom and My dad were deathly silent. 

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Authors Note

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