Three's two many

Three's two many. One is just enough for two. Three potatoes is more than enough compared to four, unless, of course, there are five. I always reach for the fifth ornament, unless, of course, people are watching, in which case three is two many and one is enough for two. My mother always complains that I keep two much 'garbage'....


Communication from afar is hard. In the past they used letters. But nowadays, we use all sorts of fancy technology. Instead of bringing us together, maybe we have become less patient. Less romantic. Less engaged. There is another problem. Online communication is prone to create tension and arguments which could have been avoided.

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Sigh No More

Meet Kyle Henry. Thirty-five years old. Special agent. Homicide Department. Not in a partying mood. Yet here he was, at Liz's fancy, perfect wedding reception. Ex-wife. Ex-love of his life. Ex-everything. Currently married to his ex-best friend, Jones. Washington DC: Three girls are stabbed, strangled and left for dead. Special...