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 You have one new message from UNKNOWN:

Hey, you think you can come over?...

Who is this?

Stop messing around, get your pretty little ass to my place.

(Read 12:45 am)

She stared blankly at her phone, confused about who it was that had disrupted her peaceful binge of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Not only did she not know who it was, but she also didn't understand the texts.

Don't leave me on read, are you coming over not?

You have the wrong number.

(Read 1:15 am)

   It was then she found herself waiting  for a response, well more like expecting an apology actually. As she stared attentively at the white screen, waiting for an another green text bubble, whoever this was clearly read the text. Yet they didn't respond. Curiosity sparked like a growing flame within her and she wanted to know how was it that, it was her number this person stumbled upon to. After involuntarily waiting for the person reply, she found it quite rude that they didn't reply with an apology. 

"Rude." She huffed out before tossing her phone aside, letting it fall on her left and to be swallowed by her beds' comforters.

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 You have one new message from Andrea💋💄👑: 

Hey bitch, what's going on?

Hey Dre, nothing much just chilling.

Um, as in Netflix & Chill??

Who's the "Chill"?

What? Dre no, I'm literally just at home relaxing. 


Uck, sounds lame anyway party tonight @ Dylan's?

(Read 7:25 pm)

   Memories of the last party thrown by Dylan came to mind, and she cringed. Parties held by Dylan seemed to always seem to end up with him pushing himself onto her. Only making her uncomfortable and wanting to go back home. Warping out of the memories, she quickly tapped her response on the small virtual keyboard. 

I'll pass, I don't need Dylan trying to get in my pants all night.

You're a big baby, but okay see you tomorrow. 

(Read 7:30 pm)

   A soft purr escaped from the small black cat that strode into the kitchen. A smiled played onto her lips as she felt the cat circle and rub itself against her leg affectionately. 

"Hey Nighte," she said, greeting the cat, "you hungry?" 

   In response to the question the cat meows, as if it was saying yes. Glancing at the clock above the refrigerator, she decided to get herself some food as well. The Chinese place should still be open, after all it was only thirty-five after seven. 

"Alrighty lets get dinner, shall we?" She reached for her phone and dialed the local Chinese restaurant but as she was on the second to last number a notification popped up from the top of the screen 

You have one new message from Unknown:


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No problem.

You wouldn't happen to know a Mackenzie, would you?

No, sorry.

No worries, my fault for think this number was real. 

Ouch, my number is very offended. 

No, no, I didn't mean it like that. It's just, a girl gave me her number and it turns out to be this number. 

Wow, that's harsh. At least you've got my number right?

(Read 9:15 pm)

   Regret washed over her, and she wished she had said something else but it was too late. They had already read it and hasn't responded, probably because she sounded like creep. Biting her inner cheek nervously she waited for a response but the suspense was slowly torturing her. She eventually locked her screen. 

You have one new message from Asshole🖕🏼😑:

Make an appointment with Allen Marcus for Tuesday at 4:30. 

   A frown grew on her lips as she saw who it was. It was her ass of an boss, Joe Strangler. He may have seen glamorous on the big screen but he was a total dickhead, to her at least. 

Yes sir.

(Read 9:20 pm)

    Not even a 'please' or a 'thank you', just pure blunt rudeness. Despite the obnoxious command from the asshat, she found herself rather agitated. The stranger hadn't text her back. 

"What am I thinking?" she mumbled to herself, "This could've be some weird criminal looking for my social security number."

   With that said, she slid the small white box named Unknown to left and revealed the red delete tab. Even if it is a stranger, what was the harm? Her thumb hovered over the button as she second guessed her decision. Would you rather have a new criminal friend or stay safe? Like that the conversation between her and the mysterious unknown number disappeared.

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