Puppy Dog Down


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I’d been doing life hard, Taking the hits like farts in an airline cabin, sucking it up like there was no other air to breathe and the ceiling vent was just out of reach.

When you’re flying at 15,000 feet through the clouds you don’t think about the kids looking up into the sky and seeing sheep.  Does anyone do that anymore?  I remember…

Time slowed down like a strobe light in quicksand and I felt that everything was everywhere.  In my dream, there were dog walkers parachuting out of the sky yelling “puppy dog down, puppy dog down!”

Life stretched and rippled, clouds shaped like apples peeled themselves and formed tangy, crisp titbits in my mouth.  I licked my lips – yes this is what life is all about.

Another press to the morphine delivery button and I settled back to enjoy the movie.

Turbulence shook me like an ice cube in a cocktail.  I was so shook up, my spelling errors created a whole new language that made talking in tongues sound like Chiropractor’s playing tubular bells.

There was an irreconcilable disconnect between the sound in my ears, the smells in my nose and the vision in my eyes.  Only my brain could make sense of the scenario.

Data flowed around me and graphs of input versus output overlaid their logic on the riverbed of snakes and laddered landscapes that was Greater Lithgow below me.

I strapped on my woolly wings and launched into space, bleating “puppy dog down, puppy dog down”, while below a young child looked up and marvelled at the fluffy sheep falling out of the sky

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I've never been on a plane but even me as an adult would find the landscapes intriguing to look at.


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