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One White Rose

Trapped in her cracked memory of life, she does what is told and believes what they tell her. Then a boy comes, claiming to be lover, to be hope. Little does she know the hurt and betrayal in love.

The Sound Of Silence

Silence can be a powerful force the source of many a divorce the solace for many an introvert the bane for many an extrovert these days I choose to enjoy it close my eyes and relax a bit Images in the book are free to download from Google they are not mine

Don't Leave

Im Elena falls, I just wanted to start over but It seems that the past keeps following me Im going to help you understand what really happen years ago.Make sure you don't believe the magazines or newspapers they tell lies...If you don't believe me find out by starting with chapter 1... I hope you trust me.

Daughter Of Hades

Avery Lockwood is the daughter of Hades. She is his favorite child. Known for her fighting skills and strategies. She is sent on an assignment with her siblings Blake and Serena. They go to earth to try and find a way to Olympus and help their father take his place on the throne. Will she obey her father or fall in love with the...

Criminal Empire

“Two years ago, I worked for The Ace as a Diamond... There was a special mission not long ago. The best were selected. I had no problem with blood, but…what happened there was…different...” _____ Criminal City lies at the heart of the Empire. And in this city, Valeroy Blane is suffering from strange dreams and nightmares. His quest for...

Faith 1

This is about a 16 year old vampire story, that falls in love. This is a 13 year old and up book. So get parents permission. This is a love, drama, and fantasy book. Read book one, on book 2 there will be more chapters to sit still, and keep reading.


Trouble, love, and unlikely friendships can be found on a daily basis at Saint Apollo's Academy for the Gifted. Three unlikely friends unite to stop a dark force threatening to destroy everything... Allison has drawing visions and Daddy issues, Chase has a fiery problem with an attitude to match, and Melanie has a dark secret that she...

Moonstone Academy

Leah thinks she's an ordinary girl- that is until a boy called Zac appears at her door! Leah is whisked away to a school called Moonstone Academy and discovers she is not normal at all! A cross between Matilda and Harry Potter, this is a story of a girl reaching her potential and place in the world.


Harry and Ginny find out they have a soul bond. It makes them legally married once they're both 15 in the ministries eyes. Will their relationship stay strong? Or will if fall apart making it be forced? Thanks for reading!


If there was one thing that I knew about us, it was that we were soulmates. Destined to spend an eternity hacking away at each other’s very being until we were a pair of broken, empty shells. While his presence still marrs this world, I can never be whole. And so I’m giving in. I’m taking back the distance between us, ready for one...


Since the day he was born, Fate has been able to see every part of a person's future just by looking at them, plaguing his mind with their love, their loss, and ultimately, their death. When he stumbles across a group of teenagers, he drags them into the world of Visionaries, humans with an extra layer of sight that others don't have....


Green flames danced up her sword as she took a step down the throne. A smile was carved onto her cruel lines of her face. Her eyes locked with his and they burned the greatest blue under the penumbra of infernal fire. Keris is a witch. She thinks of nothing when she puts her blade down upon creatures. She strides to take the...

Everything Fails

Life in the 32nd Century. Bloody battle with a shadowy cult that’s become a social institution. Restless desire for family and freedom from demons imagined and real. Loves that never die against hates boiling anew. Win or lose, it all will fail.

The Love Affair

This book is about two best friends who have been since forever but then someone else a boy if you must comes into the picture and that causes trouble between the two friends but one of those friends is blind to it which friends is it and what happens next?? Find out by reading my book 'The Love Affair' This story is finished enjoy!!!

The Descent

When a diplomatic intercept is found to contain an item that could have disastrous effects on the Interplanetary Olympic Games, Denton Staxx has to take extreme measures to prevent the worst from happening.

Sky's NOT The Limit

Katrina is Coming Back Home After A Long Time, Because Of A Series Of Bad Events. For Starters Her Boyfriend Broke up with Her 2 years ago. To Make Situations worse, she has to come back home everyday to Her Sister's Hot Boyfriend. Just Great...


*I am a young girl with my old magic lipgloss ring that keeps me young. I am a wolf and so is my brother. My mother was a child when she got turned into a vampire. Many people are scared of me, as i am the one and only HYBRID. *


Because of his extraordinary capability in the field of intelligence, he had become a notorious agent among the rivals. They keenly watch his moves. Therefore, his destination was different, when he was flying to Singapore.

Up There

Lily is a slave in North Carolina and dreams of adventure and exploring the world. What will happen when she finds out she's not even from Earth? In fact, she's from Up There...

To The Red Line

A Chosen One. Trapped in a war against time. Her Past Forgotten. Her Destiny unknown. Mika, a young amnesiac knight, who lives in the Military Kingdom of Luyas in Fulaina, the Human World. One day, while on an important mission to a neighbouring town, she encountered a group of Spirits - a blood-thirsty race that was said to have...


Not everyone is fortunate enough to be oblivious. I know, you would think it would be the opposite, people should be unfortunate to be oblivious, right? But you're wrong. I think I would give almost anything to go back to the way my life was before I knew the truth. It was during my 4th period English class that my world was flipped...

Little Women

Meg is the eldest and on the brink of love. Then there's tomboy Jo who longs to be a writer. Sweet-natured Beth always puts others first, and finally there's Amy, the youngest and most precocious. Together they are the March sisters. Even though money is short, times are tough and their father is away at war, their infectious sense of...

Tales of The Realm

Two children share memories of their lives, and in doing so open the door to a dark but beautiful realm. In this land imagination becomes reality, dreams become possibilities, and the dark recesses of their souls become the most frightening of enemies. Three stories spanning more than thirty years, Tales of The Realm follows the...


Demons, aliens and furries mixed together across time and space. It's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica! What more could you want? This is the seven deadly vices like you have never seen them before. Updates every week!

Slenders Slaughter

Meeting slender, finding out he is good, helping him, and nearly dying isn't all that happens but what more is there. This story is about a girl gets kidnapped by slender only to find out that he does good, she gets privileges than other people because of this and she gets to find away out of her abused life with abusing parents.

Worth The Risk

Nadia Sloane had just moved into a new town because of her fathers' job. She's a bit of a nerd but she prefers to be hanging out with friends. She's quiet but outgoing at times. Chase Margiela isn't exactly your typical 'badboy'. Yes, he always has a different girl on his arm every two weeks. But he cares more about his education and...


Meet Amy: 28 years old, cat owner, single and a self-made high ranking employee of the Onyx Publishing House. If her subordinates were to be asked though, all they would say was that she was a crazy cat lady who no man ever wanted, and quite frankly, she was not all that bothered. Little did she know that her structured existence was...

We are the gray

Dangling by a thread she must choose between leaving the man with blood on his hands, or dating the man she thinks is everything she needs, wants, and yearns for. But the second man has a much darker secret as he lures her for a trap like a cat. Her best friend’s death is like a cold reminder of the life she left behind as the...