A Bed Of Thorns


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Pancakes for you

 'To love is to live,                               When I sleep, who will be loved?     Will I be living?'

I wrote these words down on my 'Random things' word document and saved it. "How many Haiku's is that?" A familiar voice says behind me, calming my senses. I turned my head and saw Austin, his wavy fawn hair getting in his face, his oak brown eyes staring at me calmly,  lips curled into a smirk. "The fourth, maybe fifth? I don't really keep track." I responded to his question, closing my laptop and putting it by my side so I could face him properly. 

He leaned down and kissed my forehead, sending currents of electricity through my body. I knew that no one could be in more love than me at this very moment. Austin just smiled and placed his forehead against mine. His eyes trained on mine, he tucked a bit off loose hair behind my ear, making me blush. "Now," he said in his soothing voice, "Starbucks? Or will we have a home cooked breakfast?" I glanced at our kitchen and he nodded understandingly.

"I'm happy I moved in with you," I said, while getting out the ingredients for pancakes, "I mean, I'm 18, I don't have to be in that stupid foster home anymore. I'm glad I found you." My eyes flutter over to Austin, who is preoccupied by trying to find where he put the place mats, only to realise they were already on the table. "I'm glad I met you too. I'm also glad that my mum liked you, otherwise she wouldn't have let you stay with me." Austin tells you, "Not  like it would have stopped me bringing you here." He flirts. I just smile and get back to mixing up the pancake batter. 

"Pancakes!" I sing as I set them on the plates, "What syrup?" I ask Austin, pouring maple syrup all over mine, drowning them in the orangey sweet liquid. "Anything sweet, but not too much, I don't want a sugar rush." He replies, winking at me. I douse them in maple syrup too, "Pancakes for you." I say, setting down the plates. "Eat up, I have more Haiku's to write!" I shout, stuffing a quarter of a pancake in my mouth.

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