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The invitation

 Eden sits up in her bed, shivering in the cold sweat that lay around her. "Stupid dream." She mumbles in Spanish, flipping over her pillow and laying down her head. As she lay there in the dark, her eyes flicker from one shadow to another. Eden soon realises that she will never be able to get back to sleep. She pulls her covers above her head, curls up in a ball and breathes hot air into her hands, giving her goosebumps. Slowly but surely, she starts to drift back off to sleep.

As the first few rays of sunlight peek through her curtains, Eden comes out from under her covers, checking every corner until her eyes land on a letter at the end of her bed. She reaches for it cautiously, afraid of the things that may be inside. The thoughts creep into her head, filling it with memories of the car crash and how she somehow got out alive. "Don't let it fill your head, Eden. Just open the letter." Eden said shakily, tearing open the letter:

 "Dear Eden Moranez, we are pleased to accept you into 'Moonhearth, academy for the gifted and mystical'. Once you read this letter, our collector shall come pick you up. Please be ready as this is just the first step into your new life." She reads, confused, "Signed by, Alma Gurewalk. What the heck is this?"

She puts the letter down and looks up, only to find she's not alone anymore. "Hey. Name's Will. You?" Says a boy about thirteen or fourteen, his Chestnut eyes staring at Eden. "Name's Eden. I guess you're here to take me to Moonhearth?" He nods, "Grab my arm."

As soon as Eden grabs Will's arm they get lifted off the ground and spin, eventually touching back down onto solid ground. Moonhearth Academy.

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Dorms of two

 "Will! Hey! Who's the newbie?" Yelled a boy to Eden's left, running over, accidentally nocking into a group of girls on the way over, "Sorry ladies." He apologised. She rolled her eyes, trying not to make eye contact, but she still stayed by Will's side. 

"Kyle, this is Eden." He gestured to her and Eden forced herself to look at Kyle, half smiling, she did a little wave in his direction. He smiled back at her and waved. "Anyway, I have to get her to the office to get her timetable. Will you be fine by yourself?" He asked Kyle jokingly, Kyle rolled his eyes, "I'm not in kindergarten anymore, Will." He replied.

Soon Will was leading Eden into a long corridor, and she gained the courage to speak to this stranger that took her from her home, "Don't you ever get lost? I mean, it's rather large and probably hard to navigate at times, so have you ever been lost?" She asked, walking behind Will a bit to make sure she didn't lose him. He looked at her as though she said something in another language, "I used to get lost quite a bit." He replied, quickening his pace.

"We best get you to the office though, they'll hand you a map and your timetable. Come on!" He told her, basically yelling.

As soon as they got there, the lady at the office desk handed Eden a timetable, a map and a dorm room key. "Will, she'll need a dorm partner, would you for a while? Then as soon as another girl that goes in her class comes you can change." She said, staring at Will over her  half moon spectacles. Will nodded, but sighed and groaned  as soon as they left.

"Let me take you to... our dorm." He choked on the last two words as though they were poison. He grabbed Eden's arm and led her to a bunch of stairs. She tried wriggling out of his tight grip but it was no use, he would never let go until they got there. They kept going up the stairs until they were on the top floor. 

Will kept turning left and then right, he soon stopped at the end of a hallway, letting go of Eden. She pushed the key into the keyhole, turning it quickly so Will wouldn't get angry. Eden entered the room and found her belongings at the end of a bed, Will's stuff at the other bed. "You should set up your stuff, I'm going to see a teacher, don't go out unless you have the key and map." Will grumbled, making way for the door, practically slamming it on the way out.

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