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???s P.O.V

I look at the house of my victims. They pushed me to my breaking point. They said the three words that make me snap. I will not let them get away with that. If only they had known what happened to me, then maybe they wouldn’t have said anything or harassed me for months.  I warned them something bad would happen and now it is happening.

I pick their lock and let myself in. I begin looking around. I find the child’s bedroom and pass it. I’ll let him sleep for now. I barge into the master bedroom.  I walk up to the bed.I pull my  pocket knife out from my bra and slit the mans  throat. I smile as he wakes up and starts choking on his own blood. The women wakes up and goes to scream. I shoved my knife against her throat and growl. “If you scream you’ll join your husband.” She whimpers. I smile. “Tell you what? You can go. Trust me go and call the police.” I remove my knife from her neck. She immediately hops out of the bed and starts running for the door. I throw my knife at her, stabbing her in the back literally. I chuckle as she falls to the ground. “Oh you really thought I would just let you go? You are really stupid.” I get on top of her, pull my knife out of her back, and grab her hair forcing her to look up. “Any last words?” She begins to beg. “Please spare my son. Please let him live.” 

“Oh Honey I do not leave any witnesses. I am gonna kill your son and you won’t be able to do anything about it. You probably wish that you and  your family didn’t say those three words now don’t you?”

“What three..” She didn’t even get to finish her sentence before I slit her throat. I don’t even wait until she’s dead before I stick two of my fingers in her cut throat and write “Don’t say the 3 words” on the wall in her blood. I figure that even though I’ve been doing this for over 216 years someone will head my warning one day. 

I sigh as I walk to the child’s bedroom. I gave him all the warnings telling him to run away, but alas he did not listen. Now I have to kill him. I don’t cry as I stab him in the heart. I have no time for tears anymore. When I know he is dead I clean my hands then leave the house and continue  my tradition of wandering around blood dripping from my knife. I look at my necklace  thinking about  how I went from a nice girl to an insane killer with a tortured soul.

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Chapter 1: Marriage 

Charlotte walked up the stairs of the two story plantation carrying a heavy grey petticoat with green strips at the bottom of it. When she reached the door of her masters daughter she put the petticoat in one arm and used the other to knock. "Mistress Lilith." The heaviness of the petticoat caused her to drop it. All of a sudden a loud voice boomed from the bottom of the stairs. "I HEARD AND SAW THAT YOU USELESS NIGGER!!!" Charlotte shook with fear as a tall fearsome man walked up the stairs holding a whip. She began to shake. "Please sir I did not mean to drop Lilith's Petticoat." The tall man raised the whip over his head. " YES YOU DID YOU STUPID NIGGER!"


Lilith's P.O.V. 

I heard my father yell at Charlotte. I ran to my door.I know he whips the other slaves for the smallest infraction. I could not let him hurt my only friend.  I open the door and ran in front of her  just as my father was about to whip her. I look up at him. "Father please do not hurt Charlotte. You know she is my only friend."


'' No father. Charlotte is my friend. I am sure she did not mean it."

" Fine" I sighed in relief as he lowed his whip. "Now Lilith get dressed in the petticoat. A man named William Smith is on his way and wants to marry you." I gasp. " Marriage father?"

"Yes marriage. You are 16 now. That is old enough to marry. You know I  married your mother when she was 14 and I  was 20."

"Father you know I do not want to marry."

"You will do as I say Lilith or I will disown you." I hold back tears as he continues his tirade. "I also want you to marry so I can finally sell that good for nothing nigger."


I watch as my father walks down the stairs. As soon as he is out of sight I let my tears run down my face and fall down into a little heap on the floor. Charlotte helped me to my feet and into my room. I look out of my window.  "I do not want to marry Charlotte. I really don't."

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Chapter 2: William

A young man walked up to the Eternity Plantation wearing a nice black suit and carrying a small suitcase. He knocked on the door. He was greeted by another slave of the Eternity's who led him into the parlor.

Lilith's P.O.V.

I hear the front door open and close. Then all of a sudden my father calls me down into the parlor. I yell. "Just a minute father!" As Charlotte finishes lacing up my dress. I hate this dress. It s very hard to breathe when I am in it. I shuffle out of my bedroom and into the parlor. My eyes go wide as I see a young man yelling at one of my slaves."YOU INSOLENT NIGGER! YOU CLUMSY NIGGER!!! YOU DROPPED SUITCASE AND SPILLED EVERYTHING!!" I rush in front of the slave as the young man raises his hand to slap my slave. I look him straight in the eyes. "Sir please I am sure she did not mean to drop your suitcase and spill its contents." I jump back as he slaps me across the face and yells "YOU INSOLENT GIRL!! YOU SHOULD KNOW ONLY TO SPEAK WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TO! YOU SHOULD ALSO KNOW NOT TO STAND UP FOR NIGGERS LIKE THAT!" The only thing  I can do is to hold back my tears. I can not tell my father for he would not believe me  anyway.

3rd person P.O.V.

Lilith held back tears as her father walked into the parlor and said. "Ah William Smith I see you have met my daughter." William smiled. "Yes she is very beautiful." Lilith was on the brink of crying when her father ordered her to leave the room and give the two men some time to speak. She ran out of the room tears streaming down her face. 

William's P.O.V.

So that girl is my bride to be? It looks like I will have to teach her how to behave. No matter what year it is she will always be under me. I will make sure of that. Her father asks me what my age is. I almost tell him my true age. 350 years old, but I catch myself and say 35.I have to find a way to get her to the fountain but how? I think for a while tuning out her father.  AH HA!  I have a great idea. "Excuse me Mister Eternity but would it be alright if I take your daughter out for a walk? It would be a great way for us to get to know each other." I smirk as he says "That is a great idea William. That could lead to her liking you then marrying you. Then I could sell that good for nothing nigger Charlotte." Oh if you only knew what I was planning mister Eternity.

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Chapter 3:The fountain 

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Chapter 4: Destruction

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Chapter 5: Death of a "Family"

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Chapter 6: Insanity

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