Role Reversal


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Sarah jumped for joy as she saw that her new video game Crystal Life had arrived in the mail. She picked it up and ran to her room. She look at the box for the game and began to read the description. "You are a fairy in a utopia that is taken over by a wizard and his right hand fairy. Together they turn a once flourishing place into a dystopia. Do you have what it takes to reclaim the land and return it to its original state?" Sarah smiled "Yes. I do"

She tore of the packaging off of the game and shoved it into her GameBoy Advance. 


The first thing she was was an insert your name screen. She thought for five minutes before typing Firo in. On the next screen she saw her character. A pale fairy with hazel eyes and light green hair. She also wore a leaf dress that was very reveling. Sarah growled. "Fucking sex appeal." As soon as she hit the the start game option everything went black.

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Chapter 1: Claybrook Castle

Sarah's P.O.V.
As soon as the darkness disappears I realize that I am in a dimly lit room. I look around and realize that the room is a throne room. Where the hell am I? I walk forward a few steps then bump into something. The hell? I look up and realize it is a glass cup. Alright this is weird. Suddenly the ground starts to shake. I look forward and I see a tall bulky man walking towards me.

3rd person P.O.V.
Aldwin bent down and looked at the trapped fairy. He smiled as she backed into the glass terrified. "Oh do not be afraid little one. I will not hurt you. I just want some information from you." He lifted the cup up and quickly grabbed the fairy by her wings,being careful not to tear them.

Sarah's P.O.V.
NO NO PUT ME DOWN!!! OW OW OW!!! WHY AM I IN SOO MUCH PAIN?! I look up and see bluish wings attached to my back. WHAT THE FUCK?!!! I yell out in pain. "PLEASE PLEASE MY WINGS!!!! STOP YOU ARE GONNA TEAR THEM!!!" The man lifts me up to eye level. Wait a minute. No it couldn't be. That is the guy from the cover of Crystal Life. I am pulled from my thoughts as pain rips through my wings and down to my back. I look up at the man "PLEASE STOP YOU ARE HURTING ME!!" The man laughs. "I  will do so much more then hurt you if you do not tell me where your master Arc Cross is." I go to say something but a crash draws the mans and my attention.

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Chapter 2: Rescued

Arc Cross crashed though a window. He was here to rescue Nyx his right hand fairy. His blood boiled when he saw Aldwin holdings her by her wings. He charged at Aldwin only stopping when he heard Nyx scream out in pain. He glared at Aldwin as he squeezed Nyx's wings tighter. "Let her go Aldwin." Aldwin laughed. "Let her go? Let her go? You have got to kidding me." 
" I mean it Aldwin Let her go."
" Let her go? Not after what you have done Arc Cross."
"I will set you on fire if you do not Aldwin."
"No you won't. You do not have Nyx and you need her magic to do magic. Now since we are at a stalemate here let us talk." 
"No Let Nyx go now."

Aldwin calmly pushed a button on his gauntlet and Nyx screamed in pain. Arc across yelled. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" Aldwin smiled. " Now will you talk?" 
"You will see Arc. You will see. Tell me why you came to rescue her after you gained everything? You turned our once perfect utopia into a dystopia. You got what you wanted. Why come to her rescue?"
"She is my right hand fairy and my friend simple as that."
"Oh that is all?" Aldwin smiled. "Ok then enjoy her now." He dropped Nyx to the ground, exposing her now  bleeding and torn wings. "Change the world back to the way it was or next time I will not be as merciful as I am right now."

Arc ran towards Aldwin but was blinded by a flash. When he could see again Aldwin was gone. He ran to Nyx who was trying her best to fly but just could not do it. He bent down. "Nyx Nyx stop trying to fly. You are hurting yourself even more." He  carefully picked her up smiling as she nestled into his palm. "It is ok Nyx I am going to bring you to Cynthia who will take care of you and heal you." Arc gasped as he heard Nyx weakly say "I am not Nyx I am Sarah King." He started carefully cradling her. " No you are Nyx. You are just saying that due to the massive amount of blood you are losing. That is causing you to think irrationally. Please just hang on I will get you to Cynthia as fast as I can."

Sarah's P.O.V.
Nyx? Nyx? I am not Nyx. I am Sarah King and I am not a fairy, I am a human. Before I can object some more everything becomes a blur before going black.

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