School of Outcasts


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Echo walked into the headmasters office. "You wanted to see me sir?" He watched as the old man stood up from his desk. "She is coming." 
"She? Sir?" 


"A girl with a power that is so powerful. It is a power that I have never seen before. It is so powerful that people will want to use her for evil. I need you to go find her and bring her here no matter what."


"But sir, I'm not sure if you noticed but I am a vampire. I can't quite go outside in the daytime, and beside how do you know she is actually powerful at all." 
"Echo what can I do?"
"See into the future sir" 
"I understand sir. I will go as soon as it turns to night." 
"You can go now." 
"Yes sir."


Echo started to walk out of the office when the headmaster said. " Oh and one more thing. You are going to be her bodyguard understand?"
Echo sighed. "Yes sir"

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Alice Primrose woke up to the sound of her alarm going off. Just as she turned it off a sharp pain traveled down her back. She held back a scream. "Well this is a great way to start off my 16th birthday." She thought to herself as she waited for the pain to go away. As soon as it left she got up to get dressed. As she walked to her dresser she passed by her full body mirror and saw a pair of clear wings sticking out of her back.  She began to panic. "No no no no no. I am not seeing this. It's ok Alice. It's ok. You're tired. Yes tired. I'm just seeing things." She reached behind her only to feel the silky wings and realize that she wasn't seeing things. She began to panic and held back a scream.


Alice's P.O.V. 
What is happening?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!  Wait, am I one of those monsters like I see on the news? NO NO NO NO!! I'm going to be put away and killed!! Men in suits and black sunglasses will come to my home and take me away. As I'm thinking of what is going to happen to me I turn to the mirror again as see that the wings have turned green.  WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? WHY ARE THEY  GREEN NOW?!!  NO NO NO!!!!  I grab the wings and pull hoping that they will come off, but instead I scream as another wave of pain travels down my back.


I panic even more as I hear my mother running up the stairs asking if I'm ok. FUCK!!! She doesn't respect privacy and she's going to bust in here. I don't have any time to say I'm ok before she busts the door open  and sees me.  "MOM I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!" I begin to shake uncontrollably. "MOM HELP ME!!!" Just as I yell for help she begins to shake too. "MOM!!" Just as I finish screaming she explodes. I scream bloody murder as I am showered with her guts and blood. I try to run out of my room but the wings get stuck. I end up shimming out of my room and run straight into my father. "HELP ME!!!" I start to shake again. NO NO NO!! NOT HIM TOO!!! I start to cry as he starts to shake too. Tears start to stream down my face as he explodes. I fall to my knees and stay on the floor until I can't cry anymore.


I pull myself to my feet and go to take a shower. I look in the mirror and realize that the wings have went back to being clear. Why did the turn green? Why did they appear on my back in the first place? I have so many questions. All of a sudden the wings recede into my back. What the fuck?! Oh well, I look normal now I guess. I get in the shower and wash the blood off of me. I watch as the blood goes down the drain. I get out of the shower. Just as I finish getting dressed I hear a knock on the door.

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Edward Eagleton's Academy For the Gifted

Echo was getting ready to go when he heard a knock on his dorm door. He opened the door and saw the headmaster standing there. "Yes Sir?" He tensed up a little when the headmaster grabbed his arms. "She's discovered some of her power. She's scared you need to leave as soon as you can.  We need to help her control and understand her power." Echo nodded as the headmaster let go of his arms. "Yes sir I understand. I will leave as soon as it becomes dark."


Alice walked downstairs and looked out the window to see who was at the door. Her heart stopped as she saw two men in suits and black sunglasses outside. She panicked as one of the men turned his head and saw her through the window. She ran up to her room just as she heard the door being broken down. She slammed her door shut and locked it.  She began looking for something to defend herself with then she heard the men outside her room.  She screamed. "GO AWAY!! I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING!!! I JUST WANT TO BE A NORMAL HUMAN!!! NOT THIS MONSTER!!!" She felt the wings pop out of her back as one of the men said, "Alice Primrose come out. We will help you. We will make you normal. Just come out now and everything will remain peaceful. If not then we will be forced to resort to violence." She could feel herself start to shake uncontrollably. "Not again." Her window caught her attention. She opened it, forced the wings through it and crawled onto her roof. She shimmied to the edge of her roof as the men forced her door down. She screamed as one of the men reached out of the window and tried to grab her. She didn't want to make them explode like her parents so she didn't turn her head as they tried to coax her back inside. She looked at the ground before saying, "I have seen what you people have done to people like me you lock them up, And now people are trying to make it legal to murder them. So no I will not come back inside and go with you." As she said that She slid off of the roof.

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Glitter and Fire

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NEw Uniform

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