"Step mother" from hell


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The First Meeting 

I first met this women when I was 14 years old. From the moment she saw me she didn't like me. Now the only thing I knew about my dad dating again was that that women would be my step mother. Now as the only interaction with step mothers was watching them get what they deserved in Disney movies after treating the princess like dirt throughout the movie. So thanks to Disney I was afraid of her.Now when she noticed that I was scared of her she got pissed off. She yelled at me saying how dare I even think she was evil. She convinced my dad to ground me from my phone for the rest of the weekend. 

Now I had seen the red flags from this but my dad was happy and I didn't want to ruin his happiness. 

Little did I know that this was going to be the least intense of my interactions with her.  

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Stupid Rules 

Now after that first meeting I kept going to her house or she was visiting my dads house. When I was at her house she always glared at me. I don't know why she did. Now she knew better then to give me strict rules at her house, but she had some weird ones. I couldn't ask to watch cartoons or anything teen/kid friendly. I had to sit and watch adult shows or sports when I was over there. I also wasn't allowed to be in the bathroom for more then 10 minutes or she would get upset at me. 

Now that I look back at the rules for her house they were stupid. Especially the bathroom rule. Did she forget that people have constipation? But I digress the worst rule was the ones she convinced my dad to make when she was visiting. I thanked the gods that she didn't visit us often because to quote her. "It's too small and dirty."  

Now I should mention I have severe anxiety, social anxiety, and am extremely socially  awkward. I didn't like saying hello to her when she came over because my anxiety and awkwardness would kick in and I would make myself look like a fool.  She convinced my dad to force me to say hello to her or risk being grounded for that weekend. So I was forced to look like a fool in front of my dad and her. When I made a fool of myself she would smirk. 

I understand that those rules weren't to bad, but she was seeing how far she could go without my dad snapping at her and defending me. But sadly throughout all of this he never did. Not even when she started to emotionally and mentally abuse me, but those are stories for later.   

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She moves in 

Now after 2 years she moved in with us and that is  when my hell began. As soon as she moved in she began making changes immediately. She forced me and my brother to use the bathroom in the basement no matter what. The upstairs bathroom was now for my sister and my 'step moms' two kids.  She would yell at me if I so much as put a foot in the upstairs bathroom. She would only yell at me if my brother went into it he wouldn't get yelled at. So one time my brother was in the downstairs bathroom and my dad was in the master bedroom bathroom. I really had to use the bathroom so I used the upstairs bathroom. The moment I stepped out of the bathroom she was yelling at me. I tried to explain that the other bathrooms were in use and I really needed to go to the bathroom. She was having none of it. She began to yell at me saying I was an ungrateful child. I began to cry but she didn't care. 

A couple of weeks later I was watching TV in the basement when her kids came downstairs. I stopped the show I was watching. I had recorded it and some shows from my childhood.  Now they didn't want to watch what was on Disney channel so I suggested that we all watch a cartoon from my childhood. They agreed so I scrolled through the cartoons I had recorded so they could choose. They told me to stop on Courage the Cowardly Dog. I warned them that it could be scary for kids their age but they wanted to watch it. I started it. Not even five minutes later my "step mom" yelled at me. Telling me to turn it off and how dare I let her kids watch that scary cartoon. I tried to tell her that is was her kids who wanted to watch it but she was having none of it. She continued to yell at me for a good ten minutes. 

I should say that  I had and still do have low self image and self esteem. Every time she yelled at me they both fell and I began to think that I was the cause of all of it and that I would never be good enough. 

Now every December I go to convention. One year it ended up on my dads weekend so I had to get ready at my dads house.  I woke up that Saturday all excited thinking that nothing could ruin my day. Oh how I was dead wrong. I went downstairs to get changed in to my cosplay. As I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup when one of the ceiling tiles fell to the ground behind me. I decided to do the responsible thing and tell my dad. As soon as I stepped foot in the bedroom my dad and her shared she glared at me. I ignored her and told me dad what happened. She immediately began to blame me. Saying How dare I ruin the bathroom. I am 5 ft and 2 inches tall there was now way I could touch the ceiling let alone pulling the tile out of place.  She tried to convinced my dad to ground me from the con. The only reason he didn't listen to her was that i had my boyfriends badge and that it wouldn't be fair to him. Thank god my boyfriend was going with me. I cried all the way to the con. 

They next couple of months weren't so bad just what I sadly have to call normal. She got mad at me for the smallest things. Like a speck of dust on the table and so on. But it soon got worse in April. 

I had been using the bathroom in the basement. I was just about to pull up my pants  when I felt something wet. I quickly pulled my underwear down and realized my period had just stated. Now it was heavier then usual so I panicked. In my panic some of my period blood got on the toilet as I sat back down. I called out for help. My step mom ran down and walked into the bathroom. Before I could say a thing she yelled at me.  "MY TOILET!!! HOW DARE YOU GET BLOOD ON MY TOILET!!" I didn't understand why I was getting yelled at. I just cried and cried while she yelled at me telling it was my fault that she had to now clean the toilet.

Now during this time I did look up abuse and found out she was emotionally and mentally abusing me. I just wanted out of this. I didn't want to feel like this, I didn't want to be abused anymore. I just didn't want her in my life anymore. 

Now many of you readers are wondering why didn't I just live with my mother full time?  I wanted to but my mother wanted me to have a relationship with my father. I do not blame my mother I know she just wanted me to have a relationship with my father. 

None of these stories are as bad as what happened in May.

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Standing up for myself 

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Almost doing something stupid 

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Being manipulated

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