Lost Royalty


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Lost royalty


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Chapter 1

The noises in the palace are quiet with whispers that ricochet throughout the halls. The palace is vast. Red that covers the pillars that hold up the gargantuan building. The walls are white with sculptures that surround the entrance to each room. The sculptures are animals like the lion. The lion stands tall and stares at you while you cross the path with it. The main walls have been painted a gold splash while the walls in the halls are painted white with paintings of feasts and the nobles that reside in this dwelling.

Everyone has their own abode. There is kitchen staff that makes the magnificent feasts for the nobles. There is the cleaning staff that clean all day. Personal servants that are dedicated to one noble of a family member. Although each noble tend to have as many as three. Then there is the harem. Each noble either has a harem or is dedicated to the love of their life. As for me, I am part of this all-boy harem for Dix Knuc. He has slightly long hair that is slicked back to the edge of his neck. He is large. I mean immense. Tan colored skin as though he bathes in the sun. The most prominent feature of the vitrines is his crooked nose that reminds me of a necromancer.

“Jewl, get over here and do what you do best. I did buy this nice piece of meat of yours,” Dix exclaimed with lust that lingers in his eyes. What is he a child that says I must commend to his own wants rather than mine, how illogical?

“Hey chunky come to me on your hand's and knees like a good bitch you are,” I responded with absolute control. I prefer the control than to be submissive anyway. Of course, this old man has his sadistic ways with the other boys in our harem, yet with me, he seems more disinclined.

Dix gets on all fours and scuttles towards me. Trying to make it as seductive as possible, yet with him besieged to keep his body up from the floor. Trembling while heading towards me. He is only feet away from me, so I spread my legs moving the robe that rests between my legs apart to display my cock. Dix licks his lips. His mouth wet from his white tongue that looks as though it is infected with a disease. Yes very repulsive, yet I am bought and can’t resist him either. Both of his hands groping my white legs. I kicked his hands off of me.

“No touching me with those hands chubby. Use your tongue,” I explicated. Dumbfounded by the kick he glances at me.

“Those beautiful baby blue eyes that glisten when the light touches them,” Dix groaned. No shit, dumbass. I already know my eyes are the most prominent part of my body.

Dix sticks out his tongue in a nauseating way. One slick tongue lick that rests on my ankle. Tasting me as though I am some kind of dessert. Glancing up at me moaning while staring deep into my eyes. The heat of his breath that made me shiver. Waiting patiently when his tongue reached my cock. The tongue gliding up my leg. Not done tasting even one part of my leg. Finally reaching its destination to my cock. His tongue still gliding from the base of my cock sends me to moans that resonate within the room. Succumbed to desire.

“Well, well, look at you. Shivering. Begging for more, eh,” Dix teases. Whatever. I grabbed one of his hands. Shoved those thick fingers into my mouth. Glossing it with my liquids. Wetting his fingers. Guiding those fingers to my ass. While smiling shoving two of those fingers in my ass. Thrusting those thick fingers in and out of my ass. Moaning with the movement of his fingers. His tongue on the tip of my cock. Licking it. Taking me into his whole mouth.

“More. Don’t stop chubby. I want that thick cock of yours thrusting deep inside my ass,” I moaned. I wanted it shoved in with force. That is exactly what he did. Roughly threw me over on my stomach. Spreading one side of my butt cheek. Sliding his cock to the outer skirts of my ass. His cock wet with his spit rubbing at the entrance of my ass was volatile. The thrill of the push inside of me makes me shiver. Dix out of nowhere, to my surprise shoves his shaft inside of my ass. Groaning. Moaning to the rough thrusts that kept hitting a spot inside of me that made me scream louder. The echoing kept ringing in my ears. Anxious to cum. I grabbed his hand that pulls on the side of my body. Cupping his fingers onto my cock. Rubbing it at the same time. Shivering from all of the sensations resonating with one another. The movements looming together. The complete satisfaction of my cum shooting out on the white cloth underneath my small stature.

Dix rolls over off my body. Sigh in relief. “As always Jewl it was delicious,” he muttered as he fell into a slumber. This dirty old man is so not my type. I am tired of being used as a fuck partner for others lust. I want real love. A love that makes me anxious. A love that is true.

Wiping the semen inside of my ass with a thick white cloth made of wool, I gaze into the mirror. Nervous, yet excited about how I look. I mean I know I am sexy as hell. At the same time, I wish I never had this white silky skin. My shaggy blonde hair that rests on the side of my face as though it was placed perfectly to fit me. My eyes that seem to stupor men. Then the long jagged scar from my nipple to my belly button that seems to be the only thing that is distasteful to me.

I got this scar from one of my customers. I used to work in a brothel with Mama Ciel. Mama was fat. Which at this time is an attractive thing. He has red long curly hair that rests on the side of his shoulders. He likes to wear red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Even though he was caring, he cared more about the money that was being made.

I was sold to Mama Ciel when I was 10. My mother despised me because I kept seducing my father. Ridiculous right? She always held a knife to my neck just to threaten me, after awhile I just didn’t care. My father was absorbed by my eyes and always wanted to hold me. Play with my cock. Lick my ass. Finger my ass. In this time period, it was considered normal. Either way, without my father knowing about it, my mother sold me to Ciel. I was fine with that. I get to have sex with whomever I wish.

Anyways one of my customers became belligerent when he heard that Dix bought me for his own personal harem. The man was deranged and tried to kill me. You know the saying where if I can’t have you then no one can. Either way, the cut was not that deep. I mean it was deep enough that I need ed stitches, but it was not deep enough to harm me in a bad way.

Now here on this terrace with Dix sleeping in the bed. Gazing into the stars of the night. The brightness that overshadows the night. It was fulfilling. Looking down the terrace, noticing a shadow. Another one and another one. There were too many shadows that were moving among the stars. Curious as to whom they belong to was a mission I am going on.

I walk out the door closing it behind me as quietly as possible as to not wake up Dix. The hall was quiet. The guards roam randomly around the citadel, yet I have not walked into one just yet. I turn towards the office room. It had a glowing light underneath the door. I slowly opened the door to where one of my eyes peeked through.

There were six people in there. Four men and two women. They are throwing papers around the room.

“Dammit, where did that old fat fuck put it,” a woman with shiny white hair stuttered out. She rushed to the trunk. I wonder what they are looking for.

“The old man must have hidden it somewhere, but where does he hide his valuable items and papers,” a man with brown short hair asked.

Without realizing it my weight open the door more. The door creaked. I rushed to the side of the door. Rushing back to my room wondering what they are looking for.

“Well, hello young man. What are you doing up,” a woman with red long hair asked me while holding the back of my shirt. I stood there stunned, yet it was exhilarating. I smiled at them.

“Is he smiling,” the white hair girl asked profusely with antagonism. I took the hand that the white-haired girl had on me and flung it towards the floor. I turned my back.

Slightly turning my head “what are you looking for,” I asked? They all glanced at one another not knowing exactly what to do or say. I turned back around. Walking back to where I was residing in. I mean if that old man knew I was outside of the room he would be highly upset.

“Wait,” a man’s voice peeked through the silence. I turned around and gawked at the brown-haired man.

“Well, what is it,” I responded. He glanced down. Glanced at each of his crew.

“We are looking for a map that shows us where our heritage is,” he explained. So that is what they mean by importance. Well, I do know where it is, but they are not going to like it. I laughed at them. “Why are you laughing?”

“I apologize. It’s just where do you usually keep something that is small and of high importance," I replied. He looked at me with confusion. I sighed. Are these guys idiots?

“Ah, on you,” the red-haired women replied back. I shook my head yes. Well, at least there is one smart person in the room. “Where can we find him?”

I smiled and responded, “with me.”

“What do you mean with you,” the brown-haired guy asked. The red-haired woman grabbed his shoulder and shook her head. I laughed even harder. They all are startled by my laughter.

“I am in a boy’s harem, for sex,” I answered his question with a smile at the end. He was shocked by my answer. “Now I can get you to my room, where he lies and then the rest is up to you.” They all shook their head okay.

As I guide them to my room where the old man sleeps, I kept getting glances from him. He kept glancing at me and then looking away as though studying me, yet not wanting me to know what he was doing.

“So am I fascinating or something,” I asked. Startled by the question he just says hmm. “Why do you keep looking at me?”

“It’s just I have never met someone who does this kind of thing. Plus a man having sex with another man is sickening. I mean you have a choice to leave right so why don’t you,” he asked. Honestly, that is a good question, yet he's oblivious. I eyed him then continued to the destination of the big brown door. It was plain.

Arrived at the door. The brown-haired guy about to reach for the knob. I grabbed his hand. Threw it away to the side. Glaring at him.

“You want to go in first? Helping yourself from getting harmed,” the red-haired woman stated. I shook my head yes. The brown-haired guy shrugged his shoulders in understanding. I opened the door as quietly as I did before. Walked in noticing that Dix was waiting for my return while sitting on the edge of the bed. Dammit, now I need to find an excuse to prevent any harm coming to me.

“So where have you been, huh,” he demanded. The door still ajar with the intruders still lurking by the door startled by the sound of Dix. Gazing at me waiting for me to turn them in to save my own skin. At least that is what their facial expressions showed. I walked in further and smiled.

“Chubby, I was out on the terrace when I was gazing up at the stars. It was enthralling so I ended up downstairs outside in the garden still hypnotized. Out of nowhere I seemed to have snapped out of my trance now I am here,” I explained myself without wholly lying.

Dix stood up. Walked to where I am standing. Grabbing the sides of my body. Tightly grasps my body while throwing me on the bed. Ripped my robe off.

“Now since the enchantment has been lifted, well it looks like you will be having some more fun, eh,” he explained in detail. I grabbed his face. Threw his face to the side. Stupid chubby man.

“Hurry up I do want to sleep chubby,” I demanded. Even though I demanded, the chubby old man denied my demand and fucked me slowly. Shivering from the effects of the thrusting feeling still embraced in my ass I get up and opened the door more. Stuck my head out and gave the okay.

They all walked in. Heading towards Dix’s clothes that lay around the room. I walk slowly, painfully to the bathroom to wash out his appalling scent.

“I’m sorry,” I turned around to see who apologized. It was the brown-haired man.

“Don’t apologize you stupid fool I don’t care about such things. These kind of things follow me everywhere I go anyway, so mind your damn business,” I responded. Really though to apologize about something that has nothing to do with him is aggravating.

“My name is Lyle and what is your name,” he asked while the rest of his members looked around for the map.

“Lyle, eh. My name is Jewl,” I replied back. Lyle smiled.

“I will come back for you,” Lyle compassionately promised. Tsk. Stupid, no such promise will ever be kept either way. Stupid fool. I just ignored his ignorant promise. Heading towards the bathroom cleaning the semen out of my ass. Dazed in what has happened and what will happen. Dreaming of such a promise to actually come true would be romantic if the other person fell for me too. How dream-like?

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Chapter 2

It’s been a few weeks since I met Lyle. He seemed nice. Sweet. Dumb as a damn doornail, but whatever. A promise is a lost cause no one ever keeps. Anyways after that night, they left the palace I realized they must have been pirates. The flag they wear around their arms and neck symbolized a lion with an X across the animal. The morning came to wake the sleeping monster from his slumber and back into the reality of sadistic decisions.

I remember a few guardsmen came into my room. Trashing it. Throwing clothes, garbage sheets- pretty much everything around in my room. Making my room displaying like a disaster came or I have been robbed. It’s not like I had anything precious anyways, so it really wouldn’t have mattered.

Dix stands in the doorway watching the guards go through my room. Watching my reactions as the guardsmen destroy my room.

I had my clothes in one hand “why are you doing this? What in the hell is going on,” I asked angrily? Dix ignored me. My existence as if it was nothing. That the words coming out my mouth was lies upon lies of nothingness.

One of the guardsmen salutes the noble with an answer “nothing here sir.” Dix nodded as the men walked out of my room. My room still trashed.

I start picking up my room trying to place everything back to the way it was before it was being thrown around. Dix walks to the bed. Gliding his hand on the bed. Stops for a moment or two in a daze. Maybe remembering what we did last night. Replaying the scenes over and over again. I have a feeling he is going to be asking me what had happened so I need to stay on edge to make sure I answer everything, even the somewhat lie I spouted.

Dix turns around while slowly sitting on the edge of the bed. He smiled at me while patting the edge of the bed telling me with his gestures to come to the bed and sit right next to him. I walked over. Plumped right on the bed to show how upset I am.

Dix caresses my cheeks “you really are so beautiful, yet I want you to tell me what happened last night.” I knew this was coming, but I wanted to make sure. Even so, I need to play the dumb one.

“Huh? What in the world do you mean? We had sex. I was entranced with the stars and realized I was downstairs in the garden. Coming back to the room and you were awake, you seemed upset or mad and you fucked me slowly. What did something else happen or something,” I explained?

Dix smiled with relief like thank goodness, now I don’t have to kill you look. That right there is disturbing in many ways. “I’m sorry, my beautiful little boy. How badly I wish to penetrate you right here and now!” I shoved my hands in his face. “What? I’m sorry I had no choice. It’s just an important document is missing or at least a part of it is.” Still confused. They only got a piece I wonder if they know.

Looking at him “what is the importance of such an important piece of paper?” I can’t help but wonder even if I become a bit suspicious. “Not that I have any clue what it is, but still even when you say something like that it would make anyone wonder what is so important about this piece of paper, wouldn’t you agree?”

Dix puts hands between his thighs as he intertwines his fingers as though he really wants to tell me, but debating if he should. “Well--,” rudely interrupted by one of the guardsmen.

“I’m sorry for interrupting sir, but it seems we have information on a few of the intruders that were in the palace,” the guardsmen explained the situation. Dix listening eagerly, yet knew what he had to do.

“Alright then, go finish interviewing the rest of the witnesses we need to know who they are and where they come from,” he ordered the guardsman. The guardsman nodded and rushed off to finish his task. “Now I am sorry love, but I have a few things I need to tend to, so I probably won’t see you for a bit, okay?” He smiled as he explained why.

Still, that day was nerve wrecking. I couldn’t believe that morons came to get an unfinished document. Maybe it wasn’t really theirs or maybe they were doing it for a job? Well, who cares it’s been weeks.

In the wind you can taste crisp freshness. The trees wave in the direction of the wind. The sounds of guards practicing on fighting and learning, in depth, on how to be a better watcher. Still, I really want to roam near the ocean that surrounds this small piece of land.

“Jewl, you here,” Dix rushes through the door.

“In here chubby,” I replied back. Dix walks past the see-through curtain that covers the open door to the terrace. Dix grabs the front of my neck. Pulling it close to his face. “What do you want chubby?”

“Now, now, you're not still angry at me are you,” Dix asked. To show him that I am still pissed I glared at him then shrugged my shoulders for him to release my neck. His hand flew off, yet his other hand grabs my waist. Pulling me by the waist into the room. I threw his hands off my waist in protest.

I look around. Noticing that Lyle is in a guards uniform. Stunned by his appearance, Dix grabs my waist. Throws his revolting mouth onto mine. With the seal of a deep thrusting tongue kiss. Still looking at Lyle who has that pissed off look. I pulled away from Dix’s mouth.

“Enough chubby. I am still upset that you thought I stole a piece of something. Seriously why would I want whatever it is,” I plopped on the side of my bed? Hoping that Lyle would understand, but then again he is a complete moron either way.

“My lovely little boy. I understand you are still upset with me, but even so, I still want you. Right here and now,” Dix explained while licking my fingers. He licked the tip of my finger to my wrist. “Guard you can leave now. I will be busy for a while.” As he continued, he noticed Lyle not moving from that particular spot. “I said to leave, NOW!”

The guard smiled and drew his sword to the base of Dix’s neck. “I have the urge to slice your neck, Dix,” Lyle stated while grinning like a fool. “Bien and Lieiz come and grab Jewl so we can leave.”

“Yes, Captain,” both answering simultaneously. Huh. Bien and Lieiz they are the white-haired woman and the red-haired woman from the last time. Confused on what exactly is going on, both of the girls grabbed each of my arms pulling me toward the window. Wait a minute here this is the third floor. What the fuck do they think they are going to do.

“Wait, stop. Th-the-this is on the third floor,” I stuttered. Both girls nodded like what is the big deal. “I don’t like heights.” They both burst into laughter as though my statement was funny to them. I tried to push their hands away, but they gripped tighter.

“Shizu, help the girls,” Lyle yelled. A man with one-eye came out. He has a big build. Very tall. He is black with no hair. He smiles at Lyle. Takes a deep breath and slings me on his shoulders like he killed a pig and bringing it home for dinner.

“Nice ass,” Shizu giggled.

“Shizu, shut up and get him on the boat,” Lyle yelled in a disappointing tone. What the fuck is going on. “Now Dix, your unlucky because you touched him. I want to skin you alive.” What the fuck does he mean by that? Skin him alive for what? For me? He is fucking dumb. Does he realize he is a very powerful chubby man? He is the right-hand man for the royal family.

“Well, Lyle it has been a long time since I last saw you. You want to hear something funny,” Dix asked? Lyle stared at him confused on how he knew him. “I guess you do.” Dix leaned closer to Lyle’s ear and whispered something. Lyle backed away. Tightened his sword grip and swung.

Another guard rushed in and met Lyle’s sword. Stunned he fought back. “Captain, we need to go, now,” Bien and Lieiz yelled. Lyle swung his sword which the opponent backed into the wall and Lyle ran towards us.

As we jumped out the window I pretty much fainted. These people are dumb. I am completely terrified of heights and they took the window as an exit. Seriously! They couldn’t find a different exit rather than a window that is on the third fucking floor. Shit!

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