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Faith's beginning 

An array of colours flow into every sense, for a kid this is paradise. To me it's just school, a place full of broken dreams and tears. The chestnut trees covered me in an arch like a chapel. The shadows shaping the leaves and the wind shaping my soul. As my friends circled around me i could see there faces as bright as the sun. Harper, chocolate coloured skin blended into shadows and her eyes never showed any fear... she was glowing with freedom and was a pure animal. but I was something entirely different, fear pulsed through my veins. I was a being that did not exist at that time. my mind was always somewhere else telling the stories of my ancestors and telling my story that would soon become my reality. As children we played games to let our spirits lose, to shape our reality to fiction. 


Cold Gray fur spread across my body. Yellow fangs sprang from by mouth. My eyes held knowledge and a piercing howl shook the earth... I  was a wolf. Harper was a leopard and Scarlet a horse as strong as the water around us. the crustal blue liquid covered our stubby little legs. Harper pounced on the earth with scarlet following behind her, her hooves made the ground shattered in a million tiny pieces... the children laughed around us. playing their games. we were back in reality.


I cried with all my heart "wind!". my eyes lighted up. A beautiful breeze spun around me. it's power filling my soul. It felt like silk waving around my face. It was dancing in the air singing it's song of peace and freedom.



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The sun in her eyes

my name's Harper, Harper fox. I live with my mum on a small house near the road. the constant roar of engines fill my ears... but when i am a leopard everything floats away and the world becomes like a dream.



the wolf runs up to me with her tail high and her coat glimmering in the sun. I remove my self from the shadows from where only my strong brown eyes are visible. Scarlet follows behind with her ears pointed to the clouds. "it's real" faith howled, i entered a land with fire and let it out... the sun... glowed with the deep reds of a blaze. scarlet forced tinny blades of water down on our fur. My eyes filled with the fires in my soul, I had the skill to summon fire, Scarlet water and Faith air... but a shadow came up behind then ran when our eyes meet it... how did he find us?







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grade 5 (faith)

cold is all i feel, the pure rain that falls on my face reminds me of scarlet... the one we lost.

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