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Author's Note

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This story is currently being revised to become my original novel. 

 I am pleased to tell you that finally, I managed to start a MALEC fanfic. It is really my first time attempting a MALEC fanfic but I really hope you'll support me with this. And I hope I got to finish this! But before we officially start the whole story, let me clarify some things first so that you won't be confused as you go on with the story.

First: I own NOTHING. All credits was given to the ever great author Cassandra Clare. The only thing I owned from here is the plot itself.
Second: this story is RATED-M. This story contains themes not suitable for younger audience. It contains explicit sex, deals with drugs, homophobes, mafia, black market, terrorism, and m-preg. All of the sensitive content you ever thought of was here (I think so). So if you're underage or not comfortable with these themes and content, I recommend you to STOP reading this, or DON'T READ THIS AT ALL.
Third: This story is an Alternate Universe/All HUMAN. You can meet several terms that are associated with the Shadowhunter books but in my story, since it doesn't deal with fantasy, there will be a slight changes of the concept. And I will explain in detail how the Mafia and Clave works in this story.
The Downworld Empire Mafia. The Downworld Empire Mafia consists of four factions (subgroups). Namely the Warlock, Fair Folk, Vampires and Were factions. Each factions was named base on their characteristics/nature. The Fair Folk in which they operated in the black market and drug operations. The Vampire faction was divided into two cluster, the day lighters who attacked and operates in daylight and the night crawlers who invade at night. They were specialized in human trafficking. They loved having humans as their slaves in all aspects. They were the hardest to control as they craved for bloodlust that sometimes, it seems nothing could stop them. But thankfully, the Children of the moon is on the rescue. They were in the Werewolves faction as they were primarily the deadly warriors of the Downworld Empire Mafia. They were a bunch of men with muscular arms and legs and had taken a brutal training to protect the mafia. Though generally, all of them had undergone brutal training for the mafia, the weres just standout in martial arts.
And last but not probably the least, the Warlock faction. The deadliest and the leaders of them all. They possessed all of the natures the other factions had and they were mostly feared of the mafia. Mainly because of their demonic characteristics. They didn't like to be bossed around by just a random person and wouldn't hesitate at any time to kill or give in to their demonic side, even if it was their comrade or loved one. They fear no one. They could find you out even if you were hiding into the deepest pits of hell and surely, they wouldn't hesitate to make your life a living hell. These four factions formed one unified mafia.
The Downworld Empire Mafia is led by each representative of the Factions called the upper echelons. And the leader of the Mafia comes from the Warlock faction since they are the deadliest of all the faction. The title for the Mafia leader is Boss. While the lover (or lady model) of the Mafia was called Donna. There are also those people who have special titles especially from the Warlock faction. They are called the High Warlocks. In total, the Mafia consisted 10 upper echelons. Each faction have a headquarters around the world (or a territory in the Shadowhunter Terms). As of now their main headquarters and core operations was located in London. The Fair Folk's headquarter was called Pandemonium, while the Were's headquarter was called Praetor Lupus, the Vampire's headquarters called Magister and the Warlock's headquarter called Eden. Members from the other faction can crossed to the other headquarter. The Warlocks headquarter was considered the main headquarters and all members are bound to meet in the Warlock's headquarter for important occasions, mafia meetings, ceremony, etc.
The Clave, on the other hand is the law-enforcers of the world. They were like FBI, Interpol, NYPD, or anything you could associate with that. They were created to maintain the peace and harmony of the world and to imprison law breakers. They were established when the United Nations was formed, to prevent another World War from coming. Their headquarters was named Institutes. The Clave was led by a Consul and Inquisitors. Parabatai still exists, in this case, your parabatai will be your partner as you go on a crime case.
Fourth: As with updates, please don't bug me for updates on this one because I just wrote this for fun, and as of now I am concentrating on finishing my main stories (my own novels) but hopefully I get to finish it :) . Anyway I hope you enjoy reading!
Fifth: If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I shall entertain your questions as long as it isn't a spoiler J
I hope you enjoy this one you'll support me! Shall we begin?
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Prologue: Lit up The War

            Magnus stared at the vast Garden of Eden as his car was heading to the grand mansion. The Eden was the largest headquarter the Downworld Empire had in London. And this headquarter was owned by the Warlock faction, under the name of his late father, Amadeus. The Eden was located in the countryside of Wales, covered by vast mountains in Cadair Idris. This was where the core operation of the mafia, the Downworld Empire exists.

                The car stopped in front of the large gate and a butler approached them and opened the car.

                “Good evening High Warlock Bane. You’re quite late, the celebration had already started inside.” The green-eyed butler greeted him as he handed his coat to him. The butler was wearing a black suit and had a pair of wings engraved on his left, blue vest. The fair folk crest, he belonged to the faerie faction. Magnus smirked at him and suddenly grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him senseless. After a moment he drew himself back while the faerie was gasping for air and ended up whining. He knew that the faerie wanted more from him but he couldn’t afford that.

After all, the faerie faction may possessed the beauty of an angel and could take you into your own personal high but he knew they were cruel. They will used you until you lost your soul and humanity. To stop him from whining and clinging to him he rummaged into his pocket and got a single piece of item and slipped it to his mouth. He then grabbed the butler’s neck once again and kissed him. As their tongue was battling with dominance he slipped the pill that he swallowed earlier and handed it to his mouth. The butler caught the pill in his tongue and pulled back. The butler smirked and fixed his suit as they walked inside the hall.

                When they reached the end of the hall the butler opened the door and smirked to him once again.        “I certainly wanted to have some fun with you High Warlock Bane but this-“then he stuck out his tongue where the pill Magnus gave moments ago laid, the white pill was slowly dissolving against his saliva. “Is an irreplaceable item for us feys. May you enjoy the rest of the night, High Warlock Bane.” He then moved to the side and joined the other feys, with more drugs displayed in their table. Other feys were making out while handling them the drugs that kept them high and wonderful. He could also see another fey who was torturing an innocent boy to take in drugs and possibly, made him sold the drugs in the black market. Suddenly a pair of muscular arms hugged him from behind.

                “You wound me, Magnus. You’ve already started playing with the fey when you could have played with me in the first place.” As the man behind him purred into his ear and bite hard. Magnus couldn’t help the moan that escaped his lips at the warm welcome. He pushed him back and turned around to confront the man behind him.

                “You’re one to talk Woosley. I just had a little, hot kissing session with the fey and here you are, all covered in red and purple love bites. So I’m guessing you just had a rough fantastic night?”

                “Hell yes! But you know, it would be more fantastic-“Woosley then wrapped his arms in his waist and pulled him closed.  Their bulges touching each other in their close proximity. “If you did it with me. I miss you Magnus. I miss how you could make me scream and made my body on fire. How your cock would slide into me and take me over and over again.” To prove what he said he gripped Magnus’ ass tightly that made Magnus gasped in pleasure. He stared into him, his golden green eyes had disappeared, lust etched in his face. When Woosley noticed this and smirked as he shamelessly grinded his hips to him. Not caring if they were making out in front of the other factions.

                “Oh fuck! Don’t—don’t do that! I have some important business to do! We can have all the fun later baby.” Magnus said as he stole one last, breathtaking kiss with his little playmate. But it seems Woosley couldn’t hear a single thing as lust consumed him. When he felt that Woosley was going to force himself to him he slammed him into the wall that caught him off-guard. He shrieked in pain from the sudden impact and was choking when Magnus held his throat tightly.

                “I said STOP! Or I will kill you!” Magnus threatened as his eyes was widening because of the rage he was feeling. His nails was digging to his flesh mercilessly, Woosley’s face was deathly pale, and he could see drops of blood already seeping from his throat.

                “Mag- Magnus! I was just kidding around you know! I’m sorry!” Woosley pleaded as he struggled against him. After a while Magnus finally calmed down and released him. He immediately fell down to the floor as Woosley was recovering his breath.

                “I—I’m sorry Woosley but I wasn’t just really in the mood right now. I am so sorry baby.” Magnus said as he knelt down in front of him and tend his wounds with his handkerchief.

                “I’m sorry too Magnus. I know you weren’t in the mood because you’re worried of your sister.  But honestly I just miss you and somehow I wanted to help you loosen up. You had been tense ever since Tessa left for the peace negotiation.” Magnus flinched when he heard his sister’s name. Tessa was not his biological sister, but she and Magnus was adopted by Amadeus when they were young. He found them in an abandoned alley 10 years ago and decided to adopt them. Ever since they were impossibly closed with each other. Tessa was such a sweetheart to everybody. Even the whole mafia learned to love them that they decided to make her their Donna.

                “You know I couldn’t make myself to relax when she is surrounded in the Shadowhunter’s lair. “

                “Magnus, I know you’re worried. Heck, every one of us is worried. But I believed Will and Jem will protect her with all their might. Just one day. Tomorrow, everything will be all over. The peace between the Downworld Empire and the Clave will finally turn into reality. And that’s why we are celebrating right now, because when the Accords will be sought out, we wouldn’t enjoy all our glory anymore.” He said as he winked at him.

                “Yes. Just one day. Just one day.” Magnus said, much more to himself. He’d been trying to convince himself. Woosley’s right, Will and Jem would protect her. After all, those three were irrevocably in love with each other. The Downworld Empire was the largest and most influential mafia in the world, consists of four factions, mainly the Fair Folk in which they operated in the black market and drug operations. The Vampire faction was divided into two cluster, the day lighters who attacked and operates in daylight and the night crawlers who invade at night. They were specialized in human trafficking. They loved having humans as their slaves in all aspects. They were the hardest to control as they craved for bloodlust that sometimes, it seems nothing could stop them. But thankfully, the Children of the moon is on the rescue. They were in the Werewolves faction as they were primarily the deadly warriors of the Downworld Empire Mafia. They were a bunch of men with muscular arms and legs and had taken a brutal training to protect the mafia. Though generally, all of them had undergone brutal training for the mafia, the weres just standout in martial arts.

                And last but not probably the least, the Warlock faction. The deadliest and the leaders of them all. They possessed all of the natures the other factions had and they were mostly feared of the mafia. Mainly because of their demonic characteristics. They didn’t like to be bossed around by just a random person and wouldn’t hesitate at any time to kill or give in to their demonic side, even if it was their comrade or loved one. They fear no one. They could find you out even if you were hiding into the deepest pits of hell and surely, they wouldn’t hesitate to make your life a living hell. These four factions formed one unified mafia. While the mafia was in the pits of all its glory in controlling the world, unfortunately a group of stupid, patriotic people intruded and wanted to steal the glory from them.

                The Clave. A group of enforcers around the world that was formed to maintain peace and order of the world. When the United Nations was formed the Clave also merged. They were the peace and order body of the United Nations. They fought and interfered with heinous crimes, maintained peace and order and the human rights of people. And the Mafia disgusted them so much because they were playing the hero card. For them they were a bunch of hypocrite that prevented all the people from having a happy, material life.

                And that’s when the endless fraud between the Clave and the Mafia began. The Clave was on constant mission to annihilate them, but the Downworld Empire was just as powerful as the Clave. Until Tessa, Will and Jem came and convinced both sides to compromise and make peace. And fortunately, they were able to convince both sides. They knew this peace negotiation was an absurd thing to do but they could only hope that everything went well tomorrow.

                “Magnus?” His reverie was interrupted when he heard Woosley’s voice. He stared up at him and helped him stood up. Jordan Kyle, Woosley’s right hand approached him and helped him. Magnus stepped to the side to give way to Jordan.

                “Jordan, thank you for helping me. How was the faction?”

                “It was good Alpha. They were training the newly acquired men in the training room. Our warriors are coming to the London Institute to back up Tessa and protect her for tomorrow. In case something will happen.”

                “Good.” Just then Magnus decided to interfere in their conversation and asked.

                “Where’s Ragnor by the way? I haven’t seen him.” Jordan and Woosley smirked at his question and from the looks of it he already knew the answer.

                “He was busy being fucked up in the vampire’s den. Good luck! I bet Raphael will wrangled your neck if you interrupted them.” Magnus returned the smirk to them.

                “Oh, I plan on interrupting them. This will be an amusing show.” As he stepped up and hastily went to the staircase to go into the third floor. The third floor was housed by the vampires and it was the only floor that was covered in pitch black darkness.

By the time he reached the third floor there were more moans, screams of agony and pleasure had erupted throughout the floor but Magnus couldn’t find himself to care in their business. In some rooms he could see that the vampires were mercilessly sexing with their human, sex slaves. He could see purple bruise in their body and several cuts, and wounds while their body was dripping with blood but the vampires drank it hungrily, increasing their lustful appetite further. The vampires liked to engage in BDSM in all aspects as they craved for bloodlust.

 As he came on the last room he immediately opened the door without the consent of the people inside. And he was very delighted by the scene that welcomed him. Ragnor was in the bed, his hands and feet were mercilessly tied up in the bed, like a virgin sacrifice. While Raphael was on top of him thrusting roughly while holding a whip in his left hand. The sound of the banged door made them froze for a second and tilted their head in the intruder. Ragnor’s eyes had widened and attempted to cover himself while Raphael just growled dangerously at him.

“Magnus. How dare you to intrude when you knew we were extremely busy!” Raphael hissed as he raised his whip and attempted to hit Magnus. But Magnus was quick and evaded the whip before it landed to him and watched the two with amusement.

“I just wanted to chit chat with my best friend but I can see he is very busy. Anyway, Ragnor, this is such an amusing show. Who would’ve guess the Boss of the Downworld Empire Mafia was a bottom? And he would like to be ravished than be the one ravishing in bed?” He teased as Ragnor scowled at him.

“Shut up Magn- Aaaaaahhh!” Ragnor’s reply was cut off with a loud moan as Raphael suddenly thrust onto him, wild and deep.

“You shouldn’t speak another man’s name in our bed!” Raphael growled possessively as he bit hard on Ragnor’s neck. Causing another delightful moan from the latter. Magnus could see the blood seeping from his neck where Raphael had bitted him and that Raphael was licking at it deliciously. Magnus just watched the fantastic show in front of him with a smirk in his face.

“What do you want Magnus?” Raphael asked while he continued on pounding in his lover. Magnus raised his eyebrows as he replied wittedly.

“My, my, do you want me to have a conversation with Ragnor while you two were fucking?”

“Deal with it. You interrupted us. I would be damned if we stop right now to give room for your oh so mighty question Bane.” Raphael spat back at him.

“Well if you insists, better give me a damn straight answer Ragnor if you didn’t want me to witness the entire show. First off, are the traps ready?”

“Yes. The- the bombs and other explosive devices was on the venue already. If in any- ahh! In any case the negotiation will screw up we will burn the whole place. Woosley’s -- warriors was already on the move and is boarding in Praetor Lupus, but majority of them were residing in the Magister’s den. Though they couldn’t penetrate the Institute but we have control on the entire London. De Quincy and the Magister’s headquarters were on standby if anything came up.”

“And the fey?”

“The fey were gathering the black market to trade until tonight as much as they can. They’ve already controlled some powerful countries who were obsessed with drugs and blackmailed them to grant whatever wished they had in exchange for drugs. We’ve captured newly recruit children who can be a potential member for the mafia’s future generation.”

“So basically, almost all of our forces were on standby around London?”

“80% of it. The headquarters on New York was also monitoring our situation here in London. The other 20% was enforced in our headquarters in case our headquarters will be attacked. Don’t worry, we had full control over Tessa’s protection. We will not let the Donna be hurt for tomorrow’s occasion. “

“What about here in Eden?”

“Magnus, no one knows the main headquarter of the mafia except us, the upper echelons. The Shadowhunters wouldn’t expect a soul that in the peaceful, mountain countryside of Cadair Idris lays the core operation of the Downworld Empire. We’ve been using this ever since the mafia was founded.” Magnus sighed as he was satisfied with the explanation Ragnor given him. Ragnor was definitely the best Boss the mafia could have wanted. He normally wasn’t interested in the political affairs of the mafia, but then this was a different case since it involved his sister.

“Okay then. I only came here to personally know the details of the preparation. You can resume with whatever kinkiness you were doing.” As Magnus smirked at them once again.

“You aren’t going to celebrate?”

“I couldn’t celebrate when I am shit worried about Tessa there. I will, once tomorrow’s negotiation will be over.” Without waiting for their reply he slammed the door shut and rushed to the elevator. He was bothered and been damn worried ever since Tessa flew to London. He preferred to be trapped in his loft with Tessa’s things there than celebrating with them while worrying sick head for his beloved sister. He hurried to his car and ordered his driver to drive him back to his loft. As he went back to his loft he immediately went to his bed and lain in comfort as sleep lured him.

                Magnus was being woken with a loud banging at his door. He cursed as he got up and putted on some clothes. This better be a very important matter or else he would seriously kill the person who disturbed his beauty sleep. The banging got louder that made Magnus very furious as he rushed to go into the front door. As he opened it he quickly slammed the person in the wall with one hand and twisted his left shoulder painfully. The person shrieked in pain and agony, just then Magnus recognized who was the man. It was his driver.

                “You better have an acceptable explanation Mister. Or else I’ll kill you for disturbing me. You know very well how I hate someone intruding my beauty sleep.”

                “This is important High Warlock Bane! It’s an emergency! The top priority of all! Something happened!” Now he got Magnus’ attention and he quickly released his shoulder. Something happened. He had a bad feeling about it. His rage was slowly building up but he fought for control. He was never really good at controlling.

                “What is it? What happened to Tessa?”

                “With - - with Tessa, we still didn’t know. But the Eden was being bombarded by the Shadowhunters.” Magnus froze at what he said and his blood had ran cold. His friends, the upper echelon and the Boss was all there. Without much explanation he gripped him painfully and stared at him dangerously.

                “Lead me to them!” He yelled as he commanded his driver.

                “Yes Sir.” As he quickly went to his car while Magnus followed him. His heart was beating crazy right now. He couldn’t believe this bullshit was happening. It was the main headquarter of the mafia for fucks sake! Where the hell they got the information of their den? The traitor was going to pay for it! His driver broke the speed limit and in no time they were able to get back at Eden. Magnus quickly got out from the car and stared the horrible scene before him. The Grand Mansion that was covered with thick, vivid trees and grasses had now turned into ashes with a large crater on it. In the crater laid the thousand, burnt bodies of the Downworlders.

                His bloodlust rose up in unimaginable level and punched the ground as he knelt down. The blood was seeping from his hand but he couldn’t care less. He was beyond furious right now. His driver suddenly grabbed his shoulders, he was supposed to retaliate but his driver quickly said “The survivors were in the cave, High Warlock Bane. And there was one shadowhunter they managed to capture.” With this Magnus yanked his shoulders off of him and walked fast into the cave. They were going to pay! As they reached the inside of the cave he was greeted with very few survivors in lead of Raphael. Magnus caught their disheveled, horrible state. Blood soaked everywhere, with their own blood.

                “What happened? Where are the others Raphael?” As he interrogated him, his voice dangerously low.

                “We got a surprised attack from them. And many were killed Magnus. Including the other echelons.”

                “Who? Who died?!”

                “Woosley Scott from the Were faction and The Queen from the Faerie faction. John Shade from your faction And. . . Ragnor Fell.” Magnus’ eyes widened from what he said and before he could control himself he threw hard punches on Raphael’s face. The punch was so hard it broke his nose. The others were too shocked and afraid to do anything while Raphael knelt on the floor from the pain he received. Magnus got his gun and was supposed to pull the trigger but a hand stopped him. He turned to glare at the intruder and gritted his teeth.

                “Malcolm. Don’t you dare stop me or else!”

                “Or else what Magnus? You’ll kill me? Your own comrade? Your own brotherhood? Really, Magnus, calm down! Your outburst won’t do any good in the mafia! Like you, we were all frustrated, angry at what happened! We’ve lost half of our forces! Instead of killing our comrade let’s just kill our true enemy! There’s an imprisoned shadowhunter here! You’re very welcome to kill him!”

                “But he didn’t save Ragnor! My bestfriend! He didn’t save our Boss and most of all he didn’t save his lover!” Magnus spat back at him and throw deathly glare on Raphael. But his eyes softened when he saw that Raphael was truly hurting, and that tears were running down on his cheeks.

                “I’m—I’m sorry Raphael. I know you tried to save him with all your might. But I, I was just . . . really furious right now!”

                “That’s why we should stop blaming each other. We have a shadowhunter to interrogate and to kill.” Malcolm led the way with Magnus, Meliorn of the fey faction, Jordan with Raphael supporting in his shoulders behind him. They reached the dungeon where the shadowhunter was being chained with silver bane. A painful and very sharp weapon created by the Werewolf faction. This time he pulled the trigger and raised the gun in the shadowhunter’s face.

                “Where is Tessa?!” Magnus demanded as he dug the gun in his wound, causing the shadowhunter to shriek in pain. But after a minute he began laughing and spat Magnus’ face with his saliva.

                “Tessa? Oh? That filthy downworlder? She’s gone! We killed her! It was an awesome show actually! She was begging for our mercy not to kill her! But then we did it-“He was cut off with a noise of a gun firing and the next thing he knew, he shrieked in pain as his hips were wounded. More gunshots came to his body as it landed on his left and right shoulder, his legs, his stomach, and his feet. Magnus didn’t even blinked an eye as he shot bullets to the chained shadowhunter. But the shadowhunter just laughed hilariously at them.

                “You can’t really do anything right now you filthy downworlders! Accept it! You’re gone already! Your kind was annihilated! You lost! This world will never have a room for your kind, you filthy down-“Before he could utter another hateful words his eyes were shot by Magnus and his eyeball had burst and popped out.

                “Burn his body on fire.” Magnus commanded as his hands were shaking from absolute rage. The shadowhunters was going to pay for it! All of them!

                “Magnus? What do you want to do?” Malcolm asked as he handed him another gun.

                “Are the preparations made by Ragnor still on the go?”

                “Yes. Definitely. The Clave was going to pursue the worldwide broadcasts. They will announced that the Downworld Empire Mafia was . . . defeated.” Magnus gripped the gun tightly while shaking furiously.

                “Good. Signal De Quincy and the Praetor Lupus as well as our New York headquarters. We’re going on the plan. And. . . . “He then turned around to face the few survivors of the downworld massacre. Their faces only screamed one thing. Death.

                “Annihilate all the Shadowhunters in the London Institute. Kill all the members of the London Enclave. All of them. Send them into the pits of hell and don’t let anyone of them survived.”

I admit I am scared on posting this story.

Did you like it? Please do review. It will be highly appreciated.

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Chapter 1: The New York Conclave

Chapter 1


The New York Conclave


                3 years later.

The noise of gunshots was the only thing heard at the Silent City, a few meters from the New York Institute. Alec was wearing his white robes and were seated in the middle line together with Jace, Izzy, Clary and Simon. After the firing ceremony the Consul motioned for them to be seated as she stepped into the stage to give her opening speech.

“My fellow Shadowhunters, we are gathered here today to commemorate the tragedy that happened 3 years ago. 3 years ago, the London Enclave was brutally massacred by the Downworld Empire Mafia. It was such a catastrophic event for all of us. Half of our forces was killed including our former Consul, Josiah Wayland, Inquisitor Charlotte Fairchild, Valentine Morgenstern, Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood, Sophia Collins, Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs and among all other elite young Shadowhunters who was killed in the massacre and sacrificed their lives for the Clave. They were brutally murdered while it was being televised around the world. No one survived, it was indeed the most horrible thing that ever happened in the Shadowhunter History.”  Some of the fellow Shadowhunters burst out and cried at the mention of their beloved family or relative. While Alec and his pals were as stiff as a board as they fought hard not to cry and break in front of everyone.

They were very close to their seniors, they were practically like a big family together. Alec was still 15 while the others were 14 when the tragedy happened. They were still in their freshmen year in the Shadowhunter Academy when Will, Jem, Gideon and Sophie graduated and was assigned in the London Institute. At that time Alec was the eldest among the group so Will, Jem and Gideon bestowed him the responsibility to take care of their group. But then a year later, this awful news shattered them. It seemed everything had frozen and they couldn’t breathe. Jace, his parabatai was devastated when he heard that his brother was dead, leaving him totally alone. The Lightwoods and the Fairchilds also grieved for their loss. Just then, the Inquisitor, Robert Lightwood stepped forward and rendered his speech.

“But then as a Shadowhunter, we should not let their sacrifice be in vain. We must implement the law strictly and annihilate all the law-breakers. Especially those filthy downworlders who wanted to control and dominate the world. We must seek justice for the tragedy that happened. It is our sole mission to bring them down! We don’t want to have another London Massacre!”  The crowd replied with synchronized “Aye!” while Alec just flinched at the voice of his father. His father hated the Downworlders so much and had been an advocate on destroying them. The Clave continued on giving out their speeches in when they suddenly heard the loud voice of Aline Penhallow.

“Mother! This is an emergency!” Everyone titled their head around her. All of them, except Alec and his pals were staring at her irritably. Jia frowned at the inappropriate behavior of her daughter.

“Aline Penhallow. I acknowledged that you are my daughter but your actions are highly inappropriate. Give some respect to me as the Clave’s Consul. Your concern will be dealt with later.” Jia was supposed to continue her speech, as if Aline didn’t interrupted the program when she interrupted once again.

“You don’t understand! The L.A Institute was attacked!” This time Aline had gotten the attention of the whole Shadowhunters present. Everyone was stiff as a board and it seems breathing was very hard to do. Jia narrowed her eyes as she looked at her daughter dangerously.

“Aline, if this is a joke better take it back right now!” Her voice was lower than her usual that made everyone shivered. While Aline just ignored her reaction and scoffed at her.

“Huh! Do you think I would joke about this? I-“Suddenly she was interrupted when she heard another voice spoke behind her.

“Your daughter is right, Jia. The L.A Institute was attacked.” Everyone looked at the owner of the voice but all they could see was a man who was covered in white robes and had a hood in his head. Jia widened his eyes when she recognized the man and gave Robert a silent, knowing stare. Robert stared back at him and nod.  Jia coughed to get the attention of everyone and she succeeded.

“Council meeting is going to commence. Everyone, to the Council Room!”  Alec flinched when she heard the urgent announcement of the Consul. He never wanted to be in that room. He felt he was going to suffocate with the judgmental looks his other Shadowhunter gave on him. Sure, all his life he hid in the background, making them believed as if he never existed. But he never liked that he was being treated as if he didn’t exist not because he did it purposely. He hated how they degraded him because of his own preference. Especially if in the first place his father disowned him because of it.

But he knew he had no choice in the first place. As a Shadowhunter and an adult one it was his job to attend and participate in Council meetings. He noticed everyone except his group had started to go back at the institute. Fear and anxiety written all over their faces. He felt a tap in his shoulder and turned to meet Aline’s gaze on him.

“Alec, we need to go to the Council room now.” Alec groaned, annoyance written in his face.

“Do we really have to?” He whined while Aline smiled sadly at him.

“We need to, Alec. You know that. But don’t worry, I’m here.” She reached for his hand and gave it a squeezed to give him support. Alec sighed in defeat and inhaled deeply to calm his nerves.

“Fine. Clary and Simon” He called his two friends and they turned to him.

“Take care of my two idiot siblings.” Jace and Izzy groaned in annoyance and gave him a deadly glare that made Alec chuckled.

“You don’t have to hire someone to babysit us my dear brother, especially not our loved ones. I think it would be the exact opposite. I should be the one protecting these three, after all, I am the best Shadowhunter in our batch” Alec rolled his eyes at the cockiness of his adopted brother and parabatai.

“Whatever. Just take care guys. Let’s just meet at the second floor-”

“No way!” Izzy suddenly intercepted before he could give more instructions.

“Izzy, what?”

“We’re not going back to the Institute. Its holiday right now and we’re commemorating the anniversary! I don’t really care if there’s an emergency right now but we for sure is going to take this break! But, we need to prepare to our raid for tonight.”

“Tonight? What’s going on?” Izzy smirked at her that made him shivered. He really didn’t like this aura of his sister. It seems she had planned something evil against him.

“We’ll talk later brother, if you don’t want to be late at the meeting.”

“You guys better had a valid reason for not attending to the Institute today.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we will. And we will file a report explaining our plan for tonight and that we didn’t need to be at this horrible building all the time. We’ll just head into your apartment and we’ll meet there. “Izzy said as he stepped towards him and hug him tightly. Alec somehow felt her comfort with those pair of arms hugging him. After a minute Izzy stepped back as his group, especially Jace shared a knowing look at him. He nodded and forced himself to smile to reassure his friends.

“But Clary and Si, I was serious with what I said earlier.” Clary and Si gave him a gentle smile and both nodded to him. “Will do, Alec.”

“Let’s go?” Aline asked once again and this time, Alec went to the Council room with him.


As they arrived in the Council room Alec immediately felt the heavy tension in the air. In the front stage a big screen was set up and projected the Head of the San Diego Institute in deep conversation with the Inquisitor.

“How big the damaged being done in LA Institute?”

“It was a total disaster Inquisitor. The Institute was on fire, John Carstairs and her wife died from the attack. Plus the Blackthorn children were badly injured. And one Blackthorn boy was missing.” At the mention of the Blackthorns Alec felt the harsh squeezed on his hand done by Aline. He tilted his head to the side and saw that Aline with a tensed muscle, clenched jaw, and a gritted teeth. Alec couldn’t blame her. Her lover was part of the Blackthorn family and to know what happened with the family of her loved one must be painful. Even though Helen was technically safe, still she shared in her misery as he knew that Helen was in misery right now.

“And who is this young man missing?”

“It was Mark Blackthorn. We believed he was captured by the Downworld Empire.” Everyone gasped with pure rage as soon as those words left the Head Institute’s lips.

“Damn those Downworlders! They should really be killed!”

“They don’t have souls! The punishment must be delivered to them!”

“I hope they’ll die and rot in hell!” Several shadowhunters had started voicing out their frustrations and rage. Murmurs started to arise but then his father suddenly shouted at the room.

“Keep quiet everyone! The interrogation is on-going.” Just like that, everyone had gone quiet as they listened attentively to the information given by the San Diego Institute.

“How were the children? Did they already had the immediate medical attention already?”

“Yes Inquisitor. Our Shadowhunter medics already tended their wounds. At the mean time the survivors are staying here in San Diego Institute. And Inquisitor, during the attack, we have found some items that were very . . . disturbing.”

“What is it?” Before his father could question the Head Institute Consul Jia suddenly asked.

“Here.” Then the screen displayed several photographs. One was a picture of a pair of wings and a dungeon. The other one was two letters. An inverted B and W. Next to the two letters were D and C. The last one was a crumpled paper of the 4 C’s.

“I still didn’t know what the photographs meant but one thing I noticed was the letters. The W.D.C.”

“Washington D.C.” Robert immediately said as if he just solved the two photographs.

“Yes. Though we still don’t have strong evidence on it. But we simply cannot just ignore this. Not after what happened in the London Enclave years ago. Not after the L.A Institute was attacked in the same day the London Tragedy happened.”

“It seems the Washington is their next target.”

“Correct. We all know that United States is a powerful country the same as London. Now that the London Enclave was successfully annihilated by the Downworlders, the United Nations decided to transfer the Clave’s headquarters here in America.”

“But, why don’t they just target us here in New York? The main headquarter and the core operations of the Clave is here in New York. If they wanted annihilation of the Shadowhunters, they could just simply attacked here like they did before.” One of the senior shadowhunters stood and asked the Council.

“That is one good question. But then they do know that the security measures have tripled up there in New York since the tragedy happened. So if they planned to attack New York it won’t be that easy. Attacking Washington on the other hand, is the smartest thing to do. The Downworld Empire mafia loves terrorism. And the best way to scare the people would be to attack its main pillar.” Almost everyone in the room nodded in agreement at what the Head Institute explained.

“Though this is still a preliminary findings but we simply cannot ignore this Consul.” Robert turned and stared at the Consul.

“Indeed. We must protect the Washington and the White House. Especially that the LA attack is very near to the Washington.” The Consul turned towards the audience in the room once again and faced her Shadowhunters.

“Though I wanted every one of you to take a copy of the report, the photographs, all the other evidence gathered by the San Diego Institute. I wanted you to dig further on what are the evidence meant, and the intention of the Downworld Empire Mafia. And most of all, I am hoping this time we will know who are the new leaders of the notorious mafia.” Everyone had gone silent as the words of the Consul finally sunk into their minds. Alec had to admit, no one knows a soul who were the new leaders of the notorious mafia. It’s as if the whole mafia protected that secret wholeheartedly. And the killings and terrorism activities of the mafia right now was worse than the previous one.

“The other reason I wanted you to investigate and examine the evidence is because all of you, adult shadowhunters will be divided into groups and you will take turns in guarding the Washington. If any of you had findings and updates you will report it to the entire council so that the next who will be designated in the area is going to act accordingly.”

“Yes Consul!” All of them replied to the consul eagerly.

“At the end of the session you will be able to get a fax of the entire report. And I want you to have this as your top priority. The other cases you’re handling right now, make it your second priority. Your designation schedule will be posted in a few days. Are we clear?”

“Aye Consul!”

“Then, the meeting is adjourned. More details will be sent via fax and email so please be updated.”  The shadowhunters got dismissed and Aline hurriedly went to the side of her mother. Alec bet she was going to ask about the Blackthorns condition. Alec then walked towards the hallway when he heard someone.

“I just hope I won’t be in the same group as this faggy Shadowhunters!” Jonathan Morgenstern spat at him as he punched him hard in his shoulders. Alec flinched at the horrible pain from the punch but didn’t let it show to him. He just decided to step back and gave a way even though all he ever wanted was to punch the guy back. He just couldn’t as he remembered his father’s words the last time they talked, the day he was being disowned with his father, the day he came out to the world.

“You know I cannot accept your lifestyle son. You disgusted me, there is no Lightwood in the history who has that kind of sickness. Plus you’re my only son, you should continue our bloodline, not become a gay. But I wouldn’t take back the Lightwood name and you being as a Shadowhunter to you as it is your identity. However, I cannot see you as my son anymore, nor I am associated with your Shadowhunter activities, not if you will be healed. Until then, you are a lone Lightwood from now. And you will take your step out of this house and never come back once again, you may infect other people with that. And please, don’t make any move that could disgrace the Lightwood’s name once again.”

Those words coming from his father had shattered him. Even though the Lightwoods were incredibly rich and influential, but everyone knew what his father did to him. Most of them thought he deserved it, but the people closest to him especially his family was angry to their father. But as of the moment they couldn’t do anything because they weren’t still an adult. But then Jace and Izzy had become rebellious against their father with him being an Inquisitor, he rarely went home. And that meant that Izzy and Jace were still closed and connected to him despite what happened.

Alec didn’t inherit anything from the Lightwoods. In such a young age he started to live and make a living on his own. Thankfully, because of his natural talents he was able to earn substantial amount of money that would make him fall into a standard life. But despite of what happened he still did his best to be the best in all aspects. Even if he felt trapped and as if, it was not him anymore. He did everything in any way for his father to recognize him but to no avail. Unless, he would marry a girl, then maybe his father could accept him once again.

But the thought was sickening.

“Don’t be so cocky you faggy Shadowhunters just because your parents have the highest position in the Clave you could flaunt your dick and assess here! Oh wait, I remember your father disowned you! Well, who would want a son who’s a cocksucker?” Jonathan smirked as his pals continued on laughing to him. Alec’s rage rose as he fisted his palms and resisted the urge to just slammed him into the wall and break his face. But he knew he must not do that. If he ever involved in another shameful incident, his father would disgusted him more.

“Watch your mouth Jonathan, if you don’t want to get killed.” A voice said behind them and they turned around to find Aline staring dangerously to them.

“Huh, right another fag. Suit yourselves.” As he said and his group exited the room. Aline looked at her with concern and he only smiled and shrugged as if nothing affected him. Sometimes he was extremely jealous of Aline. If it’s the Shadowhunter society, he could deal with it, but sometimes he wished he had Jia as his mother where he would accept him wholeheartedly despite his own sexuality. He suddenly felt that horrible hole in his heart. His mother and supposed to be youngest brother died when his mom tried to give birth on their brother.

                After the whole ruckus in the Institute he went back to the apartment only to be greeted by Izzy suddenly grabbing his arm and taken him to the bedroom.

“Iz what the hell?”

“Oh hush brother! You were late! It’s nearly 9pm! We were bored and were just waiting for you!” At his Alec raised his eyebrow and stared at her questionably.

“Didn’t you say you were supposed to plan on the raid operation we will be doing tonight?” Izzy just grinned at him as reply.

“Yes and this is part of the plan. You should wear this clothes!” Alec stared horribly at the clothes Izzy prepared to him.

“The hell I am going to wear any of that! I won’t! This has nothing to do with the raid operation!”

“Actually, you are the sole key of the success of this operation brother! So quit whining and get your ass off! We’re going clubbing and well, yeah, commence our operation.” Jace suddenly came and said those words to him. He tilted his head and saw Jace was wearing a white shirt that hugged his muscles in an endearing way and his black skinny jeans emphasized his long legs. Alec couldn’t help but blush and before his parabatai would notice it he quickly turned his head away and grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom.

“Nicely done big brother! Don’t worry, we will explain to you how this operation will work and why you should make a sacrifice right now. We promise it will be worthwhile!” Izzy said with a knowing smirk that made Alec groaned.

“Great. They just made me as a pawn in this operation.” 


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