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I dunno what to make this chapter when it's not even a chapter

 The author Daisy Mae Petal Summer Maddison Tottman was born in 2010 and is seven while I writ this. She is very determined to do everything she needs to. It's good to have a kid like me seems as I'm a very nice kid. I'm also very smart in class and as a toddler in pre-school/nursery my teachers said I was the smartest kid in my class. I would normally write the most work in class literacy. I'm in year two when I writ this and is very bright. I'm not the only one in my class using Tablo seems as my three buddies Jamie-Leigh Howells,Tiffany Wyat-Nye and Ellie Swainston. I'm not sure what their middle names are but who cares,lets just get on to see more about me. Actually,this is the end of the book so bye! 👋🏻

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