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Romania's Rules

Once there was a girl called Phoebe who lived in a place called Romania. Romania was a dangerous place but there was a lot of fun fairs that would cheer Phoebe up. Phoebe was princess of Romania seems as Romania was a country,and phoebe couldn't wait to be queen! Queen of Romania was evil,she wanted to kill every Romanish (People who live and Romania and talk) person on land! Phoebe however was nice,she didn't agree with what her mother said,Phoebe wanted to save everyone if she could. One day Queen Esta (Phoebe's mother) decided to set the guards out to kill everyone they saw,they would hold guns and shoot everyone they saw in sight. Phoebe didn't know the guards went out or about her mother,she asked where the guards were when she got downstairs. Her mother replied "The guards have gone to kill everyone in this country". Phoebe was surprised as possible and started to feel brave. She started stomping out the door of the sooty castle and her mother was not impressed. "You won't be able to save everyone in the country" her mother snapped. Phoebe didn't reply and just stomped out the door. "I'm going" Phoebe said. "I have belief". Her mother was unhappy but Phoebe was already outside. She saw the guards and held them tight. The guards shook Phoebe onto the ground hard as possible but Phoebe didn't care. She went on with a fuss and went outside further. She started to sing and that gathered everyone nearby to her so that the guards wouldn't be able to get them. Read onto the next chapter to see what Phoebe did.

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Romania's Return

 Romania got better as the guards couldn't get anyone. Everyone in the city was now following Phoebe. Phoebe was proud and also you've just come to the end of the story. When Phoebe did this it was on 8th Mar so now you know when you celebrate. You celebrate by dressing up and a bit like Halloween,you go round other people's houses and give them treats. Now wait till Mar 8th so you can have some fun telling this story to whoever your going to in houses. The end.

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