4 Steps to Choose a Dissertation Topic


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4 Steps to Choose a Dissertation Topic

The first thing you do while writing a dissertation paper is choosing a topic. It is the most significant part of writing a dissertation paper. If you mess up at this stage, you disarray the whole paper. The frequent question student ask graduates is, "What was your dissertation topic?" Especially when they have pressure, and they have no idea what topic to choose. It is okay to consult, but copying from previous dissertation topics is the worst mistake. Are you looking for a dissertation topic? The following four steps will guide you on how to choose the best dissertation topic:

1)Read About Academic Writing

Any form of academic writing, especially dissertation papers, requires previous knowledge. Reading about academic writing gives you the insights to include, the structure, and the style to use.

Additionally, it will help you develop the confidence to tackle your paper. Before you start writing, read from previous academic writers to know how to structure, and what to include while crafting the topic. Academic writing is not easy. However, if you read about what other writers have done, you may have ideas to include in your paper.

2)Consult Academic Writers

Academic writing does not have to be a solitude exercise. Consulting professional writers not only make your professional but also ensure you meet the guidelines.

Whenever you feel stuck, even in the first stage of choosing a topic, professional writers are available to help you. Reach out for dissertations for students at EduBirdie. Apart from ensuring the paper is of quality, they will make it authentic.

3)Brainstorm Possible Topics

After reading and consulting, you must have developed a draft of possible topics for dissertation. Analyze them to identify which one suits your intent. Brainstorm based on the value you want to create to the readers. There is no limit to the number of topics you can develop at this stage. However, please do not make it too long. You may face problems while narrowing your focus.

4)Narrow Your Focus And Choose

You may have many possible topics, but not all of them will address what you intend to pass to your readers. Eliminate those that seem not to be of value. Do this by selecting a topic that few writers have researched, or one that has never been written on before. Additionally, you may talk to your supervisor and classmates to help you select the best topic.


The topic you choose for your dissertation paper is as crucial as writing it. You need to be meticulous right from reading the previous dissertation papers, consulting your friends and professionals, crafting the possible topics, to making the final decision.

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