5 Challenges Facing Public Education Today


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5 Challenges Facing Public Education Today

Education is a process that involves learning new skills and ideas. However, this process is faced with many challenges that hinder its progress. These education challenges hinder learners from benefiting fully. This article highlights some of the current issues in education, specifically the ones that hinder the progress of public education.

1)Unsupportive Environments

  Students always depend on support from teachers, tutors, lecturers, among others to facilitate their learning process. What they get from these facilitators is what enhances their learning and performance. Unfortunately, there is less support to these facilitators, which highly affect what learners get. Another challenge that affects learning in public education is the lack of community support. Rich parents will prefer to take their kids to private institutions hence prevent them from interacting with those learners from humble backgrounds.

2)The Burden of Assignments

Students in public schools have too much to learn, which sometimes becomes too overwhelming for one brain. Students have no time to focus on building their careers or focusing on other parts of life. They spend most of their time doing their assignments and reading and end up with no practical skills and social skills.

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3)Classroom Management

  How the classroom managed is among the most serious issues in education. In most public education sectors, the number of students mostly exceeds the classroom limit hence affecting the quality of education these students get. Teachers are not able to reach out to every student and those who are not so sharp end up with poor performance. Additionally, having a large number of students in a classroom makes classroom control a serious problem. To address this issue, school management should improve the size of the classroom into a recommended size, which suits students and their facilitators.

4)Burdened from Curricular Freedom

  This is a major concern and an issue that hinders public education success. This sector highlights guidelines about how lessons should always be taught without considering the interests of the facilitators. This poor planning affects the arrangement of subjects; it looks so hard for the teachers to follow them strictly hence affect the beneficiaries. Teachers find it very difficult to explore and do their work accordingly. This is one of the most serious issues in education today, which should be well implemented.

5)Chronic Absenteeism

  This means many students fail to attend normal lessons in classes. It hinders education since the facilitators get demoralized, and the student fails to perform well. Students ought to attend all lessons to be able to understand everything and apply in exams and daily life. Failure to attend classes leads to poor performance, which demoralizes some students forcing them to drop out of school.


 Public education is mostly independent of the state government to carry out its activities. The government provides all the infrastructure, facilities, and teacher salaries. Therefore, it is important for the government and the whole community to come together to address all the challenges in public schools. If this happens, not only the students will benefit, but the community as a whole.

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