5 Rules of Error-Free Speaking and Writing


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5 Rules of Error-Free Speaking and Writing 1

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Reading and writing go hand in hand. Therefore, college students must articulate their ideas in easy-to-understand sentences. However, generating top-dollar essays and speeches takes time. It also requires hard work, something most learners avoid.

However, they find salvation in content mills. The companies generate the best articles using speaking and writing guidelines at a fee. However, you can adhere to the following regulations to make the hassle enjoyable.

Brainstorm To Establish A Subject Line

Stick to the rules of speaking for you to remain relevant. Remember, the thought process unveils your most profound ideas. It also gives you a topic to discuss verbally or on paper without losing flow.

Research Widely

Excellent speakers and writers base their content on research. Therefore, you must dedicate a significant amount of time to reading. Also, please take advantage of online resources because they contain the most updated information today. Credible sites make the best options.  

Concentrate On The Report

Writing and talking require immense concentration. That said, you must segregate yourself from all destructions. Working in a peaceful environment creates the right set up for creativity. 

Besides, you complete the work fast. Above all, working quickly like Edu Birdie and under the above conditions makes you more productive. You only need to make a few corrections before submission. 

Refine The Article

Editing services can turn your work into gold. However, that does not mean you cannot proofread the assignment yourself. All you must do is use free grammar and plagiarism checkers to correct simple errors. 

More so, you can read the content aloud to see if everything makes sense. Last, you can turn to a friend to help you edit the piece. The same rule applies to speeches. A close ally will always help you in perfecting your articulation skills. 

Record Yourself As You Speak

A recording can help you correct verbal mistakes before making a presentation. It also enables you to introduce new ideas you might have left out during practice. Articles, anyhow, require a different approach altogether. You must abide by the rules of writing by printing the first draft for editing. Next, you need to rewrite the piece and edit it again. For the record, the third correction is always the best to submit. 


College students suffer through many challenges. They go through an “academic ball of fire” before graduating to the next stage. Apart from that, they must abide by the speech-making and editorial laws when presenting coursework. Compounding these factors makes the process messy. However, things can become better when you learn how to make oral and written presentations yourself. Remember, the experts use the above rules in writing. So, why not you!

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