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  1. Broken (1981)
  2. Europe (1982)
  3. Bibles and backhanders
  4. Crossroads
  5. Head First
  6. Diving In
  7. Midnight at the Oasis
  8. Restless
  9. The end of a beginning
  10. Crushed
  11. Crossroads
  12. Turning point
  13. Choices
  14. In too deep
  15. Rescue
  16. Trying again
  17. From the ashes
  18. Starting over
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What people have said about "Pursued"

This is an inspiring story of a life lived to the full, on the edge and all around the world. Yet Dani was never sure of herself or satisfied with her experiences.

Dani’s courage, determination and singleness of mind knew no bounds. However it only led her from one painful experience to the next, often in beautiful surroundings but filled with inner turmoil. Her experiences will take your breath away.

"Then she was led to the answers she’d always been looking for. Miracles were needed and delivered. Dani now knows how to trust the One who has always pursued and loved her. This is a truly remarkable read."

Peter McHugh, Senior Minister, Stairway Church, Vermont, Victoria

The adventures of Dani Cherrie take us from a Melbourne seaside suburb, through Europe, to the Sinai Peninsula, where she falls in love with a Bedouin man. This, however, is not a simple travel journal. The narrative is intensely personal. We travel with Dani through her bouts of injury and rehabilitation, determination, self-doubt and restlessness.

"Written with honesty and insight, Pursued is a rich personal journey about the search for identity, meaning, and ultimately, faith."

Michele Gierck, Journalist, Author, 700 Days in El Salvador

“Dani is the real deal!” You will love this book as it journeys through pain and passion to reveal promise and purpose. You will be caught up from the start as you journey with this amazing woman through an unusual and intriguing story. You will be captivated by her candid talk of faith and persistence. So get into your favourite spot and prepare to be moved.

Christie Buckingham, T.V. Host - Christie B Show
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Dani Cherrie is a woman of vision and adventure. She is a risk taker, initiator, and entrepreneur. Where others have boundaries of fear and reservation, she doesn’t have a conservative bone in her body. She can believe in anything and it is inspiring to watch her in action. It doesn’t matter whether she is dealing with where to live, what to do, or how to earn an income, she trusts God for the impossible – or what is seemingly not attainable.
Her beginning was difficult and there are challenges that still linger in her thinking. But Dani is a fighter, an overcomer and a conqueror of insurmountable odds. As a girlfriend, it has been an absolute joy to travel the journey of life with her. We met at that precarious age of mid-twenties when one is trying to work out the meaning of life and our place in it. It was almost simultaneously that we realized that God was real and personal. We often cried together as we spoke of His goodness in our lives. We were overwhelmed with a love that seemed to count none of our past mistakes against us; a love that constantly provides mercy when truly we deserve punishment. God has shown Himself so big in Dani’s life because she chose to say, ‘Yes, God, whatever you want’.
The writing of this book has been monumental. Some would say a miracle. I have always known that Dani’s story needed to be told because God’s fingerprints are all over her life. We know it is difficult to go back and gather up all the threads of the past and put them into a legible form. I think Belinda, her co-writer, has been a miracle worker here.

I hope you love this story as much as I do. I pray that it encourages you to the core of your being, reassuring you that God is with you and for you and for you if you invite Him to be. Dani is a trophy of His grace and goodness. He took a girl from a very difficult background and turned her into a voice of encouragement for those who are broken or struggling. Her transparency brings freedom for others. Dani opens a door to each of her readers to say, ‘Come with me into the place of truth.’ She tells it like it really is. When you meet Dani, you meet God at work in the most practical of ways. She’ll love you, tell you the truth and lead you to a better future, because she leads you to Jesus and not her own wisdom. She is not selfish, but generous to a tee; sometimes to her own detriment, but never to the reputation of God. She’ll be embarrassed about every word I’ve written because she doesn’t like the focus on herself. It’s always been about others for Dani. She’s a woman on a mission, even when she thinks she’s going nowhere. Dani doubts herself, but never doubts God. She likes to play a supporting role, but not the main lead. In writing this book she has moved beyond her comfort zone and let someone else decide that her story is worthy of being told. I know her story has to be told because of the hope it will bring and the courage it will stir in you. Move on – that’s the cry of Dani’s heart. Go forward, believe in the future, and don’t look back. In fact, run – with all that’s within you. God will be running with you.

See you on the track!

Lisa McInnes-Smith
Professional Speaker and Best Selling Author.

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Author's Preface

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Chapter 1 Broken (1981)

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Chapter 2 Europe (1982)

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Chapter 3 Bibles and backhanders

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Chapter 4 Crossroads

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