Quick and Easy Ways to Get Motivated to Do Homework


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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Motivated to Do Homework

One of the hardest parts of your homework is to actually start it. The attempts to get inspired or simply get into the right mood may take hours. To avoid the worst time thieves and get motivated to do homework right now, consider the following proven methods.


Think of Something Even Worse than Homework


What if you could stop looking for excuses not to do homework, and use homework as an excuse for not doing something else? For example, do you hate cleaning your room? Then, make your homework an excuse for not tidying your room right now.


Divide It into Smaller Parts


If the task seems too complicated, simply divide it into smaller chunks. Then start doing them one by one. Avoid making undeserved and inappropriate breaks. Whenever it’s possible, keep doing your homework until you’re done.


Make a Plan of Work and Rewards


One more way to get motivated to do homework is to bribe yourself. Think of something you would enjoy after your homework is done. It can be watching the next part of your favorite series. Or, eating an ice-cream.Or, going out tonight. The main criterion is that you need to really desire the reward.


Imagine the Worst Consequences


If everything else fails, fear yourself. Imagine the worst consequences ever. What will happen if you don’t do this task? Exaggerate it as much as possible. Imagine not simply receiving a bad grade, but also failing a course, dropping out from college and working as an employee at a cleaning company. Then imagine your college crush entering aWC and running into you as you have just finished the cleaning… So, do you still need some more motivation to do homework?


Focus on the Benefits


Going into another extreme, imagine how extremely important and helpful this task can be. Imagine yourself receiving a salary raise only because you did this task.

Think about the fact that someone pays for custom assignment services, but you can do your homework yourself and save.

How do you usually get inspired and motivated to do your homework? Would you share your personal secret with us?

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