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Amorosi Sussurri

Amorosi Sussurri Sinossi Opera d'autore"Domenico Maiello". Intenta a narrare il sentimento che è alla base dell'esistenza. L'amore. Credo che Dio ci abbia disegnati insieme. L'opera è di contenuto poetico...tratta la presenza di un ben definito genere di poesie,ovvero di contenuto amoroso..che danno libero sfogo al poeta...circa...


Roman, Violet and Pierre are in a relationship. Complicated is an understatement as they seek the help of a counselor regarding their unusual romantic set-up.


Some memories can bring people peace and make them feel more at home. Happiness may come from those memories, or remembrance of a loss. Everyone is different. We learn many things may come from life.

The Death Manuscripts

The Suicide Survivor's Group - or SSG for short - meets up every other Friday afternoon to talk about recovery and how to become functional members of society once again. However, Dr. Dean Connelly, head doctor at the Ponderosa Institute for Mental Illness, has the SSG at the institution for reasons they don't quite understand. Meet...

Music for New People

Life gets weirder beginning with the summer you are 15. You start to see a sad beauty at odd moments. You begin to hope you might really fall in love. Your cousin shows up as someone else entirely. Your older brother becomes confusing because sometimes he's actually not a jerk. Your parents may be having trouble with their marriage....

Call of Eden

The reincarnation of Adam searches for his love Eve, who does not know who he is, or who she is. Claire Baxter is the reincarnation of Eve, protected by Celestial Guardians. During her last weeks of summer vacation, she is having visions of a strange boy who calls her Eve and whispers to her to remember who she is. A new world is about...


Marnie is 14. She thrives on Tumblr and procrastinates like a boss. Life is cozy and normal till Marnie meets high school. Enter the idiots, honors classes, and the journey of finding her own identity.


Adam is a seventeen year old boy nothing unusual about that. Except the world he lives in lost its men, first by accident, and then deliberately. He is the most valuable commodity on the planet, at least his sperm is. So when he escapes from the home he lives in the company that owns him wants him back...,badly, and they will use any...

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Revolution and hardship have come to Albion, plunging the already suffering nation further into turmoil. Despite his best efforts, the rebellion has taken a toll on Logan, tyrant king of Albion, and the discovery of his younger sister’s involvement with the rebels has only furtherly salted the wound. In an effort to both save his...


None of them were ready for death. None of them had been able to let go of the past. Then the Domes failed and their last memory is of life threatening injury. Samantha Dupres and several others wake up in Empyrean, a deadly maze prompting them to relive painful memories and analyze their loses. Holograms of their dead parents are...

Descendant of Aphrodite

Carina has lived behind the walls of Morus Academy, being protected by the teachers and the school itself because of her ancestry. Being a Descendant of the Greek Gods has put Carina and her friends in grave danger in the outside world. However, the darkness that once dwells behind the walls of the Academy soon enter the golden halls...


Wander hasn't seen a normal person in months. She hasn't seen a good person in years. She doesn't know much about the old world. What she does know is that there are four kinds of infected: Screamers, Sobbers, Fighters and Smilers. She knows that, somewhere, there's a town called Sanctuary, and her journey there will push her to her...

Twenty Day Stalker

COMPLETE. Chris has tewnty days to stalk the love of his life before he leaves for good. Dr. Eric Marshall is trying to get through the last twenty days of his internetship without colliding with the head surgeon. Chris's small but anonymous gesture to help get Dr. Marshall through his last twenty days at the clinic might just be what...


COMPLETE. June is transgender. But that is the least of her problems. June is also a Special. She has the power over water, not that she would ever consider using it. Her parents taught her to suppress her power from an early age, and that was exactly what she did, her whole nineteen years. June moves to the city, gets a job and saves...


This is a story of bad dates, bad romances, and the horrible condition of P.A.L.S. (Pick A Loser Syndrome). Told by two victims of this horrible disease: Naomi and Michael, this story will show some of the funniest...and creepiest...experiences on their paths to meeting each other.