Forest Fantasy


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Long Lost Prophecy

 Irene is one of the prettiest girl in Anaria village.One night she dreamt that she and her father met once more "Father? that really you?"Irene asked but no one answered

She woke up with a start 

It was 8:00 in the morning

She rushed to the bathroom 

To look at her reflection 

Her short brown wavy hair,frizzy, her fair skin,dull and grey,her startlingly brown eyes big with bags. "It's okay I'm still an explorer"she muttered


Perry is Irene's best friend 

She lived with her mother,Lynn,who have long black hair, fair snowy skin,and luscious red lips,and big blue eyes.Perry had inherited her mother's looks except for her eyes her eyes are deep forest green which made boys to look at her all day


"Queen Emerald we need to go 

We need to save Perry!"Lulu said,holding a bundle of blankets inside is a baby named Perry...

"Elements are in danger

 the chosen one's power lingers

One will cause war and crisis

While the other causes peace

The kingdoms fate relies 

To either of them....."

Lynn woke up her forehead beaded with sweat "I'm sorry Perry for not telling you....." she said as she stroked her daughter's sleeping head

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