Hesper’s Wizard


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Proud Nyber (Poem one.)

A young wizard Nyber Khan
Looks down from his lofty perch
With loving self-protection 
Upon an old forest of pine and birch.

On scarred battlements of black stone and light
Each night he’s darkly stood
Wearing purple robes of ancient powers
And a gold embroidered hood.

He wears a Runic Bow of strong magic made
Mystic seeking arrows too
His dark blue sword of fine Elven steel
Shimmers straight and true.

A confusion spell of memory loss
He casts with great intent
The old forest will remain inviolate
On this his fierce will is bent.

He calls his new dragon “Hesper”
She’s a tiny dragon too
Barely as large as an eagle
Her diamond scales shine a deep sky blue.

“Patrol” Nyber smiles without a sound
Thus true dragon-link gets done
Now bold Nyber Khan and Hesper
Linked together see as one.

With the emerald Dragonsight of Hesper 
Fierce Nyber surveys the land
Over swaying fields of poppies blood red
And a deep blue lake ringed in silver sand.

Over mossy, ancient fir trees
Whose gnarled roots house gentle Gnomes
Over a magic singing stream
Where fair Water Fairies keep secret homes.

All is well in the emerald forest land
Watchful Nyber’s eyes shine glee
For no human has crossed the boundary land
As far as young, proud Nyber can see.

Nyber’s griffin is named Calibus
His thick fur is black-flecked gold
Nyber summons forth his brave griffin
And mounts the saddle proud and bold.

On griffin-back he starts the hunt
And climbs high a burgundy sky
For at twilight time he soars dusky clouds
As Calibus sings his war cry.

“It’s hunting time” he smiles within
And Hesper further extends the link
Fierce Dragonsight engulfs his mind
Faster than a brave wizard can blink.

Calibus flies like a gale on a moonlit sea
The blue dragon is faster than light
For they see humans approach the boundary lands
And young Nyber likes to fight.

Yet there is no fight tonight for Nyber
Wild Hesper takes all the blame
As three sloppy, wasteful, loggers
Lie engulfed within royal blue flame.

On enchanted elven steel tonight 
No greedy human blood will run
So towards castle keep they wheel as one
And they race the setting sun.

Seven stout Bugbears stand tensely waiting
When fierce Calibus finally claws black stone
They’ve all heard the young wizard hunting
They’re all relieved he’s come back home.

He chose to fly without bodyguards again
Chose to hunt wild from a blood red sky
They take him to task for this careless sin
And remind him that even wizards can die.

These seven are Nyber’s brave generals
Commanding all of his bold goblin troops
For blue armored goblins patrol these protected lands
Weaving tight, concentric, swift loops.

For nighttime is not the lightime
And all around fierce goblins abound
Eagerly hoping greedy humans
Will trespass dark forested ground.

There will be no logging nor any mining
No polluting lakes or damming rivers too
Diversity will seek its wondrous way
Protected by warriors in armor blue.

The sun will rise, the sun will set
An alabaster moon will fly its course
Invaders by dark ones are cruelly met
For a pure forest is true magic’s source.

So if you ever go out on a walk about
To explore a distant land
Stay far away from wide fields of poppies blood red
Near a turquoise lake ringed in silver sand.

And if you ever come upon a gargoyled castle
Carved of ancient obsidian stone
You had better just spin yourself right quick around
And run yourself right home.

For Nyber secretly fears all humans
As does Hesper and brave Calibus too
It’s not really because they’re human
It’s because of things they’ve seen humans do.

Humans show no respect for ancient trees
Rare flowers, ferns, nor ancient rock
They dam up all free rivers
Ancient fairy streams they block.

They try to chop down every tree
And dig up all the land
They crave every fish in every lake
And they soil the ocean’s sand.

They turn ancient forests into tree farms
Their nets choke the rivers life
They are the sworn enemies of diversity
Human greed is the source of strife.

When humans are done the land is always
Unlike it ever was before
A lifeless land devoid of trees
No safe home for bear nor boar.

No more ancient songs will flow from a fairy stream
No bright fish swim a deep blue lake
It’s just the way they are these human kind
They’ve only learned to grasp and take.

For humans are just a fledgling race
Not as ancient as dwarves and elves
Not yet wise enough to consider others
As important as themselves.

Nyber knows well enough the ways of old
He knows some Dragonspeak
One day the humans will all grow up
And the old ways they will seek.

They will hear the ancient music from the planets
And singing from all the stars
They’ll feel the sacred energy from their Mother Earth
And learn the old tales of Mars.

They’ll hear the tones within the tones
Of fiery sunset, sand, and sea
They will learn the old ways of water and fire
And know sacred life dwells in every tree.

They will love walking much more softly
Thus not disturbing gentle Gnomes
They will better learn to build their houses
And not wreck forest homes.

They will learn to see the Dragons
Speak to Bugbears, Dwarves, and Elves
They’ll ride swift and free on wild griffin back
And really enjoy themselves.

Then all ancient forests will be finally free
And never need to be patrolled
Then new time will turn full circle
And cycle back to a time of old.

But for now the young wizard, Nyber Khan
Looks down from his lofty perch
With loving self-protection
On an ancient forest of pine and birch.

Upon ebon battlements of stone and light
Alone he darkly stands
Wearing robes of much older powers
He surveys his armored bands.

His dark blue sword of elven steel
Shimmers straight and true
A Runic Bow spans his broad, strong back
A quiver of seeking arrows too.

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Hesper The Elven Princess. (Poem two.)

Hesper is a wild turquoise dragon
She loves to soar the deep blue sky
And Nyber Khan the brash young wizard
Just loves to watch her fly.

She has diamond scales beyond royal blue
She sprays a wicked blue-white flame
Hesper has taught Nyber some dragon-speak
So Nyber can speak her true name.

She is as fast as light and dragon links
With bold Nyber while in flight
Barely larger than a giant eagle
She’s full scale in any fight.

Her almond eyes are the deepest scarlet
Her pupils catlike and forest green
Her Dragonsight penetrates any darkness
And thus sees things almost never seen.

She dearly loves to tease wild griffins
As she dive-bombs the goblin troops
Nyber’s Troops who patrol the land
In swift, concentric, tough loops.

It’s all just good, clean, dragon sport
Her team is never close to being harmed
The wild griffins and generals ignore her
But the goblins get a little alarmed.

Nyber smiles and Hesper just knows 
Thus perfect dragon link gets done
Earthbound Nyber gets quite a ride
As sweet Hesper has her fun.

For he then sees all a dragon sees
As wild Hesper soars the sky
In colors he’s never seen before
As forest and field fly by.

Hesper loves to link up at night
And this causes Nyber glee
For the dark time has its colors
Only fierce Dragonsight can see.

This brave wizard has learned much
But not quite enough just yet
For he’s young and Elven foolish still
To think wild Hesper is just a pet.

Hesper has some secret plans for him
A quiet hope he doesn’t yet know
His education is not quite finished
There are some new places he must go.

He must invade a dark oak wood
And therein seize a forbidden prize
There is a cruel wizard war before him now
Of twisted magic, fire, and lies.

For sweet Hesper is an elven princess
Cursed now to be a dragon is she.
Yet Nyber’s true heart can save her
If only the truth he will see.

For centuries she’s been cursed like this
Cursed of form and face.
Torn from her castle of rare purple stone
Her soft bed of saffron lace.

How Hesper had cried out to her people
Tried so hard to say just who she really was,
Yet elves do not speak as dragons speak
And evil is as evil does.

Her dear father knew her not,
Her loving mother was deceived just the same.
They could only see a strange dragon fierce
With turquoise scales and a royal blue flame.

The Elven kingdom turned upon her,
With cruel arrows, sword, and spear
Unknowingly attacking,
Their own Elven princess dear.

The dark, twisted one who did this,
Leered down from a craggy peak.
Sending forth his winged minions,
A rare blue dragon he now would seek.

A black dragon covets this fine Elven girl,
Of rare form and face so fair.
An ancient one, of great magic and force,
Will’s princess Hesper to grace his lair.


The wicked changeling spell he sent forth,
Was most powerful and true.
It shaped shifted a sweet princess into a dragon,
With pretty scales of turquoise blue.

Yet a changeling spell can only work,
With what a person carries within.
He had not counted on her silver soul,
Nor a fine heart that held no sin.

He could never have known her new made form,
Would fly as swift as light.
He had no idea that her pure, strong heart,
Would never give up the fight.

On that cruel day Hesper lost her parents.
Her castle, lands, and people too.
How she has missed her rare purple castle,
And her soft bed of saffron hue.

She lost her world and all she loved,
On a cruel spring day long ago.
These are the secret things brave Nyber must hear,
Of the black dragon, brave Nyber must know.

For this brutal dragon’s name is Bracken,
His cruel minions are many and bold.
He stalks sweet Hesper every night,
With dark magick from a time of old.

Yet Hesper has found some safety,
Within Nyber’s protected, forested, glen.
She hopes this young wizard will be strong,
When great Bracken finds her again.

Young Nyber is an Elven prince,
Yet the ancient wizard way he’s sought.
Now far from his unbending people,
Many new lessons he’s been taught.

And Hesper can see Nyber’s heart,
As all pure of heart can do.
Nyber’s true heart is a heart of burnt gold,
And her heart is untamed sky blue.

She could not help but fall in love,
With one so warm and kind.
She hopes he will return her love,
When he completely knows her mind.

Yet love or not, she will run no more,
The time has come to stand and fight.
She has made some friends and allies strong,
She will face great Bracken’s might.

She must win back her form, so she can be,
The fair princess she was born to be.
She must somehow defeat great Bracken,
And find a secret, guarded, oak tree.

Around which there is a silver cord,
And a wondrous silver jar.
From this trap she must free her true form,
If her brave wizard can fight that far.

Once the magick jar is cracked the wicked spell will be,
Not as it was before,
A blue dragon will fade, a princess will glow.
Just as young as she was, once more.

But for now a young wizard, Nyber Khan,
Looks out from a lonely perch,
As dappled sunlight glistens turquois scales,
Over an ancient forest of pine and birch.

He ponders a swift blue dragon,
Untamed, wild, and free.
He wonders aloud just how strange it is,
That a turquoise dragon had come to be.

He marvels at the old Elvish she speaks to him,
She seems to love his castle of ebon stone.
She teases and flirts with him every day,
He feels happy and no longer alone.

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Great Bracken. (Poem Three.)

His diamond scales gleam like an obsidian night,
His cruel eyes cast a blood red glow.
Volcanic flame and heat, white hot, blood red,
From his ebon fanged mouth he can blow.

He flies on six wings of bat leather black,
Gliding silent on the night time air.
He does as he wills, and then returns,
To his secret, underground lair.

Starlight is more light than Bracken needs,
He dearly loves to hunt in the dark.
He stalks patiently sweet Hesper, following all leads,
Where he’s been, he’s left a cruel mark.

Commanding his army of goblins and orcs,
On armored griffin they bravely fly.
Following an ancient river, twisting where it forks,
Stalking silent a blood red sky.

Curved swords all forged of mystic dragon steel,
Shimmering a wicked, deep purple hue.
Black spears and nets enchanted with spells,
Seeking sweet Hesper, pure and true.

A dark, dread force, cloaked in a black velvet night,
Ebon scales and obsidian armor reflect amber moonlight,
Mighty wings pump air, keeping straight on course,
Excitement becomes bloodlust within Bracken’s cruel force.

They stalk an old river with a faint elvish glow,
Bracken’s cold magick inside he lets gather and grow,
Flowing and growing to a place he’s not been before,
Summoning a true vision of a place new in lore.

A place with wide fields of poppies bright red,
A deep blue lake kissing silvery sand.
A secret place patrolled by a bold wizards force,
A wondrous, protected land.

A pure and magic forest scented with pine and birch,
Maiden fern, red clover, granite rock.
On its fair border a powerful confusion spell,
Very few could ever hope to unlock.

The spell is an easy task for great Bracken,
For an earthbound mind Bracken’s not.
A young, foolish wizard will soon rue the day,
That he ever tangled with Brackens dark lot.

For dark magick is Brackens pure majesty,
It took many hard years for him to know,
How to cast mighty spells, wield cold force,
In unstoppable ways, just so.

He smiles wide as sweet Hesper casts an innocent link,
Now close enough he learns the score.
He knows all her hopes and her innocent dreams,
About a young wizard, unknown before.

Hesper has not yet grown the power,
To sense her playful link was caught.
To understand cruel Bracken knows of everything,
She and her young wizard have thought.

Yet one thing remains outside his link,
Made from the darkest obsidian stone,
The young wizards castle, of ancient stone and light,
To great Bracken remains unknown.

This old castle was not built by Nyber,
The ancient powers built it long ago.
Within its impenetrable obsidian walls
Psychic links have no power to go.

Now Bracken smiles in darkened glee,
He’s found the new place she chose to flee.
He’ll invade the young wizards forest land,
And lay it waste with his nightmare band.

For no mere wizard can hope to stay the course,
Of mighty Bracken and his battle tough goblin force.
He will find this young wizard, hunt him down,
Grind him, break him, to the cold hard ground.

He will burn the forest, boil the blue lake,
Crush all those pretty poppies red.
He’ll enjoy torturing the young wizards generals,
Those weak blue armored troops he’ll shred.

But now a golden dawn approaches,
Bathing the earth in magenta soft light.
Bracken has learned the hard way over time,
To never squander or waste his dark might.

So he will sleep and avoid the day,
Awaiting patiently the darkness of night,
When once again safely cloaked in shadow
He will take up his silent and ruthless flight.

He’s found sweet Hesper and he now knows the way,
He sleeps happy at dawn, and grins as he lay
In an emerald green cave, under a gnarled oak tree,
His dream time is now filled with how he hopes things will be.

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Calibus the Brave Griffin. (Poem four.)

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Flavious Pontificus Calendula, The Keeper of all sacred words. (Poem five.)

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General Crokus, Reconnaissance in Force. (Poem Six.)

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Bracken’s Retreat, (Poem Seven.)

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The Arrival of Flavious. (Poem Eight.)

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The Rescue of Calibus. (Poem Nine.)

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The Transformation of Hesper, (Poem 10.) 

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The Psychopathology of Dr. Wellspring.

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The Sabbat of Semiramis.

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The Cost of One Poet.

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When Gabriel Shed Tears for Mary.

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The First Cleansing.

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The Angelic Alphabet Book.

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Born Again.

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With Enough Shovels.

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Sea Witches

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Woman Clothed in Light

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Ancient Truth

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Kingdom of The Air

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Linda Kay’s Boy

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Grundel the Cannibal

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Wicked Girlfriend

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