In the city of Blackwell a crime lord known only as Mr. Wolf is taking over. Skylar Whitaker, a resident of Blackwell, meets a sharp dressed man and falls head over heels. Unbeknownst to him Mr. Wolf and the man he's fallen for are one in the same. Mr. Wolf hides an even greater secret, one spanning centuries and another life.


For the past 20 years Jason Keller thought the horned woman he'd befriended in the woods at his family's summer cabin was just an imaginary friend. He was wrong. (Heavily influenced by Kerli's Feral Hearts)

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Necromancer's Curse

Necromancy is a cursed art of a cursed art. The blackest category under the already forbidden practice of magic. Necromancers seek out the weak and kill the innocent to help put a bloodlust backed by a demonic pact to sleep. The only way to catch one before they destroy everything you've ever loved and known is to pray they have an...