Rays Of Hope ( LGBT) mpreg


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Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestions. What happens when no one knows what is imagined and what is real anymore. Follow Aubrey's marriage and life to see what is real and what is not

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 The dark clouds loomed over my head as it gave its signal that the storm was about to start, I walked faster away from the café I worked in. The breeze blew through my curls and I could already feel the rain drops falling on my shoulder, I use to love the rain but right now I wasn’t in the mood to play in the rain. Finally I had gotten to my apartment building it wasn’t a very good building but it could hold its own against the storm I walked pass the elevator that had the sing ‘out of order’ written by a red paint on the door what do you expect from a cheap place. Opening the door to my one room apartment I removed my thin jacket and hung it on my room door for it to dry before moving to my one person kitchen which was so small and tight to boil a little water and make myself a lemon tea , things was not always like this but I had my reasons. I was ones a happy child I loved music I was as polite to everyone who I approached or who approached me but things changed a year ago when I found out my parents had signed of an agreement for an arranged marriage to a very rich man in the state of new york, of course I wasn’t happy I didn’t want it. I was only nineteen and was working at a café since my parents couldn’t send me to college since we were poor according to them. At first I had thought I was to a girl but how wrong was I, I cried begging my parents not to this to me but then they revealed that it was out of their hands since they couldn’t pay back the money they were owing and guess how much, it was ten fucking million yes! When I asked what they had used it for they say ‘oh dear boy it was used for the upbringing of your younger and older sibling’ which means I wasn’t included that explains why my younger sister is in college without a scholarship. I was greatly hurt but what can I do, nothing yes I could do nothing. My mother played the guilt card on me causing me to accept the damn marriage proposal, when we got married he refused to stay in the same room as I and he cooked his own food claiming that I might poison him. This things kept happening for about eight months and then I began to question why he hated being close to me at all it was then it struck me that he had no idea about the arrangement till the wedding day, shocker I know.

Things changed when he came home drunk of his ass one night as he staggered into my room he started saying how his parents were crazy that he didn’t want to get married to a whore like me but he also claim that my body was so tempting he couldn’t help himself and that night my dear friends was when he raped me, I am not sure if it is rape but please is it rape if you enjoyed it?KnockKnockI set the cup that I held down on the small coffee table before walking to the door, opening the door I saw my neighbor Celine standing there with a wide smile and her cat sandy at her feet. Celine was the only friend I had since I moved into this apartment she helped me with finding a job.“Hey Celine sweetheart” I say smiling as she rushed in with her cat trailing behind her.“Hey Aubrey” she said with a whisper before taking her seat on the floor since it was only a small car that was in the room. Yes I am that poor. The rain had started to fall heavily outside as my apartment became colder since there was nothing like a heater in the apartment building. We were soon wrapped in the only thick blanket I had as we talked about how our day was, it was by 8pm when Celine called it a night and left me to my thought. You might be wondering why I left my so called husband well long story short is I had a secret I had kept away from him and he was cheating on me so there you have it, I looked at the old flip phone to see my schedule for the next day. Sometimes I wish I could have a real family that won’t have let me marry that lying cheating man.I remember how angry he would get when I go out to get just groceries or how mad he would be when I tell him how I felt like a prisoner in what should be my home and all he told me was that it was not his business since it was my fault for agreeing to his parents stupid demands.I laid in bed tiredly one when he had claimed he was at work doing an over time because he has an Important meeting with the board of director but I guess he meant to say a lady with the name board of directors, when I was about to sleep my iPhone rang with his name flashing on the screen so I picked up.‘Hello?’ I had asked but all I heard was sounds in the background before a female voice became clearer.‘Yes. Ah baby…harder’ shocked at the moaning I held my breath in anticipation to see maybe is a wrong network connection because it happens sometimes.‘Damn so tight’ I finally heard his voice as he spoke with a grunt, my heart ached as I was beginning to love him but reality came knocking and I stupidly opened. It was then I made up my mind to move away and take my secret with me, that night before the call I was contemplating on how to tell him I was pregnant but I guess he would have personally kicked me out so I decided to kick myself out.I’m I wrong to do that’
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Chapter I


Chapter one.

I yawned tiredly before walking towards the new people that entered the café to take their order, my baby bump wasn’t that pronounced yet but I hid it as well as I could. During the little breaks I had I used it to sleep and fulfill my carving and my boss seemed to understand it all, when I started working here he found out and was like I shouldn’t feel ashamed because his husband had just given birth to their first child and was ready for the next one to come. Knowing this made me feel relived since he tries to pay me well and give me enough sick days so as not to stress myself, the other employees hate me because they claim I’m getting too much favor from the boss himself who they usually describe as the most heartless man. Today was going smoothly and everyone was busy with one thing or another while I took the orders.
“Hey Aubrey” said a very annoying voice, you know what I take my statement back about how the day was going smoothly, this hoe won’t let me be since I started working telling me how I was taking space as a gay man.
“Hey rose” I said with a grunt as she adjusted her fake boobs putting it closer to my face trying to act all seductive ‘ bitch you are the reason men date men’ I thought to myself. She makes me want to pull my hair at any chance I get.
“Aubrey you know something I just heard?” she asked but still didn’t wait for my respond but I guess she knew what was going to my response which would be along the line of ‘hey hoe it’s not everyone who gives a shit about what your stupid ass heard’
“I heard some people saying that you and the boss are an item since you always seem to be in his office every chance you get and they also said that you are telling the boss to divorce his husband” looking at her with wide confused eyes I was left speechless what the hell is she talking about, I looked around in a rushed to see if others were listening but thank goodness they aren’t now to shut the bitch up.
“Well Rose so I’m guessing you are the others who can’t seem to get over the fact that the boss is a friend of mine, well I don’t blame you because from what I have seen is that you can’t let your brain think since your legs are always opened to anyone during leisure period” I whispered harshly before walking away. Soon enough my shift was soon over and I was then rushing home, when I ran away from my husband I kind of forgot to take some money and enough clothes. I was with few of my clothes and my iPhone which I later sold to get food and a roof over my head and some of the other cash I opened a savings account for when I go into labor so I can care for my baby and hospital bills. I was looking where I was going as I tried to get away from the cold breeze that blew.
“I’m sor-“ I couldn’t continue this statement when I looked at the man before me, of course he had to find me my stupid ass couldn’t maybe disappear from them the earth and maybe migrate to Uranus or the moon. 
“You are coming with me Aubrey and no argument or I will take you by force” he growled as I thought against the struggle I had planned in my mind, he pushed me into the car as he told the driver to start the car. I just looked out the window trying to ignore the stupid man beside me, I hated the fact that he could find me that easily and he looked smug as we came closer to his extra-large house that makes you want to hide away from the preying eyes of the press.
“I looked everywhere for you Aubrey and guess what I found” he said but l just walked pass him as I knew he would soon start shouting at me.
“Why are you always this stupid Aubrey” I finally snapped as I looked at him with anger.
“Let me guess they threatened you to find me or did your parents find out that we are not like a real family?” I soon felt tears falling stupid hormones making me cry like a baby.
“Oh shut it Aubrey everything is not all about you” he snapped. This was all how it was and I am tired of all this pointless fights, I don’t need this or I am at a greater risk of losing my baby so I did what I always do which was to walk away into my only safe place which is my room.
I stayed in my room for what I think was a few hours since the afternoon sun was setting, I was hungry I just wanted to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. When I got to the dining area which led to the kitchen I heard a female laughter and his laughter also, I needed to eat so I had to pass where they were talking. As soon as I walked in they stopped their laughter as Cristiano looked at me with irritation and the girl he was holding snarled at me before they began to kiss, I felt like crying but I held it all in since I saw no reason to show him how what he was doing affected me so I just walked to the kitchen to get the dry mango I always kept in the far corner of the fridge.
“Why is he still here?” the thin cow asked 
“Oh my parents are visiting tomorrow and his stupid ass would make things harder for us if he isn’t here” he replied as my heart broke again at his words. I guess I would never find a happy ever after.

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Chapter III

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