The Magic Tree


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Chapter 1

Once upon a time,there lived a young girl,only 8 years old. Her name was Anna. Her mum died when she was only a baby, Anna had never seen her mum, the only time she had was when her dad showed her some old photographs.

 Obviously her dad didn't talk much of her mum,but Anna was curious. She always wondered how her mum and dad got together and why they never got married,but that was one thing that Anna knew she would never find out.

Since her mum died her dad stayed at home and he said that he would never fall in love with a woman ever again because he said that it was replacing Anna's real mum. Anna knew that her mum was beautiful and brought the brightness to the village. Every night, when Anna went to bed,she would imagine her mum and she would always dream of her. 

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Chapter 2

Anna was the shy girl in her class and because of that,a lot of the children bullied her and she didn't have many friends. As for everything she had gone through in the past, didn't stop her for making her dream come true. Anna had always wanted to be an explorer and as she lived right next to a forest she could go and explore whenever she wanted. 

One day Anna was in the forest with her rucksack full of bottles of water and a fake knife. She had everything she needed,as if she were going on a real expedition. Then she came across an ancient rotted oak tree,she had never seen an oak tree so big before in her life. It had long,thin branches,a thick hard core trunk,of course it had no leaves on it because it was so old but Anna was still desperate to find out more about the tree. The tree looked as if it had a long story behind it and what 8 year old girl wouldn't want to find out more.


Anna carried on walking and when she finally got home she went straight to the computer and and typed in:old oak tree near Paiyliz lane. 

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Chapter 3

 The only thing that came up on the computer was this:There are lots of old oak trees near Paiyliz lane but there is one that is magical. Anna was very excited when she found out that the tree was magical but she still wanted more information. 

That night Anna was on the computer for hours and hours on end. Finally,she found out that the tree had magic powers and that it could talk to people and come alive. She also found out that it could only talk if it chose to speak to that spersific person. 

After that,Anna went to the tree every day to water it to keep it alive as it was very hot where she lived and it barely ever rained. After 3 weeks of watering the tree it's leaves started to grow back again. The old tree looked beautiful and it's branches started to grow thicker.

 Then one day when Anna was watering the tree,when it's branches started moving. At first,she thought it was just the wind blowing the branches, but then she saw a faint carving of a face appear on the trunk of the tree. And then the face started to become clearer and clearer and clearer...

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