Prison Letter To The World .


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 My name is kayden. Kayden James . And I’m doing life in prison for a crime I did not commit . I have slowly lived 3 years in this hell hole now praying everyday to someone that I did not believe in looking for some closure on what really went on that night . I want to send this out to the world so that the kind souls that read this understand what I went through . This is the last note and the last time anyone will ever hear from me for I can not wait another minute more of this loneliness 

I had a girlfriend the same age as me at the time 19. And I loved her to the moon and back and thought I had met the love of my life . Until she proved me otherwise exactly 3 years and 5 days from today I went to surprise her with tickets to her favorite rock group the gensinners and ofcourse she was cheating on me but not just with anyone it was with my bestest friend ever The same one that use to tell me just give her time when we would fight . Not only was that enough for me to consider who I have chose to be in my life,

he stabbed me in the leg the moment He saw me walk in to the house . 

i Was not able to move . And neither were my eyes. I could not stop staring into his eyes of disappointment  I despised him . I wanted him to suffer as much as he made me that day. And destiny ? I wanted Her to feel my pain . But it never got to either of that . She had a knife . Gloves and she hugged Michael as I was looking straight at him with her right hand around him she stabbed him multiple times in the heart, pushed the knife more into my leg and took off tuning . Six and a half minutes later the police were here and they took me in . Assumed i did the murder and tried to kill destiny as well . I never saw her since. My heart has turned cold . My soul hurts.

  ive been patiently waiting for them to reopen my case but I can not await any longer . I found the way to make this go away. 

Goodbye cruel world .

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