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Chapter 1- Pilot

Ep.1-Pilot (Nice to meet you./Now where is the door?)


"I can't believe that little bitch got away."


"Now, he's up, our ass, about it."

"I agree."

"You think I want to be a storage mover forever?"

"No of course not"

The two workers consisted of an earth human and Sigma. The Sigma race is an extraterrestrial group the men tend to be anywhere from Six foot six up to eight foot two.  The women are around six foot to six foot five. there are rare occasions where the heights vary but these are of course extreme rarity.

They have blue skin and four arms and four eyes. their top eyes operate as a set of sight that works only for space. while their lower eyes function close to the same capacity. As a human pair of eyes with one exception- they are ten times as strong as the normal man.

When they arrive on earth a few hundred years ago the world was in great peril. Mankind was nearing extinction and the great Pangaea was on the cusp of destruction. The trumpets sounded from Heaven. As a select few were able to decode the message it led them and the human race to a place of salvation.

With the Sigma returning. The human race connected with their ancestral siblings once again. This was good for many. Because their arrival brought about a change no natural disaster could.

"Exactly, all those years wasted at both the school of Knowledge and Building of Work." Said the Sigma male.

"It's not so bad." responded the human.

"And why not? Royal Guard status would guarantee us a chance of removing these things."

Two hundred and thirty years after the Sigma arrival. The human race started to unlock their hidden psychic powers. The Royal guards were the most powerful psychics in the world. They had a job exclusive to working with the Senator and it was protecting him. But each also headed a department that helps the senator flourish as a leader of the people.

Although, the main job was protection for the Senator which is equal to a king. Only the senator was the king of earth and prince of his home-world of the Sigma. Becoming a member of the Royal guard was no easy task. One has to have at least a mid-mastery over their psychic abilities. to even be mentioned in the conversation for the position.  

"Well it's our job"

"What did you say, you twit."

"it's our job, rather you asked for it, or not."

"Am I supposed to sit back in accept that."

A very familiar voice creeps over the airwaves from their neck-brace.

"Is, there a problem?"

The driver and his co-worker immediately bite down on their tongues. And swallowed them.

"no- no! Overseer!" said both cargo movers in sync.

"Good, You know today is not a good day for our Senator. Please do all you can to make it better, Please?" said the Overseer.

The two worker nod their heads and agreement remaining quiet.  

Unfortunately for these two workers becoming Royal guards is only but a dream. the clunky machines around their necks also known as a neck brace are the sole purpose for this.

A human doesn't have high psychic powers. In fact, there is only eight percent of the whole human population. Who psychic powers extend at the doorsteps of mastery.

it's more of the second gear for humans. A power they have to grind hard to get and maintain. Whereas Sigmas this power comes as a second nature. While wearing neck-braces Sigma still retains a low level of power. Whereas the human's powers shut off completely all together.

It wasn't long before the figures were back at it again. Arguing as the cargo ship traveled. unknown to the two figures yapping away. There is another figure tucked away on the cargo craft.

The figure had been hiding inside an empty vessel. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape. She stored away in this vessel for almost twelve hours. And now more than ever wants to swell the eyes of the driver from excessive talking. The craft stopped as the figure could hear the two cargo-movers. They whisper something in their conversation.

"Damn it. let's make this fast. We still have several more units before sunset." Opening up the cargo unit walking inside to inspect the various items on board.

"Hey. what's this?" said the smaller worker.

The driver stops the cargo craft turning off the jet engine while getting out of the ship in one motion. The driver stood taller than the other worker by another foot or two. The smaller worker called the larger worker. He walked over toward his co-worker. Each step made the hidden figure feel like ripples in a pond.

The figure inside the vessel held their breath for as long as they could. Figuring they've come this far no turning back now.

"Hey, what's this?" called the human.  

The hidden person in the vessel clinched their fist as veins began to protrude.

"Yeah, you're right! what is that?" said the non-human being. The hidden figured felt more trapped than being inside the vessel.

Silence soon fills the air like a toxin. The hidden figured couldn't take the pressure of hiding any-longer for they had come too far to turn away now.

They pounced up like a busted spring. They pan around and saw no one. They fell over in relief sucking down air like it were water, and the figures lungs were dry.

The figure finally caught their wind. And got serious standing up, they began to think, "Now, where should I go from here? the workers babbled on forever. I didn't hear the sign for the area once."

The figured searched around the other vessels till they discovered a light. It wasn't far from where they were standing. She darted off into the light.

The hidden figure name is Roach, and today is her birthday. And also the day she escapes from her childhood prison. She's been a prisoner since five years old. enslaved for almost thirteen years.

Today she is eighteen years of age. And she's determined to see, the one person stripped of her as a child, her mother.

"Woah, it's huge and too many lots to check. I'm never getting home." Roach thought standing not even in the center of the cargo fleet. "What to do. what to do. what to d-" She closed her eyes.

And with the base of her palms, she smacks the side of her head. Only stopping to notice, her palm glowing a bright orange color.

Roach couldn't explain this feeling, it had been too long since she last felt it. It was warm and welcoming, mixed with two handfuls of loneliness calling toward her. So through the cargo area like a leaf in the wind, Roach moves.

She feels the feeling of digging around in the pit of her stomach since the day before she plans her escape. It acted as some kind of guide for her to travel and maneuver. This is not to say she needs saving as this is her thirteenth time attempting an escape. She had the place pretty mapped out in her mind.  

Avoiding the roaming cameras hovering the halls. The patrolling droids securing the corners. it was tough but after all, this wasn't the first time, the figured eluded these two. Avoiding people wasn't very difficult either, being a ghost among them was easy.

"Hey, you, human identify yourself!" but avoiding 'SIGMA' was a different story.

Roach's head raise as she heard the sound of a distant voice. With sheer aggression shoving her in the back. She turns slowly with both hands raised high up in the air.

"Nice and slow," yelled the Sigma.

"Alright," she responded.

"Why you're a little human girl" laughed the Sigma.

"Oh, I'm more than that," her eyes glanced up at the crate above the Sigma's head.

"Wait, you're her! aren't you?! Oh, shit! back up required-"

Before the Sigma could phone in for backup. Roach had already caused the crate to fall on him. With one wave of her hand. "Shit, he won't be out for too long. I need to get out of here."

She calmed her mind and focus on the warm feeling that had been calling out to her. Without hesitation, she started moving towards it once more.  

Approaching a large chamber she feels stones in her stomach. Scratching together to make fire, or was it something else. She places her hand over her stomach. She gazes around the large empty deck."I rather not go all the way back there" frozen in thought for a moment. pondering heavy on whether to approach the chamber.

On the one hand, she thought, "Why even bother? I've come this far, why even invest?" Turning away from the chamber. "But, whatever is in there" she spins once more. Starting to walk away but didn't get far before finding herself in front of an icy chamber.

Her eyes widen and body turned numb like her heart was pumping Novocaine. "It's a man, but what's he doing in there?" Her right palm begin to radiate a bright orange color,"no-way!" She looked at her, "this hasn't happened since my birthday."

She closed her eyes to feel the flow of energy in the room. "He feels warm and I can sense he feels trapped, should I free him?" The air felt colder, but his aura felt warm, to warm to be like the others.

"Freeeeeee me." echoes in her head. ringing from her eardrum to the interior of her mind. her eyes flew open at the exact time as his.

"Did you talk to me?" jumping back across the room. "You're alive and you didn't even move your lips?" She ran in circles, "No-no-no" she stopped dead in her tracks. Staring at him.

He was still. peace like. She floated towards him, staring at his eyes.

It was almost as if they were communicating with her, she places her hand on the tank. "Who are you?" his right eye began to change size and radiate. His chamber began to open up.

Cold air slashes pass her with the force of a small wind storm. "What's going on, what's this? happening. what-" The man in the chamber fell into her arms. she ceased panicking, "How are you warm?" She stared at the freezing chamber.

"Welp, that doesn't help," placing her hand on his shoulder. "Hey, sir, excuse me, sir. Whoever you are getting up! I came into your room by mistake and now you're crushing my legs."

He began to come back into consciousness. Yanking at her arm, "where am I?"

Her heart dropped for a moment but for some reason, she feels she can trust him.

"Easy now. there's no telling how long you been here. or even if they remember you." She pointed at his chamber, A perplex looked sits on his face as he tries to make sense of things.

The man wasn't very tall. She thought to herself, no more than five foot ten inches she calculated in her mind. He had a strange pattern around his right eye and he had a red scarf around his neck.

It was safe to say this was no ordinary man otherwise. Why would they stored him away, so far and deep? Whoever placed him here wanted him forgotten or for the world to know he never existed."

"Am I about to save this guy?" she thought more to herself. "I don't have the time to be playing the superhero, I have somewhere important to be."

She closed her eyes and picture her mother and what her mother would say once the two reunite.

"A chamber" He stood walking toward it. a large ice box he thought to himself, touching the door.

"Where are we?" He turned in looked at her with a stern face.

"Uhm, the mother-ship." She squeaks out.

He says not a word. His face said it all.

"We are in the CAPITAL. the 'Senator's' personal mothership."

"What?" He snapped his fingers, "you mean this place is complete?"

"Yeah, finished twenty years before my birth. “

He stares her up and down, fixing his eyes on her chest. "wait, so you're forty-eight?" He staggered back in confusion.

"WHAT?! you dense idiot. Do, I appear in my forties?!" she placed her hands on her chest. "I'm eighteen.. or at least, I think." Her eyes dropped," It's hard to keep count when you don't have a birthday cake, or parents to remind you.

The man's eye began to glow again, "I'm sorry." he says.

Again she didn't know what made him seem special in comparison to others. But she feels, she could trust him. Her biggest concern wasn't the man at the moment. But the fact her powers are activated. And she could feel them pulsing around like a ball of warm comforting energy.

"Is it him?" she thought to herself... no that's impossible considering this thing." she looked down at her neck brace and noticed it was going haywire.

"Here, allow me." He touches her neck brace. Causing the whole clunky machine to fall off her neck. He examines her neck noticing dozens of small holes, he wanted to touch them but he understood not to.

"What is your name?" Said the strange blue male

"Roach," she responded.

"Roach, That's a strange name" He chuckled.

"Oh. you're a funny guy. then what is yours?" Roach said crossing her arms and turning her nose up.

After pondering for a good second, he responded with the uncertainty of his own name.

Roach shook her head in confusion and reprimanded him for making fun of her name. When he didn't even know his own name.

The door swish open, it was the guard from earlier and a few of his goons.

This, of course, shocks Roach his aura feels so powerful. Calling out to her the other day. But she wasn't even convinced that this was the same aura of light that she has been feeling in her gut. He although handsome didn't same all that intelligent she thought to herself.

"Roach, you've done it now, escaping your cell to free this criminal. I was gonna punish you for dropping that crate on my head. But freeing a prisoner of Senator is a far greater crime."

The guard turned his back and locked the door but before he did that three very large guards stepped into the room. Each one carrying an electric beating wand.

Calico instructed Roach to hide as he charges the three guards. Knocking them over like bowling pins. Calico made light work of them. He dodges each attack while disarming them and launching them all toward the rear wall.

Roach stood there in amazement, "No way" she thought, " and like that. he's knocking them around like a rag doll. She's shocked seeing three large heavy bodies spiral toward the nearest wall. "What the hell! Calico" she screamed as Calico grabbed her darting out of the area.

"You can't escape his reach," he pressed down on his watch after levitating his goons off of him. "CAPITAL breach code xi mu." in one moments time the whole building was going off in flashing red lights, it was as if the ships were under attack.

Calico and Roach ran through the hall feeling like confused ants in a tunnel. The halls flash with more than red lights, shots flying from all angles. The halls smell like the inside of a volcano cave. Roach thought to herself grabbing her nose. Dodging a laser shot that dissolved part of a Steel wall.

Calico reached for his ear adjusting his head as if it were a satellite. "Are you sure about that? Will we make it? Alright?"

Roach Stares over at Calico wide-eyed. As she felt her breath shorten like the last draw of a cigarette. She asked him with no fear,"Are you talking to me?"

Cal took a second to respond. "I didn't say anything" Calico ignored her. as they continued to race through the halls stopping near a small office. storing themselves away for a moment.

"look we need to get out of here?" He said smirking watching the guards runs passed the room searching for him and Roach.

"Well, no shit!" She said smacking herself on the forehead. "You think they're going to allow us to whist pass and walk out the front entrance?" Shoving his chest.

Calico places his hand over his ear again, "jump" he said mumbling to himself. "Okay, are you sure this is the only way?"

"Hey, earth to Calico who are you talking to?" Waving her hands in front of his face. "Oh Damn. he must be crazy." Falling back against the wall feeling the cool Steele burn her flesh.

"Come on!" Calico said grabbing her arm. taking off like a rocket around the corner.

"Hey, it's them. shoot!"

Calico unloaded his fist into the guard's face before he could ready his laser gun. He crumbled like a sheet of paper with a bad idea on it as more guards filed around the corner.

"There!" Calico pointed toward a cargo craft; he closed his eyes waving his hands at a horde of guards as they fired shots. His palms illuminated a red aura as the desk and guards began to glow the same color and began levitating.

Calico's pupil in his right eye began to shift and grow, his right arm twitch, blood began to drip from his nose.

"Get out of the way!" He launches forth everything in the area of his eye view.

"I hope I'm wrong about seeing you on the other side but also I hope, I'm not."  Roach thinks to herself as her body crashed into the glass. she pans to Calico.

He tells her to hold on as they plummet toward the city. The dropped feels as if they were sliding down a giant throat.

The guards continued to fire shots at the two violators of the Senator's law. even though they already were flung out of the window.

"What are you idiots doing?" Shots continued to fire as the voice made its way from the large crowd. "Imbeciles!" The figure stepped out of the group it was the Overseer.

"They have a better chance of surviving a fall from two Buri Khalifa towers." He and his cronies made their way toward the shattered window.

"Is this what dying feels like?" closing her eyes and opening her arms like a cross. "The air feels lovely; there are no windows in my cell, only a vent trying its best impression at being a crack in the wall."

Her bodied turns over and she is now able to see the ravaging ocean. Motioning back and forth like Poseidon typing an angry letter. "This is okay, I will see you when I get there."

Calico spots Roach from distances as the desk along with the other guards fall toward the city.

Calico screams for Roach, looking down at the drop. He knew he had to do something, and something fast. "There goes that buzzing again," Calico thought to himself.

Sticking his finger in his ear as if he's trying to capture an insect. "What? Are you sure this will work?"

Calico stares at Roach he sees her dangling body fall like a baby from a highchair. "I want to save her" his right eye began to change, his pupil turned into a diamond shape. "This again?" Like leaves blowing in the wind, Calico feels a rumble in his ear. "You're right!"

He stops thinking and started acting, he dives toward Roach locking her in his arms.

The Overseer was not pleased with the atrocities that have happened within the last six hours. But he figured it was only a matter of time before Roach was successful in remembering what she is.

Calico blinks twice feeling his chest then face, making sure he was alive. checking next to ensure Roach is fine. Calico, looks around the large dome noticing the grey vent connecting the room.

He sits up covering his nose. Which he wants to tear off. Because of the foul smell. and that's when he looked down realizing what they had landed on.

Calico began worrying when he spots the trash underneath of him. Trying to clean himself off. Roach finally recovered and couldn't help but noticed Calico's weird behavior.

"You know it's only Trash?" Said Roach.

"Yeah and it's filthy," Said Calico.

"Well next time pick a better landing spot. or one that doesn't involve us jumping like forty floors into a trash pile."

"Well, don't blame me. the voice in my ear told me to do it."

"Say what now? the voice in your ear?"

"Yeah, don't you have one?"

“you mean conscious?”

"No, this is different I'm not crazy,"

"You're hearing a second voice in your head and you're not crazy, okay that's noted" Said Roach.   

The two continued arguing for a few moments before shutting up due to the sounds of footsteps. The debate was over as they both sealed their lips and drop to the ground. In hopes of surviving the area.

"Oh, no it's them I bet," Roach said.

"We need to strike now," Calico said as he balled up his fist.  

"No, we should wait and come up with a proper strategy to escape.”

Roach continued on for a moment about the importance of being discrete. And knowing when to take action and how those two rules have been critical factors on her getting this far.

She feels Calico heart is in a good place but sometimes you have to know when you beat. She turns her head and in sheer shock realize he was missing.

"Hey. Hey," said Calico launching a can at Roach.

"Ow, you jerk. when did you get over there?" Roach whispered shaking her fist at Calico.

The sounds of the footstep became more visible as the figures all began to make an appearance.

Roach wasn't certain at first but once she got a better glanced at the figures. They were two giant beings and a shorter one as well. they were each cloth in grey robes and chains.

"Dammit, This job is the worse."

"Yeah, Cleaning trash is such a human job."

"Well, one it's not a job. we’re prisoners, and two, if cleaning trash is a human job does that make the Sigma trash?" said the human pointing at each Sigma.

"Why you puny earthworm?" said the larger Sigma.

The two Sigma surrounded the small human. Pushing him to the ground. He tries to stand up. But each time he's met with their large jagged rock like hands.

"Do you know what we used to do before this?" Said the larger Sigma.

"Yeah, let's show him, bro!"   

"I count sixty feet," Said the larger Sigma holding out all his arms and his hands. "You mind helping brother?"

"Sure thing" the smaller Sigma held up his arms for a total count of seventy-five feet.

The human confused by what was going on. All he could see was eight arms. Anticipating his next few moves.

The larger Sigma closed the top of his eyes. and began to cause a wall of trash to stand up behind him. Which was no small feat and his brother followed up by raising his four arms and smashing them together? Causing the wall of trash to collapse and compact itself.

"You see now worm? how powerful we Sigma are. Even with these on our neck."

"Yes, if it wasn't for these damn Neck Brace, I'll power would be tenfold."

"Yeah, well I'm not impressed. My ability is way cooler.

"What'd you say? damn, I’d had enough of you damn earthworms."

"Hey bro, you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'll be sure to make you lick my boots before death and show you all the skills I've crush before you"

The two Sigma brothers began to activate their powers but their neck-braces began to go off. The two brothers were immediately shocked by their collars several times.

Bringing them to their knees. As this occurred, Calico leaps from the tall trailer of trash. With his large powerful fist and knocked both sigmas on conscious.

The small human fell to the ground. He couldn’t be sure of what was occurring.

Calico took a second but he bounced up from the ground walking toward the fallen man.

Roach leaps from her hiding spot and they both closed in on the mystery man.

“Get back” screamed the man. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

This slowed Roach down for a second in thought but it didn’t hinder Calico from walking over toward him. His face stiff and his walk slow. It was as if gravity times fifty was only applied to him.

“Get back dammit! I mean it!” The man tried backing up but his chains were still connected to the sleeping giants.

Roach tries to reason with Calico. She goes through all the steps and protocols. He hears none of them finally reaching the man. He leans over like a teapot poured.

He says nothing as the tip of his finger begins to glow purple. Touching the neck collar around the man’s neck. It falls off as the man sits on the ground with a stupid puzzle looked on his face.

“But who? But how?” He was so thankful he leaps to his feet, “I’m Aizin!”

“I’m Cal,” He said extending his arm to help greet Aizin. He turns to his female companion. “And she’s Roach.”

Roach shakes his hand as far as she could tell he is a good person.

“Why’d did you save me? Don’t tell me Tavon sent you?” Aizin says moping.

“Who is that?” Cal says scratching his head. “I saw those two guys about to pound on you, so I helped.”

“Pound on me?” Aizin chuckles so hard he grabs his ribs.”Don’t be silly. Those Sigma scum wouldn’t survive five seconds with me.”

Roach says nothing as Cal and Aizin bump heads.

“You’re right it would’ve have taken them thirty seconds. So you welcome.”

“Excuse me? Am I welcome? for what? I would have kicked their asses with ease.”

“Sure, little guy,” Cal says as he digs in his ear with his pinkie finger rolling his eyes.

“Little! I’m at least three inches taller than you are!”

“Well is that why I knocked those guys out and saved you?”

“Hey, punk! You didn’t save anything! I never asked you to! Especially, since Tavon didn’t send you.”

“Again you’re welcome!.” says Cal as he turns his back to Aizin.

“Hey, you jerk where’d you learned your manners from the Blackwoods?”

Calico ignores Aizin’s rant instead he spins around the area trying to locate a door.

This doesn’t sit right with Aizin as he grabs Cal by the shirt. “Hey, dammit you’re going to answer me!”

Cal says nothing swatting Aizin’s hands off of him as if they were flies.

“You talking a big game for a man wearing a stupid scarf!” said Aizin balling his fist.

Calico is unsure why he feels something snaps in his head. His mind a twig and Aizin a giant crushing it.

“What’d you say to me you loser!” Said Calico grabbing Aizin by his shirt.

“Oh so now you can’t hear? I said, your scarf is stupid!” Said Aizin grabbing Calico’s shirt.

The two could have been clothing accessories for one another.


Roach found the perfect opportunity to intervene. Asking Aizin two vital things that cooled him down.

The first, How’d he end up in jail? And the second how do they escape? Aizin gets serious as he tells the two of his crime. He admits he's a world-renowned Killer.

Calico breaks out in waves of laughter and Roach also finds his statement a bit comical. It’s not that he didn’t look the part of a criminal.

Aizin stood around six foot one weighed one-ninety eight. And had skin the color of sandpaper and rough like it as well.   

Yet, he didn’t appear to be a killer. He had a humbleness to him. Roach thought to herself, as she punched Calico in the arm.

“Go, ahead laugh as hard and long as you want. When the Officers of Sigma arrest arrive. You two will be in the same both as me. And then you’ll...”

“So you said, out was that way!” Calico interrupted pointing at a random area filled with trash. And workers from hundreds of feet away.

“What are you some dense idiot! Where are your manners when a Kin-” he stops mid-sentence clearing his throat. “Look, the truth is I’m no killer. I’m here for a petty crime.”

Roach's eyes widen at the news and Calico cheered in an anxious manner.

“Truth is, I only been here for about three weeks now. I’m a traveling cook. Let’s say, my group forgot about me once we hit the CAPITAL.”

“No, way. You’re from Earth?” says a surprise Roach.

“So, what’s special about that,” Calico says snorting at them.

“I mean, it’s only--I was born on this ship. The Capital is my homeland.” Says Roach.

Aizin eyes glisten with a bead of joy and excitement. He grabbed Roach by the hands and took a knee. Tears pour from his face as he wipes them away and asked her a very serious question.

“Does, that mean you will marry me?” says Aizin in an animated fashion.

Roach stands dumbfounded by what Aizin has asked her. She wasn’t along as Calico jumps in yelling at him.

“Oh forgive me. You two must be together,” says Aizin.

Calico blue face was turning a dash of purple. He and Roach look at each other. And at the same time said no, way a thousand times.

Roach admits to meeting Calico a half-hour ago.

Aizin nods in agreement, saying "I see. And yes that makes sense." He waited until Roach to finish speaking.

Dropping on his knees and asking her that ridiculous question again.

Roach outside remains calm as she said no. But her inside was jumpy and flipping around with rage.

”What the hell is wrong with this guy! I haven't known him for five minutes and he’s asking for my hand in marriage. As if I’d marry this psycho. Speaking of psychos."

Roach's eyes glance over to Calico as he was inhaling fury and trying to exhale wrath.

He walks over and grabs Aizin by the back of the shirt. Lifting him off the pile of dirt.

“What are you not getting dude!”

“Hey, back off! You said she was ugly.”

Calico stumbles back.

“I-I never said that!”

“Yeah, well you’re actions says it all.”

He had Calico beat with that line. Cal feels like a gigantic domino has fallen on him. Roach screams in anger punching both of them in the arm.

“Damn, why won’t you two get it together. You stop soaking!” she says to Calico. “And you stop asking me to marry you! It’s weird and creepy and it's not gonna happen,” she says to Aizin.  

“So now, tell us dammit! How do we escape!” says Roach clutching Aizin in her hands.

“Geez, lighten up a bit. Why don’t you? You always this mad.”

“You telling me,” Calico chimed in.

Roach gave him a stare and he shut up fast.

“Look, lady, if you want to leave. You have to walk through that door over there.”

The three of them turns behind Roach and the sees a door no more than fifty feet away.

Roach instead of letting Aizin go grows angry; slapping him in his face. It stung him hard like a scorpion tail.

“We need a key card to gain access to the other side of the door.” Says Aizin rubbing his face.

“WE?” replied Calico and Roach.

“Yes, we!” Says Aizin standing up. “I was going to do my jail time and move on with my life. But this seems way more fun.”

“So, what do you say?”

Roach and Cal speak for about five minutes. Almost as long as they had known him.

“No, why he’s a murdering criminal,” Cal says with force.

“No, no he was lying about the murder.”

“Ah-worse, a lying murdering criminal.”

“I’m not a Liar!” says Aizin defending himself.

“Okay, except about the part of me being a killer. But everything else is true. Besides, how do you two plan on traveling around without me the world’s best navigator.”

Roach's eyes begin twitching in anger as she asked if he had any more titles they should be aware of. She stares at Calico and then back at Aizin.

She whispers something in Cal’s ear which gets him excited. “Deal,” He says.

They both look at Aizin with a sinister grin. He soon starts to believe he met the wrong people.

Roach accepts his request to travel with them. On one condition, he helps them get a security card as soon as possible.

He smirks stating "no problem," reaching underneath his cap. “I so happen to have one right here!” He pulls a small thin plastic card out. “I told you- I was going to escape soon as I got bored.”

“You didn’t. But welcome to the team,” says Roach grinning ear to ear.

“Hm, I guess you're useful,” says Calico.

“What did you say, scarf-boy,” responded Aizin.

The two prepare to lock horns like rams fighting. But they glanced over and see Roach huffing and gearing up to puff.

“So, you say the door is over this way!” says Calico.

“Yeah, let me show you, right now Brother,” responds Aizin.

“That’s what I thought!” Says Roach.

The three head for the gate as freedom begins to feel like fresh air blowing on their skin. This will be the first time in thirteen years Roach has to explore the capital.

But unknown to our travelers a great evil is brewing.     

The three entered into the city. It was large and magnificent, hundreds, if not thousands. If not hundreds of thousands of people and aliens filled the street.

They stood stiller than a warehouse full of mannequins. Wearing only dark goggles.

Calico and the others peered around the corner. Standing a few hundred feet back from the docile beings standing like soldiers in front of them.

"What's going on with them? Why are they all standing like that." Says roach staring at the people feeling around the surfaces of her neck.

"I'm not sure, it's like their chickens hypnotized by rain," Calico says, taking a few steps further.

"Well, lunch hour ended and these people are preparing for the Senators message." Says Aizin digging in his ear with his pinkie finger.

"I'll go check this out," Says, Calico.

"Hey, what are you doing? Don't go out there we need more information before we move around. Roach stood still as she hoped her words would be enough to stop him.

"You're right! I hadn't heard the voice since we landed here. " Calico rebuttal placing his right palm on his right ear.

"Voice? Oh man, he's doing that again?" Roach began thinking to herself. "Look, an hour ago I was fleeing the Capital cargo fleet. And now I'm here; I don't want to or plan on going back not till I at least find her." She stopped rubbing her neck as her hands gripped down on her dirty shirt.

Calico turns in looks at Roach. He approaches her with the tenacious force of a bear and presented her with the gentle smile of a newborn. "You will find what you are searching for. trust me!"

Roach could feel his warm presence again. She still couldn't explain it. But she wanted to soak in his warmth for a while longer. Her palms began to emit a golden glow, as she began to stare into his eyes.

Aizin went from watching the people staring in the rain to locking onto Calico and Roach.

"Are you guys a couple or something?" asked Aizin.

"A couple of what?" Calico and Roach both replied.

"Yeah, I figured as much," Says Aizin.

A loud feminine voice engulfs the whole city as she begins to speak.

"The countdown to the senator's daily speech begins in ten, nine, eight,...Four, three, two."

The people all removed their goggles but still seemed sheep-like.

"Good morning my beautiful Sigma and Human race; today is yet another glorious day in our utopia of a kingdom. It has been close to 300 years in the making. But in two weeks time Earth will be reborn anew. And it's all thanks to all the hard workers in the City and the Capital alike. Soon we will spread our name across the universe. And ah, yes before I leave two neophytes have infiltrated our way of life. They are high-rank offenders if you find them turn them in you will receive a prize. But get caught housing them and bemark a criminal of the Senator. This is all Hail Sigma Earth. The next time I see you all, I will be rejuvenated  after my 'King's Slumber.'

They all stood dumbfounded watching the jumbo screen. Aizin remarks to Calico how the Senator resembles a blue skin, Neptune.

To which Calico replied, "I have no idea who that is?"

Roach says, "God of the sea."

Calico is still confused. Aizin decides to tell him never mind.

But Roach kept the conversation alive, stating he does look like him. His beard is longer than a day on Venus and the fact he is holding a trident is overkill. She jokes with Aizin.

Calico doesn’t laugh because his eyes are fixed on the scar that lays across the Senators left eyes. It looks as if someone burned out across his the left side of his face.  

Everyone fell quiet as the feminine voice ended the Senators transmission. It wasn't long before Roach found herself ranting again.

"Oh, no. I thought I would be further than this by now?"

"For sure now?" Says Aizin rolling his eyes.

"He seems familiar," Says Calico.

"I mean, he is the only four-eyed, gray hair, eye patch wearing senator we have." Said Aizin.

"I mean, I felt like I've met him before," said Calico

"Yeah, right fat chance, He never leaves his tower everyone knows that. Heck, rumor has it the Royal guard rarely see him too."

The mannequin-like beings started to move. and before the gang realized the people were bouncing around like a pinball in a machine. They looked like Japanese synchronize walkers. Each person or alien heading for their respective trade.

"Where is everyone headed?" asked Roach.

"the old bodies headed to the working factory and young minds went to the Knowledge House. Said Aizin, "Man where are you two from under a rock?"

"Frozen Is how I found him, and I was escaping from slavery before I got here." Says Roach.

"You're serious?" Aizin looks dazed and confused by her statement.

"Wait, she looks like.. no, it couldn't be," Says Roach staring off into a distance.

Shocked by what she was seeing so much so that her eyes began to turn heavy with emotions. She was unable to move. She had no idea that the universe was like a clock. And special things happen when the big hand and little hand align together.

Calico tried calling for Roach but she was in a deep trans worse than the people were a moment ago.

She couldn't help but mumble all her words together.

"Momma," says Roach in a low manner.

"Momma? is that what she said? asked Aizin.

"Yes," says Calico.

"Damn, well let's go check her out," Says Aizin making his way from behind the building.

Aizin insisted on going over to her an introducing themselves but Roach refused to do so. Aizin didn't understand why she should wouldn't do it.

He articulated how she, a runaway slave, ought to rejoin with lost family. Especially a lost mother. He questions her goal, stating "after all isn't this your whole end goal, don't tell me you're a coward."

Calico stepped in placing his hand on Aizin shoulder. He didn't say a thing but the stare he gave Aizin, Spoke high volumes.

Roach began to allow small streams of tears descend down her face. She was only fifty feet away from her mother but it feels like fifty years.

She watches the small woman with spotted bleach skin around her eyes and throat. Takes a bite of an apple and tosses it in the trash. It was with her final settlement before she was off on her way.

She was gone and Roach was feeling the after-effects worse than ever now. Aizin words of her being a coward began to sink in like a large ship vanishing to the bottom of the ocean. She was in full tears and could not stop.

Overwhelmed with feelings even Calico could feel her tears drilling into his chest. Several moments passed since she disappeared but she wasn't the only one to leave so did Aizin.

"I'm such a coward. Years of fail escape attempts, and missed birthday celebrations. only to miss my chance. I blew it. the Overseer was right to name me Roach."

"Hey, Snap out of it! you're the one who escape from the prisoner tower, freed me and saved Aizin. cheer up. You're strong."

"But what does any of that mean if I can't find her again."

"Well finding her may not be such a big problem, "Says Aizin.

"Aizin, you've returned and I hope it is with a kindred spirit," says Calico.

"Hey, hey easy now, don't go biting my head off till I at least bite this," Says Aizin pulling something from his pants leg.

"A half-eaten apple?" says Calico in confusion.

"Not any ole' apple, Roach. It's your mom's apple. she tossed it, in the trash back there,"

"Thanks, I guess that's sweet. She loved red apples because the bitter taste had a sweet feel on her tongue."

"Well, you bought her a keepsake that was nice of you,” says Calico.

"It's not a keepsake it's our tracking device," says Aizin.

They both stared at Aizin in bewilderment.

"How are we suppose to track her with an apple?" ask Calico.

"Yeah, I'm not too sure I'm following either," Says Roach.

"It's quite simple. I'll use my awesome ability "Clairgustance," Says Aizin with a confident smirk.

"Clair-what now?" Says Roach.

"Clairgustance. I get a series of pictures in my head of a person and the things they have done all the way up till they finish a meal or drink."

"I'm still confused," Says Calico.

"Look, I'm going to bite into this apple. which was Roach's mom. with any luck, she bought it from home. Then all it would take for me is to play back her day up till grabbing and munching down on this apple."

Roach thinks the idea is a dumb one. The rain continues to fall. As people enter in buildings.

Cal smiles at her, and this is enough, to make her consider Aizin’s idea.

”Screw it,” she says as she encourages Aizin to work his magic.  

He bites into the apple and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His eyes seem huge and they move at extreme speeds. As he finished the apple.

After several moments passing by Aizin found himself back to normal and he had a large smile bolted on to his face.

"I know where to go."

"You do?" responds Roach.

"Hey, they don't call me the best navigator in the world for nothing."  

Roach was so excited that she leaps off her feet into Aizin's arms and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, now. I charge for stuff like this but for you, I'll make this one-time exception," said Aizin placing his hand over his face. He still could feel her warm lips press against his cheeks.

The gang began to travel as discrete and quiet as possible.

They dawn, work attire of the former guards they had knocked out and entered into the living district. For Roach, everything is starting to look up and her slave-hood seems miles behind her.

Meanwhile, in the prison tower in a spacious room filled with the colors of blue and chrome. A figure sits at a desk. He is on the phone and he seems displease from the news he is hearing and delivering as well.  

“Look, you fool. I care not how you do it. Get it done. And don’t fail me.”

There is a knock at his door as the guard enters the room.

The guard announced his name and rank as the figure hangs up the phone.

“Overseer sir, I am reporting to duty.”

“I know why you’re here, you fool.”

“Yes, Overseer sir, Yes. forgive my ignorance."

The Overseer stands up and stretches all four of his arms. He walks to the guard who seems small in comparison. Even though the guard stands at around six foot six. The Overseer trumps him by another foot or so.

“You want to earn my trust don’t you?”


“Uhm is not an answer. Yes or No.”

“Uhm-yes, I mean yes sir.”

“Good, gather a few droids and troops.”

“Uh-yes! But where are we going if I may ask.”

The Overseer broke out in laughter before he spoke.

“To Hell, if we fail the Senator.”

“Uh-Yes, sir!”

The nervous guard gives one final salute before he heads toward the door. He activates the door and before he exits, he's stopped.


“Yes, sir.”

“Suit up well, we’re going to the Western Sector of 229. It’s going to get hot.”

The guard swallowed his tongue before speaking.

“West 229, but that’s where she is?”

The Overseer laughs again.

“I know.”

Across the ship, a figure lurks in the shadows and they play by no rules. Killing is the only law it follows.

It snaps its fingers as a series of guards and droids surround it. It wasted no time slicing through the steel droids and setting the guards a flame.

Tormenting it's' pray gave it a great sense of joy and pleasure. It was the only time it could feel alive. Since it had been decades since the being had a chance to live to the fullest.

The figure knew better than anyone it was only a bird and a cage waiting for the Overseer hand and foot. But the figure had no qualms over it. it took great leisure in servicing the Overseer and the Sigma as a whole.

This figure is a die-hard Sigma warrior willing to both live and die in the name of the Senator and the Overseer.

Whenever this warrior is thrust into action it leaves behind it. A trail of fire and destruction.

Saying the figure name causes an individual taste buds to singe off.

And it lives in the western district of the sector 229. The figure has an extensive history with Calico and truth told it's the reason he was imprisoned.

The moment the figure learns of his escape this could spell danger for Calico and his group. little to their knowledge the Overseer is on his way, to the western sector of 229. There exist a certain person whose job it is to capture running away prisoners. Especially those by the name of Calico.

How will our escape heroes deal with them in coming trouble aligning itself in the path of the crew? One thing is for certain Roach is determined to find her mother.  So this foe is of no consequence to her she only dreams of avoiding the Overseer long enough to see her mother again. And to embrace her in open arms.

The end.

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Episode 2- Living District 

Episode 2-Living District

Meanwhile back on the Capitol. Several hours pass since Calico and others set off for the living district. 

They tread each area with great stealth. avoiding being seen by roaming cameras and birds alike.

"We've passed nothing but trees this whole time." says a moping Aizin.

"That's not true. we've passed a few homes and campsites," says Roach."Yeah, but we haven't seen a single person out." says a ticked off Cal.

"Yeah, he right," adds Aizin.

"why are we complaining when the point is not to be seen."

Aizin and Calico said no words. Roach had said them all. her point was valid and they couldn't argue with fate aligning for them.

They walked for another half-hour before reaching the ends of the forest. the area before was vast and large. there were no trees within 300 feet of the area they stood. before them was smooth clean cut grass.

They sat in the center of the area to rest. "How convenient were these rocks?" joked Aizin.

Everyone agreed stretching and start to have a laugh.

"Nightfall came fast," says Aizin.

No one paid it any mind indicating the silence.

"So, what are you going to do when you find your mother?" ask Aizin.

Calico's face, becomes serious, mean mugging Aizin, before rotating toward Roach.

she sat puzzled for a moment. While she was locked up. she had given it a lot of consideration. and even wrote several lists in her mind that would put an encyclopedia to shame.

But that was when she was locked up and a slave. now she was closer than she had been in a while to her mother. her mind was an empty pencil. as she was only able to draw blanks.

Her face lit up like someone flipping a switch in her mind. all her thinking a moment ago wouldn't go to waste. seeing as she now knows what she'll ask her first.

Her index finger became erect as her bottom jaw drop.sound began to funnel in her throat like smoke from a tailpipe.

But before she could speak. a loud terrifying scream is heard coming a few hundred meters away from where the group was resting.

"Help, help, please, someone help me," it took a moment but closing in from the distance was a little boy with a terrible haircut. running as fast as his little legs will take him.

They stand up preparing for whatever is to come.

Aizin removes two wooden items from underneath his hat. they were the size of his hands and had strange carvings in them.

"Are those swordless handles?" ask Calico.

"They are sword handles but they aren't swordless," responded Aizin.

Aizin clapped the two wooden handles together. and liquid leak from the top of them. forming into two full blades.

"What in the hell are those?"

"My liquid-metal blades," Aizin laughs. "Are you Jealous?"

"Ha, not even," says Calico as his right pupil change size and his fists glow a yellow color.

"Help, help," screams the little boy.

Roach takes off for the child as his face smacks the ground.

Roach runs even harder toward the little boy. His face raises and his arms extend,"Hel-."

Behind him, through a thick blinding fog. a large creature appears. Roach couldn't quite make it out. but she felt no fear racing toward the child.

The creature growls as it large paw prepares to slam on the child's back. the impact will surely kill the child.

Aizin and Calico launched into action but not even their speed was fast enough to get to the little boy.

Roach solid head start means, she's the little boy's only option. The creature's claws extend from its colossal paws. it let out another furious growl, slamming it's paw down to the earth like a falling asteroid.

"Nooo!" yells Calico.

Rock and debris flew up high from the earth as if the area had no gravity around it.

Calico and Aizin stomach twist as their eyes widen.

"Roach," they both yelled now closer to the scene of the crime.

The dust settles as Roach is revealed holding the little boy in her arms. Covering him like a bedspread.

Aizin and Calico land's near the creature attacking it. but they only nipped at its retracting leg.

It withdrew quickly only for its titanic eyes and fangs to be seen through the fog.

"What the hell is that thing?" says Aizin.

"I have no clue," responds Calico.

Roach holds the boy in her arms assessing his damages. she tries to wake him and for a brief moment, he came to, saying in a weak voice, "Help me" passing out again.

"I think I scared it away," says Aizin.

"oh yeah, with your hat swords?" responds Calico.

"What did you say, scarf-boy?" fires back Aizin.

The two rub each other like clouds producing thunder like roars.

"You're lucky, we even freed you, a liar!"

"Liar!! Free me? you're lucky she freed you."

The two were like alpha animals, ready to rip each other heads off.

"Shut up!" Roach screams as tears leak from her eyes, "can't you see this kid needs our help."

"Yeah, she's right," Calico agrees. "we should go hunt it down."

"That's the stupidest thing I've heard from you in the last five minutes." Aizin put his swords away, "It's clear we need to avoid it."

"Why' because you're a liar. as well as a coward now." says Calico.

"What did you say, scarf-boy!"

The two were back at again. This time Roach paid them no attention. she stands up holding the boy in her arms like a baby.  Walking along the path of grass.

"Roach," Says Calico. "hey, Roach."

She says nothing only continuing walking.

"What's her problem?" Aizin asks Calico.

Calico looks at Aizin with a blank face. walking away following Roach.

"Geez, why so stiff?" says Aizin following behind both of them.

The boy wakes up.

"Where am I? who are you?" cries out the little boy. "We have to escape."

The boy tries to free himself from her arms but it was to no avail. she had a firm grip on him.

"The forest? why are we in the forest? we need to get out of the forest." says the boy.

Roach stops which causes the other two to stop as well.

"you're injured, no walking for you." Says a sincere Roach.

"But my poppa, my momma." his eyes fills with tears as he clings onto her neck like a piece of jewelry.

Taking another rest, this time there was no laying down. Standing and talking. Agreeing together it's better to be aware of their surroundings.

"Now tell us, what's going on, little one," Roach says placing the boy on the ground.

His tongue felt swollen in his mouth. He wasn't sure where to begin. So Roach made it easier for him. by asking him a simple question like what is his name.

"Moe," he responded.

"Well, Moe. We are friends, we need to know what's going on so we can better help you," says Roach placing her hand on the boys dirted covered face.

"Well, as you know there are eight forests that make up the living district," said Moe.

As Calico and the other look around each other in confusion.

"uhm-of course, duh," responded Aizin.

Roach shot a death stare at him. he gave back a stare and gesture that interprets back sorry.

The little boy takes a moment before going into his story. He began with his day. which he spent gathering 30 spice seeds for his mom. and 100 rum kernels for his father.

He tells them about their clan feast.

"The adults told stories. and we listen and dance around a great fire," says Moe with quivering lips.

Roach felt her heart melt a little in her chest. Placing her palm on his messy face. caressing it with her thumb.

He continued on, "my father is the chief of forest district four." his face turns away from Roach.

"A strong man. he wrestled an ox-tiger. it crept into our district a few nights ago. tonight was a celebration. or suppose to be."

"So, what happens?" says Calico raising his eyebrow.

Roach didn't even bother to turn. she raises and flips her hand back like swatting at a gnat. a gnat name Calico.

"Our clan Uncle gathered the little ones around. it was story time from a clan elder. every celebration has one."

Moe clears his throat as tears build up.

"He was telling us about the myth of Chimera."

"Myth of Chimera?" interjecting Aizin.

"Yes, what is that?" inquired Roach as well.

"A dumb story. that's all it was supposed to be. I've heard it a hundred times." he cries, "why, now?"

Roach rubs the back of the boy's head.

"But what is a Chimera?" ask Calico.

The boy looks up with tears flooding his face. he maintains his voice and without missing a beat.

He tells them of the Chimera. a gruesome foul beast. a fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.

Aizin couldn't believe what he was hearing. asking the kid if he was being truthful.

The boy snaps at Aizin. telling him he wouldn't lie about the horrific slaughter of his clan.

"bodies were burnt to crisp. I tried to touch one. and it crumbled with no effort. my sister is buried underneath my nails."

Ben flex his hands showing his dirty fingernails. Aizin stopped inquiring.

"Where did it come from?" Ask Calico.

"My clan uncle summoned it."

He goes on telling them about their clan spirit. and how a crazy ritual went eerie. what was once dancing around bright red flames. Turned into something dark, something so dark it made the fire turn an ill green color.

Roach held him tighter. "The statue sits at the front line of our village. it is a scare tactic to keep thieves and beast from entering our village."

"So it came to life?" ask Aizin.

"Yes, when a strange bolt of lightning struck it. it's tail change first devouring the clan uncle in a single bite."

Ben turns his head back into Roach bosom.

"So, it came to life, and attack your clan?"

Ben rubs his face deeper into Roach's chest.

"Damn, Calico can't you see he's scared."

Aizin wipes the drool from his mouth. "Hey, I'm scared too," licking his lips, "can I get a spot there too for warmth?"

Calico turns to punch him in the arm. Aizin rubs his arm, "I'm joking."

A twig snaps.“d-did, you guys hear that?” ask Aizin.

Calico maintains he hasn't heard a thing. Calling Aizin a coward again to which Aizin responded with “scarf-boy.” the two got in each other face. When a loud growl sounded off.

“See, I told you-I heard something!” gloated Aizin.

“Yeah, well you’re going to be hearing my fist if you don’t shut up.” Responded Calico.

The sound is drawing closer as fog starts rolling in from the forest. “It's the Chimera,” cried Ben. Roach comforts him telling him to relax it won’t hurt him.

“W-We will?” shivers Aizin. Calico elbows him,”uh-yes we will,” He says standing up straight clearing his throat.

The beast leaped from the forest area clawing for Roach and Ben. Who were sitting ducks for the predator? But lucky for them, Calico jumped in pushing them out of the way.

Aizin drew his blades telling the Chimera to make his day. The beast and he, stood face to face, eye to eye. Aizin was in disbelief. He had only heard about the Chimera as a child but never thought he will live long enough to see one in person.

No, better yet kill one. At this moment Aizin is in awe by the mythical creature. But the laws of evolution state it’s kill or be killed.

The chimera goes to slash Aizin but is block by his blades. It roars as it’s serpent head tail tries to take a bite out of him. But it misses its target when he leaps back a reasonable distance from the creature.

“My turn,” says Cal.

His right eye still illuminating a yellow color from it. It was more of an aura flowing from it.

He leaps and punch the beast in the face and knocks it back toward a tree.

“Lucky punch,” says Aizin.

Calico runs toward the creature with hopes of grabbing it. but he is tripped by stepping in a mud puddle. Which seemed deeper than it appeared.

The creature tail was coming in for another chop when Aizin blade swung for it. It retracting back.

“What the hell are those fools doing?” says Ben.

Roach looks down at him with a weird face. “I mean, what the hell are those fools doing. They’re giving it a good beat down.” he slams his face back into her breast. Crying tears.

Aizin leaps over Calico preparing to slash at the Chimera. When one voice changes everything.

“Get out here you stupid beast,” screams Ben.

Fog increase heavily in the area so much that it became impossible to see. As landed but his attack didn’t connect to anything but two trees slicing them in half.

“What’s going?” says Roach seconds away from losing a lung if she coughs any harder.

“Yeah what gives? I was just about to lay it to.”

Aizin feels something grabs at his leg, he shrinks,”It’s got my leg, save yourselves-but me first.”

Calico pulls himself up, “stop being a baby, it’s me.”

“Baby-I’ll show you a baby if this fog ever clears up.”

Roach hugs Ben even tighter reassuring him with her love. Ben thanks her for help. Thinking to himself “damnnit, this needs to speed up.” but he slipped up and said out loud, “we need to get back together.”

Roach agrees with him that’s a good idea. She tells Cal and Aizin to return back to her. “It’s better to be in a pack than be picked off one by one.”

“I would if I could,” shouts Aizin waving his hands in the air trying to feel for something solid in his reach.

“You’ll use less,” Calico says grabbing his arms, “follow me.”

Aizin tells him to be easy as he is being dragged along. Calico tells him to shut-up, he’s giving away their location.

Roach stands up holding Ben,”good, we’re back together.”

“Yeah, well what’s next?” ask Calico.

“Yeah, this fog is killing me,” responds Aizin.

“It’s simple, we keep traveling.” boast Roach.

“What that suicide!” shouts Aizin.

“Not as long as we stick together,” said Roach.

“Yeah, I’m not sure why. But when I calm down, I can see somewhat through the fog.” Calico says as they traveled in the formation of a triangle.

Calico on the left, Aizin on the right and Roach and Ben at the back center. Entering into another part of the forest everything is quiet. A little too quiet as Aizin notes.

The fog increase a tad more as Roach feels a hand wrap around her mouth. And before she could scream she is yanked into the darkness.

Ben screams for her as Calico and Aizin turns and see her disappear. “Oh I'm scared.” cries Ben touching Cal’s arm and Aizin’s leg.

They try to reassure him everything is fine and they will find her. But before behind them, a twig snaps causing them to jump in turn front in center.

Aizin draws his blades again as Calico’s fist burned a yellow color once more. The two of them said nothing only bumping fist.

The beast launches for them but they both dodge it by splitting up. Calico turns to grab Ben but he too is missing now. “Damnit, this isn’t good.” he thinks to him.

Aizin comes in for a swing and misses the creature as it fades away in the fog. “What the- there is no way my blades didn’t connect. And what this?” Aizin stops to shake his foot dry. “shit I stepped in more water.”

“Hey, is the kid with you?” shouts Calico.

“NO, isn’t he with you?”

Calico motions towards him, “Shit, this isn’t good.” Aizin spins, “you hear that?” he scratches his blades together.

“There!” shouts Calico. The creature leaps from a bush slash out at Aizin knocking him back toward a tree. His body smacks against it hard cracking the limbs of the trees.

Calico screams for him as the Chimera tail bites down on his shoulder drawing blood. It lifts him up like a bag in wind and dangles his body.

He screams in pain and agony.

Aizin appears in a sudden flash slicing the tail of the beast and freeing Calico in the process.

“You alright?” the beast growled in terrible pain.

“I’ll be better once I ring that thing neck.”

“Well, get in line. He’s mines first.”

The monster continued growling and running in circles of pain.

It roars one final time, letting an out a phrase they thought they would never hear from the beast,”M-my arm!”

The two stood and confusion. They line up back to back. As the creature fades away again. This he would not be gone for long. This time its return spell catastrophic for the two of them.

The fog increase stronger and thicker than it has prior. And this time it wasn’t just one creature with massive glowing eyes. There were multiple creatures stepping forward in the fog. Some on the ground and others standing on branches staring down.

Murder fills the eyes of the creature.

“Any bright ideas?”

“Yeah, draw your blades and slash everything that comes near us.”

“Now, that’s the smartest thing- you’ve said all evening.

The beasts let out a thunderous roar in harmony attacking Calico and Aizin.

Aizin noticed as the beast leaped from the branch no leaves were rustled. And Calico notice that beast striking them but out of ten paws only two of were landing.

They both in the back of their minds know something is all. They dodge the beast the best they could for several minutes. The results were a few slashes here and a few cuts there.

It seems like the trees were taking the most of the damages from both ends.

“Hey, scarf-boy,” Aizin says fending off a chimera. “What, liar!” responds Cal punching and missing two of the beast.

“You said, you can see through the fog right?”

“Yeah, so what about it?”

“Well pick a hiding spot and I’ll follow, I have an idea.”

Calico took a second and then his thinking started aligning with Aizin’s. “I think I understand,” he stops for a moment in gains his focus.

Through a sea of fog, chimeras, and trees Calico found one large and sturdy tree that stood up to him in the worst way.

“Now, let's move liar!” says Calico jetting toward the tree with no regards for the danger around him.

Aizin who was in the middle of two hunger Chimera about the pouch on him. leap above both causing them to smack heads. He lands following the pieces of yellow aura he sees flowing from Calico.

They both arrive behind the tree.

“Something is not right here?”

“Scarf-boy you’ll tell me.”

“Have you noticed the water?”

“Yes, but what’s really bothersome is the fog.”

“Cause it’s so much of it?”

“No, the fact that even as thick as it is, I can see through it.”

The two were closing to solving this mystery when the Chimera pinpoints their location and destroyed the mighty tree in a single swipe.

“No time for talking now let's just by a little more time,” says Aizin.

So an intense game of hiding and seek began. The two saving energy by not attacking the creature. But instead hid behind trees till they came up with a more reasonable plan.

Each tree they hid behind resulted in its destruction and they nearly escaping. “Something has to give,” says Aizin struggling to catch his breakfast.

He announced he is growing tired from not eating since early this morning and twice again during lunch. He admits to stealing one of the gravity brothers lunch.

Cal scans the area and sees a tree. A special one he couldn't believe he had been avoiding this home time. He whispers something in the Aizin’s ear. At first, Aizin was against it but soon started to grin. “Well, this better work! And you better keep your word.”

The two split up Aizin going toward the tree Calico choose and Calico going the opposite direction. The Chimeras all stop at the spot the two were last at. They were unsure, which way to go. But it was just as Cal had anticipated.

The beast growls and split up. Aizin stomachs growl, “Man-I can use a burger, some fries, pizza, pasta, ribs,” he licked his lips as food flowed through his mind.

He closed his eyes then opened them as he was seconds away from smacking his face on the tree. He avoids it hiding behind it. “Man, that jerk better be right about this.”

Calico now being chased by several Chimeras smiles as the beast was fallen directly into his plan.

Aizin stomach growls once more this time a little louder. “Man, I need to eat.” he chuckles a bit you those stupid Chimeras are all chasing at Cal and his dumb scarf. “Damn, more water.”

The beast circled around a laughing Aizin. “Oh, shit.”

Calico led the beast in a circle as he runs with a full of head steam toward the tree. Aizin is hiding behind.

The beast growl and move slowly toward Aizin, his blades are drawn and he is ready for whatever to occur.

As the creatures prepare to close in on Aizin, he forms his blades like a shield and turns toward the tree exposing his back to the creature. “Damn,-you scarf-boy, you better be right.” the creatures all launch toward Aizin in a fit of rage.

Calico is only inches away from the tree, as one chimera presumably the alpha beast is only inches away from him.

The beast releases both sets of claws going in for the kill. Swipe twice towards Calico but misses as Cal trips on the ground. But the impacts of the claws crushes the tree.

From the tree, Roach and Ben flow and landed on Aizin. And the beasts seconds from devouring Aizin all disappeared.

The creature stopped as well, it could have been from confusion, or maybe it was shocking. But the other Chimera faded away as well.

Calico appears behind the creature back. lifting it with relative ease and slams it on his head successfully knocking out the creature.

Fog starts to dissipate the once furious turns into two beings. They were sigma, the blue skin and multiple arms said it all. Cal assisted the both of the men and noticed one of them only had had three arms instead of the normal four.

The Sigma missing and arm was chubby and bald, and blue missing an arm. While the other one had a small afro and wore a bow tie.

Moments later, Roach and Ben regain consciousness. Aizin coughs lifting the two off of him. Walking toward Calico, “I guess, you were right scarf-boy.” he smiles at Cal.

“Yeah, and we got Roach back.” both of them turns at a newly awakening Roach.

“Well what's up stranger?” jokes Calico to Roach.

“The chimera-we have to keep moving.” she snaps back to realizing the danger they were in.

“Easy-easy, we have a bigger problem than that like these two clowns for instance.” Say Aizin, placing his swords away.

Roach looks down near them. “Who are they?”

“Well that’s what we’re about to find out,” responds Calico. “Now, if only we had some rope.” he kicks at the ground.

“Oh, I have some underneath here.” Aizin reaches underneath his hat and pulls out a roll of rope.

“You just keep rope undeath your hat?” Screamed Calico.

“Uh, don’t you?”

“No, no normal person does.”

“Says, the guy who needs rope.”

“God, you’re so weird.”

Roach snaps gaining their attention and by this time Ben has waking up fully. He looks at Roach, then Aizin, next Calico, and then finally at the two defeated Sigma. “W-what, no way!”

Everyone turns to stare at Ben.

“You know these guys?” insisted Roach.

Ben about swallow his tongues saying he doesn’t.

“Well, good, these two have a lot of explaining to do,” Calico says approaching them with rope in his hands.

A few moments later... 

“Hey, dummy number one and dummy number two, wake up,” Aizin says slapping both of them in the face. Calico tells him that’s an enough as the two figures wake up.

Their heads spin as their eyes open. Blinking three long times trying to find their equilibrium. “What happen?” says the one missing an arm. “Why won’t the forest stop spin,” rebuttals the other one.

“Wake up already! You bastards got some explaining to do,” shouts Aizin.

The two figures came to quick and came close to following over. Calico push Aizin out of the way he walked over to the two Sigma. They squirm around in the rope like a worm rising from the earth during heavy rain.

“Who are you two?” Calico says in a soft manner bends down to face them eye to eye. They both were sweating heavily and at a lost of words. So at the same time, they replied, “Who us?”

“W-why we’re a bunch of nobodies.” says the one missing an arm.

“A bunch of nobodies,” says Calico with a raised eyebrow.

“Yup, just two no ones.” he continues on to say.

“Geez, speak for yourself Lawrence.” says the other tied Sigma.

Roach stands back holding Ben dumbfound the two Sigma. Ben feels a sudden coldness tickle the back of his neck. He lets out a small yelp. “Idiot,” he says out loud.

“I know, he just gave away his friend name,” says Roach.

Ben neck stiffens as he slowly turns toward Roach. “She heard me? I gotta stop thinking out loud.” Roach smiles at him.

“Come on, let get closer.”

“Closer!” Ben says as anxiety-soaked in his skin as if he were a sponge.

“Yes, I need a front row seat for this.”

“I think, I’ll stay right here.”

Roach takes a second allowing his words to process in her mind. She agrees to place him down but she opted out of going on toward that way instead she held the boy’s hand.

Lawrence smacks head against the other Sigma and tells him not to give up his name. The other Sigma eyeball rotates from one to the other doing a full circle spin.

He clack’s his head back into Lawrence's head protesting, “Hey, what the big deal? Don’t headbutt me.” Lawrence's eyes did the exact same thing as his partners. “Well don’t say my name, Curtis.”

Our heroes including Ben face about drop when Lawrence announced Curtis name.

Ben can’t help but say out loud, “God damn these idiots.”

Aizin pushes Calico out of the way grabbing the Sigma by their shirts. “I’m going to crack both of your skulls if you two don’t start speaking up.” They both agreed to stop if he agreed to stop choking them.

“Now, why did you two attack us?”

“Hey, don’t take it personally just doing our job.”

“And what job is that? Murdering villagers and terrorizing a kid? Shouted Roach from behind them.

Aizin and Calico turn back to the Sigma. “Yeah, about that stuff!” says Aizin poking the closest one to him the chest.

Calico pauses in though as the two Sigma continued on explaining themselves. He grabs Aizin who is arguing with the two, “Something is not right.” Calico says with a serious face.

“Yeah, these two are morons,” responds Aizin clenching his fist staring back at the two who were still fighting amongst themselves. “Exactly,” said Calico staring him in his eyes.

Calico whispers something else in Aizin’s ear which he loved without a doubt. “You still- have to keep your last promise.” Aizin reminded him drawing his blades.

Calico eyes glow yellow and so did his fist. The two Sigma stutter trying to speak over each. Rocking back and forward almost fallen over. They start crying and pleading for them not to hurt them.

Aizin grinds telling them it’s already too late for that now. That’s when it happens, Ben shouted at the two nitwits. “Just used your strength to break the rope. It’s not rocket science you idiots.”

The two Sigma stop whining as they realize the point he made was a valid one. “Gee, boss you know everything,” says Curtis.

Roach, Calico, and Aizin felt hairs stand on the backs of their necks. As the word boss echo through all the ears like a loop song.

The Sigma break through the ropes laughing at how easy that was Cal and Aizin prepares themselves to face the two. But feels as if a switch in their body is turned off. When they here Roach yells.

Ben’s shirt ripped as he turns into his true form. Which was still the size of an eight-year-old boys body. But he had two additional arms he had been hiding underneath his shirt. he has her tied up in his four arms.

“You imbeciles, how could you mess up such an easy job.”

“Gez boss we’re sorry, look I down to three,” says Laurence waving his other arms.

“Yeah, we sorry boss. These guys are tough, tougher than tough. And then tougher than that tough.”

Ben shouts at them telling them he cares not about their excuses or missing appanages. They have a job to do and they are hanging on by a thread as is. The two Sigma place their heads down kicking at the earth.

He apologizes to them telling them,”it’s all fine if you bring their heads.” but no sooner than he said that he felt a sharp pain rip through his body. It was a fuse lit from his groin and exploded in his chest.

His arms release Roach as he fell to the ground rolling around holding his privates. You all types of profanity language against her.

The two Sigma were distracted by Ben to noticed Cal and Aizin make their move and knock the two goons down. Calico flipped Curtis toward Roach. As Aizin did the same to Lawrence.

Ben stop rolling around long enough to asked Roach, why would she kick a child. To which she laughs and states she’s been on to him the who time. “you’re no child. More like childish.” lifting her leg as if she’s going to squash him like the bug he is.

Calico and Aizin stand shoulder to shoulder with her. Cal places his hands on her shoulder asking if she is alright. Roach answer with a smile.

“Hold up wait second,” Roach and Cal’s moment came to end. As they focus on Aizin. “Ben’s is the boss of the Chimera?” he says placing his hand over his mouth and pointing his finger.

Roach and Calico both grinding down on their teeth clenching their fist punching him in his arms.

“There is no chimera!” say both of them.

Ben yells asking her how did she know that. He states they’ve done it dozens of times and there was no way some punk kids could have known their tactics.

Roach place her finger on her jaw and her eyes wander up. She removes her finger from her face placing it in the air. She began speaking.

“Well, you guys made it painfully obvious.”

“W-what no way! You’re lying! This strategy is full proof.”

“Says the guy, laying on the ground,” interjected Aizin.

Ben screams again slapping both his Subordinates across the face. They both shook it off attempting to return the favor. But he ducked both of them. Causing them to smack each other in the process.

Ben pinches Curtis nose while hooking his hand in Lawrence's mouth.

Roach screams at them calling them buffoons. She hated to say it but they were worse than Calico and Aizin when they bicker. She turns and sees Cal and Aizin laughing uncontrollably at the three Sigma.

“What’s funny?” she inquired but couldn’t get a solid word out of either of them. Just a string of words such as, “Slap, face, nose, jaw.” each word was muffled between a laugh.

Roach shakes her head thinking, “It must be a guy thing.”

She clears her throat trying to gain their attention but this had no effect. She tries once more and it’s the same as the last time. She shouts getting them to calm down and surpassing their wild behavior.

"So, how'd you know?'' asked Ben.

"Come to think of it, how did you?" pondered Aizin.

"Well, I thought it was strange at first but fog never affected me. Say, Calico.

"Well, now I know you're fibbing. my mirage powers are bar-none." Says Lawrence spitting at the ground.

"Well that may be so but you're forgetting one thing?" says Calico.

"Oh yeah and what's that?" says Lawrence.

"Mirages need water," responds Calico.

Lawrence face dropped at this true revelation he had nothing to counter back with.

"And unless you have a mastery over water I don't suppose it was you who created that water," says Calico.

"Yeah, I thought about that myself." Chimed in Aizin.

"What do you mean?" asked Ben.

"I noticed when Cal trip in the muddy grass. it was wet," says Aizin.

"S-so?" Interjected Lawrence.

"So, it hasn’t rain today. We passed three forests dry as a bone," responds Aizin.

Lawrence swallow whatever was in his throat. He stutters as he spoke.

"W-what about the Chimera?" asked Curtis.

“Funny thing when the Chimera split I was able to see that the others were an illusion," responded Calico.

“But everyone is scared of a Chimera," said Curtis.

"That’ maybe so but when Aizin slashes your tail earlier I noticed in the grass an arm," says Aizin.

"So?" responds Curtis.

"So? you’re missing an arm dumb-dumb.” Aizin says shaking his head in disapproval.

Ben tussle back and forth trying to break himself out of the rope and he was getting some kind of feedback. maybe it's because his works were double his size and could have broken free at their own leisure.

"Wait, so how did you know I was lying?" inquired Ben.

“Well, I’m not proud to admit it but it took a second. Your speech about your sister ashes underneath your nail had me going,” says Roach.

"Then, how did you know?" said Ben.

I noticed your words never match your actions." says Roach.


"Just before I was snatched, I thought all this time you were speaking about Cal and Aizin. But it dawns on me you weren't'. so, from that point on I kept a special eye on you."

"So that's it? you had a feeling I was talking to the two idiots. so you pegged me a crook?!" yelled Ben.

"Well, when you were telling the story of your sister's death, you cried in my chest."


"So, my shirt was bone dry."

Ben felt his whole world shattered. He is confused by the fact some kids outmaneuver him and his man. His shook with anger his hair is about stand up. "some punk kids? Are you freaking serious, Some punk kids?"

he couldn't take all the taunting and laughing in his head so he snapped.

"Three pawns assemble!" Ben screams as the three stooges break free of the rope."Knightmare mode" Ben calls a final piece of instruction.

Lawrence hopped onto Curtis' neck and Ben hopped on to Lawrence's neck. Fog extended from Lawrence's hand as a beam of light exploded through the thick fog.

Curtis has turned the trio into a furious creature with the head possessing the body of an eagle with great wings. the midsection is a great black bear and the lower section being a buffalo.

"I have no idea, what the heck that is but we need to something fast," Aizin says preparing his blades to strike.

"We can't kill them?" yells Roach.

"What? why not? they want to cause harm to us" says Aizin

"No, my gut is telling me they are well -intention."

"Well, we need to do something fast, before that things claws, talon, or stamped us to death."

Aizin didn't want to listen to Roach he just wanted to get rid of the threat and maximize their chance of safety.

"Trust me, they aren't working with the Sigma."

Aizin took a second but soon lower his blades as the creature rushed at full speed attacking the crew. luckily for Aizin and Roach, Calico is quick on feet he pushed them out of the way. His fist glowing yellow the creature charged back at him.

Roach and Aizin yell for him to get out of the way but Cal refuses to stop the lower half of creature with just his glowing hands. The middle section growl as the top half shriek both of them going into claw Calico's eyes out.

There are clash and luck for Cal. Aizin makes it just in time to defend him. Calico lifts the lower half and slams the creature.

"We need to end this now," shouts Roach.

The beast top half flapped its great wings generating a power winds strong enough to knock down lose trees. the creature was off and scoping Roach up before Cal or Aizin could react.

"Shit, what do we do now?" asked Aizin.

"Give me a second, I'm thinking." response Cal.

The creature is flying around in circles above their head as Roach hangs on for dear life. The height is making Roach light head and she is near passing out but for she does. To make matters worse the creature created a thick cloud of smoke to make it harder for our heroes.

Before Roach passes out she makes one simple obvious while looking down on Calico and Aizin. "They look like ants." the creature roared letting go of her.

"Cal, holy crap. they dropped her we need to do something and do it fast," says Aizin.

"Think, think, think, I got it!"

"Really, what's your plan?"

Calico whisper something into Aizin's ear causing him to yell out loud, "What you sure that'll work?" Cal reassured him he ran the play in his head several times.

"okay, scarf-boy, I'm going to trust you." Aizin places his hand on Cal's shoulder.

"At least I hope it does," Calico thinks quietly to himself.

Calico closed his eyes taking a deep breath he calm his nerves and allow himself to focus. He tells Aizin he's ready, he opens his eyes and sees a blue aura where the creature is and sees another aura fallen for the ground.

He shouts for Aizin to go which cause him to run full speed at Calico and be catapulted into the sky. Calico shout's just remembered to knock him out and not kill them. Aizin hears him but can't make any promise. meanwhile Calico sprints twenty feet left of his to catch Roach.

She wakes up in his arms and says, "we didn't hurt them did we?" as she asks this question a loud crash is heard behind her as the dust clears and it's revealed to be Aizin stand on the body of them.

"Eh-no we just told them it was naptime."

Several moments pass as the group set forth back on their journey. The triple pawns were still out of commission tied up to a tree. "There be someone else problem," said Calico as they as reach closer to a new forest district.

"So, scarf-boy you never told me how'd you know where to attack them," said Aizin.

"I mean, I calm down and focused and when that happens I saw their aura just floating there."

"So, how'd you know where to attack them,"

"Oh, I just assume the head. Ben was the brains after all and I sense he was the one who had the real insight."

Aizin gets angry as he noticed Calico still doesn't answer his question. The two entered in the new district with tempers flared. They survived the triple pawn on their journey to Roaches mother's house but what else do these wild and crazy forests have in store for the trio?

I can think of one thing, in particular, a white-haired man wearing a cowboy vest. He saw everything on his portable monitor and laughs as he knew the triple pawn brothers would be nothing but failures. the old man passes a few wood areas laying out a variety of traps.

He reaches the passing zone planting a massive electrical net under the ground. He covered it with dirt grass and various other items. He turns and spots a good tree to spy on them from grabbing for the grappling gun he aims and fire. but the grappling hooks shoot pass the branch.

He gets angry and starts on a roll of cuss words. so he climbs the tree but when he does this he realizes the button he needs to act the net is still on the ground and so is boot prints. He cusses going down the tree when a blue butterfly float passes him scaring him causing him to fall fifteen feet to the earth. "I'm okay he tells himself."

He hears them coming so he quickly grabs the items and climbs the large tree. by the time he reaches the top it was too late they had already passed through. but no worries because he is confident his traps are not only foolproof but they are one hundred percent deadly. How will how heroes evade this new mysterious foe.

"I will catch the kids or my name isn't Chace the Hunter," The old man shouts laughing from the tree. the blue butterfly hoovers pass him again scaring him causing him too far from the tree for the second time.

He throws his thumb up in the air, "I'm okay!" he says before passing out.

Back on the Senate Prison Towel- West Sector 229, Raven is readying herself for war.

Raven enters in a temple lighting several incenses placing each one of them in the mouth of a phoenix bird.

The room starts to become brighter and only four slabs of walls are depicted as a phoenix being born, living, dying, and being reborn again.

She turns and before her, is a giant golden statue of a phoenix. Raven bowls and begins to pray to it.

She prays for birth, she prays for death. she for peace and she pray for war. she rarely visited this one like she wanted to. but it is more than a simple room, it is something special. The God's would have considered this room a secret place amongst themselves.

She heads to another room where she keeps her arsenal any item of war you name she has it. Knife, daggers, arrows, one side of the wall. whips, spears, golden knuckles on another. but she enters the woman in went straight for her most precious weapon.

It was the weapon she completes her first mission with and it will be the weapon she completes hers last on with. it was her twin blades, "Loa and Etna."

She grabbed Loa which was crafted for her left hand. The Sword glared as she held it in her hands looking at her long black hair in the sword. The sword had a carve at the end of it in the shape of a talon.

She arrives in another room where she slices her hair with a dagger. Her hair is now in a ponytail that sits on top of her head. and her war paint had been applied to her face the only item she was missing was in another room.

Her steel beak, she wears it over her face and she headbutts in individual it could crack the skull with a single blow. She moves to one final room full of flaming impaled skulls.

She approaches a giant door with a phoenix emblem on it she opens it. inside it, there is armor with The helmet shaped like a phoenix head with her metal beak completing her bird-like appearances. Her chest plate armor had flaming circles on each side. with black smoke like paint underneath the balls of fire.

Her Sode was made of Chromium and Kote were crafted from titanium.

She places her blades 'Loa and Etna' in her into her Tekko which were arm shields. She is completed only thing left to do is for her to span one hour meditating.

In this hour of meditation, she will focus and calm the flames of her inner core while quelling her inner beast. She learned this as a child and understand this ritual to be of the utmost importance.

She closed her eyes sitting and crossing her legs one over the other. she finds herself consumed by darkness, she walks down a straight path of darkness. flames igniting behind as she reaches her final destination before her a shadowy figure is sitting in a gigantic cage made of flames.

She approaches it, the creature neck is as long as a skyscraper.

"Hello, my child." The massive creature said raising its head.

"Hello, Tambora," she stops in front of the cage.

Out of the shadows, a colossal head appeared it was a bird which appeared naked in a way.

"I'll take your presence here means, a great battle is upon us." said the large bird.

"Yes, Tambora, it's him. he returns," said Raven placing her hand on the flaming cage.

The massive bird screech and its voice were so powerful it knocked the flames away from the cage. Raven smiled tilling the beast not to lose its wit. She announced they've defeated him before so what would be different about this time around.

"It isn't the boy that angers me, it is his keeper," cries Tambora.


"Well, his keeper is of no factor, it took most of my strength and nearly my life but she perished at my hands," says Raven.

Tambora twists her head and face at Raven, "Then what is the problem my child," asked the great bird.

"I want your blessing," Raven says bowing at the bird. "I've been instructed that he may be stronger than last time."

"My blessing?" Tambora lends back standing up," are you sure, I am but a part of you."

"Yes, I'm sure. the greatest strength I have gather comes from myself." Raven places her hand in front of the cage.

"Well, may flames protect your body and incinerate any enemy foolish enough to stand before you."

Raven closed her eyes as flames ignited Tambora massive body. Tambora cries out in sheer pleasure.

"As the fires burn your body, the stronger we will become," Raven said entering into Tambora cage.

Tambora radiates bright and beautiful she is the last of her kind and she grows stronger with every death Raven suffers from. but the last time Raven face death was during her battle with Calico which was over sixty years ago. now Raven needs time to properly recuperating her true strength.

Tambora is apart of her, so or like, her inner perception of herself. The flames she places upon her aren't deadly but they fuel the creature until it's true strength is manifest and then it becomes a battery source for Raven to draw strength from. she says her goodbyes to her spirit beast.

Raven's eyes fling open, as she gathers her necessary items for the battle that will soon take place. she arrives in the Overseers fleet prepare for their mission took take place on the Capitol. 

"Ah, Raven are you ready?"

"Ready, as I'll ever be that's good. today we take no prisoners."

"This I know,"

They along with small army exit for the Capitol.

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Episode 3- Living District (What’s haunting you?)

Traveling through the woods the three find themselves lost. Calico makes jokes about the last encounter with triple pawn brothers. While Roach, daydreams about seeing her mother. She smiles at the idea of it. And Aizin complains for several long minutes that feels like an eon.

“How much longer? We’ve been traveling forever,” says Aizin slouching over almost dragging his knuckles huffing and puffing.

“What do you mean how long? You’re the freaking navigator!” Interjected Calico, stopping from walking to shout at Aizin.

“Hey, don’t yell at me.” Aizin snaps as his stomach growls, “I’m hungry, you jerk.

“Yell well, suck it,” responds Calico.“You’ll be fine.”

“You suck it up!” Aizin straightens up, “Bandanna face.”

“Bandanna face?” Calico laughs,”I’m not even wearing a bandanna dummy.”

Aizin’s stomach growled again,” Leave me alone, I told you, I’m hungry.” He crossed his arms turning his nose up at Cal.

“And I’m telling you to suck it up!”

“Hey, buddy what the hell is your problem.”

“Right now you’re my problem.”

“Well right now both of you idiots are my problem,” says Roach as the thought bubble of her mother and her was popped.

“God, won’t you two ever stop complaining?”

This made Calico and Aizin settle down as they appeared to approach a dead end. Well, it’s not a dead end in the traditional sense of the word. But it was an area with many possible routes to traverse.

“Aw, no. there have to be at least ten options to choose from.” cries Aizin as his stomach growls louder.

“What now? Because I have no clue,” asked Calico.

Roach stops and ponders for a second. She lifts up pieces of grass and dirt and allowed them to blow in the wind. Before finally speaking.

“We split up,” says Roach smacking her hands of dirt.

“Y-you sure that’s a good idea?” Chimed Aizin holding his stomach.

“Yeah, I’m with him on this, you sure?” says Calico as he glanced at her, his eyes tight and worried.

Roach stands up walking toward Calico with a risen eyebrow. She steps back and glanced Cal and Aizin.

"Hm, you two aren't afraid of a little dark?" Roach says in a patronizing voice.

"I'm not scared that's for sure," says Calico slamming his fist into his chest.

Roach places her finger near how mouth while panning toward Calico.

"You're not scared are you?" she says pointing at Aizin.

"No, I'm not scared, what about more Sigma like those pawn brothers?" Aizin says scratching his head.

"aw, is whittle Aizin frighten them?"

Aizin almost choked on his tongue. shaking his head, he couldn't find the proper words. so he draws his sword pointing it in the direction of his chosen area of woodland.

"It's settled!" says a perky Roach. "we'll go explore fifteen minutes deep. and then return here."

Three stares at each other taking a deep breath. they nod and take off into their respective area.

AIzin takes the center with Roach taking the six tree from the right. and Calico entering the second to the left.

In the forest deep each hero braved unaware of the horrors or danger. the only thing on their mind was an exit from this wild crazy forest.

Aizin grabs his stomach and groans. yes, an exit and some food.

"Stupid Calico, Stupid Roach. Stupid Rock and Stupid tree."

Aizin stomach felt as someone was firing cannonballs in it.

"Stupid stomach," he grabs his belly final time sprinting through the forest. "Hey, what's that?"

Aizin adjusting his eyes,"Is that? yes, it is! why I'm home free." he leaps up in a happy go lucky manner.

"I can't wait to see the scarf-boy face when Roach thanks me!"

Aizin imagines thought bubbles filled with his wild fantasy.

"Oh, Aizin, you'll so big! and strong! Let's dump that loser scarf-boy and get married forever." a luscious voice Roach says. fanning him with a giant leaf and feeding him the finest fruits.

"Scarf-boy! oh, Scarf-boy." Aizin screams snapping his fingers twice with enough aggression to start a fire.

Calico enters his room wearing a bow tie and small hat.

"Yes, awesome far more handsome and supreme lord Aizin," he says bowing to him.

Aizin glanced down at his own feet. Calico jolted up rushing over to become his leg stool.

Aizin smiles as Roach feeds him another piece of sweet and juicy fruit.  He laughs with joy approaching near the end of forest area.

"What is that?" He sees out in a distance,"Is it a no-way!" he passes the final tree. "a lake."

The lake mirrors the moon. light shimmering from it. illuminating the area.

"And is that?" no way," he says wiping the drool from his mouth.

"A beautiful woman!" he stops for a second to gain a better eye on her.

"What's she doing out here alone? in such a big and dark place."

He sees what he believed to be a beautiful woman with long flowing pink hair floating in the center of the lake. scanning the area he sees no one else.

"I should go back, and report my discover." he thought to himself."But what if something happens to that precious lady? I'll never be able to sleep again."

He turns back and the woman is missing. He searches with his eyes all possible areas of the lake. but in one sudden moment, he notices bubbles appearing from the lake and a hand shots up in the air from the lake like a floating bottle.

"Oh, no! she's drowning!" Aizin without a second thought removes all his items of clothes minus briefs and his hat.

He runs screaming," Don't you worry my love- I'll save you!"   

Meanwhile Calico himself finds a woman puzzling his mind. with each tree and bush pass, he finds himself questioning why he's evening on this quest.

"Damn, Roach! I'm all for helping people and reunited families but it shouldn't be this much work. I rather am," he pauses as Image of her Roach's face appear in his mind.

"Well, she did free me," he said darting through the dark woodland.

Calico had perhaps the best eyesight of the trio. as he only had a single bead of light to go one coming from directly ahead of him.

His body felt like a spaceship burst through the atmosphere slipping into the eternal darkness of space.

"I have to admit, While I was, well I wouldn't call it sleep. I mean, I remember somethings but others seem so foreign to me."  

He steps on twigs with a realization of his actions. He was so deep in thought he had no idea he was being followed.

"I mean, I remember her aura from different times but like our last altercation with Lawrence my mind is kind of foggy."

The creature is closing in on Calico and he hasn't the slight clue. his body is tethered to the world and his mind in some fantasy galaxy.

"Well, she did free me," say, Calico, as he almost tripped slowing down."

He finally became aware that he is prey to some unknown furious creature.

He looked before him in the darkness and saw a pair of bright red glowing. Followed by a vicious howl that could have knocked the moon out of orbit.

"I was being followed," He thinks to himself laughing.

"You have to forgive me, my head wasn't in the game."

Calico right eye glowed a crimson red color along with his fists.

"So, who's going to make the first move?"

Speaking of making the right move. Roach was clearing through her patch of wood with great easy.

She had more moonshine in her area. She wasn't being followed. and though she was small in the frame each step was a stride of three for her.

"I can't believe I'm getting so close to her,"  she says tighten her fist.

"Momma, It's been far too long." She wipes her a tear from her eye. "But now we can be together forever!"

This motivational pumped more adrenaline into her heart. she rejoices in the fact she was no more than a few hours away from her mother.

She thought about her time spent as a slave and the daily abuse she often suffered under the rule of the Overseer. she even remembers the horrible experiments they ran on her.

Touching top of her head, "Never again" she says to herself.

"Even if I have to ditch those two idiots. I will come to you, momma."

Roach sprinted as she was close to entering an opening area.

"Well, that's not fair. if it wasn't for Calico. I'll still be stuck on that ship. and because of Aizin, I have a location and actual chance of finding her.

Roach smiled as she enters the open area."Maybe, it's not all bad,"

"Roooaach," she felt a strange coldness in the air. one that hadn't been present before.

She looks off and she can't believe what she was seeing. it was him, and the big bad blue wolf.

"how did you know I was here?" she says as the nerves in her legs turn into spaghetti strings.

"I'm never far from you, you are my child. we will see each other soon my dear."

"He's not real, it's only my stupid imagination."

She says as she takes an awful tumble and fall.

She rolls for several seconds until she smacks against a thick tree.

It took a few moments but she gathered the marbles called her mind and placed them back in the bowl called her mind.

"ah, that hurt," she touches the back of the head and moves her hand toward her face.

"Is that, blood?" she blinked once touching the back of her again.

She looks up across from and saw something that quickly made her forget about her bruised head.

"w-w-what is that?" her eyes wanted to pop from the skull or at least cradle themselves inside some crevasse of her brain.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing as her eyes pan up on what looks to be a man in a dark pouch hanging from a tree.

"who would do such a horrific thing?"

Roach began to question herself and Aizin's psychic abilities.

"There is no way my mom would live in such a savage place." she thinks to herself.

As she stands up and makes her way toward the lynched man.

She feels her foot press against a small button with locked her in place. a clear glass from all corners of her rose from the ground encasing her in a glass box.

She panics smacking as hard she can against the glass but it's of no use. this was Sapphire glass and fourth hardest glass on the Sigma ship.

She stops when she hears a terrible mechanical laugh.  It's coming from above her.

"Try with all your might human. but you will never break that glass. you are too puny."

"What? who are you? reveal yourself?" she smacks against the glass.

"Who I am is of no importance but what I am is a different story."

The hanging man removed his pouch and is shown to be an actual robot.

"I am. Vinny five but you can call me Grim Reaper, executioner, or my favorite Hangmaster."

The robot laugh evilly again, "We're going to play a game and you don't have a chance in hell of winning."

"A game?" Roach loses feeling in her legs. "What kind of sickbot is he? and why can't I feel my legs?" she says thinking to herself.

"Whatever this is?" she bawls her fist. "It's not good." she releases them.

"So tell me human do you want to play a  game?" says the bot waving its metal arm across its body.

"Something tells me If I say no, he'll just kill me quicker. at least with a game, I have some fear chance. even if it's fifteen percent." she stands up even though it is a struggle.

"I accept your challenge. whatever it is. I will not lose." she can feel the vein in her forehead protruding and throb.

"I just hope Cal and Aizin are having better luck."   

Aizin dives into the water and to his surprise, the water wasn't chilling his bones. but it is dark and blinding he couldn't see his hands in front of him. But he didn't fret after all he did have the best lung capacity and all of his land.   

"Fair lady, fair lady, where are you?" swimming through this lake felt like swimming through wet sand.

He swam till he felt his body mush against another one,"it' her!" he reaches his arms pulling the drowning body closer toward himself. "You're okay now my sweet!" He couldn't place it but something was off.

"Damn it I can hardly see, I could use a light right about now."

And so his wish has fulfilled a light illuminating around him and he sees the beautiful drowning woman. She is magnificent and hair is cut from strands of the sun. :"Awh, she is beautiful." he takes her hand peddling to the top.

Hero Aizin swims to the top drifting off in silly dreams of what the woman he is saving would say to him.

"Oh, Aizin, my goodness! I don't know how I will ever thank you."  He fantasizes, "You're so brave, strong, and handsome," he continues on.

"Say no more my love. we shall be together." Aizin hand flows to the top of his head and then arrive. She grabs his arm and stares deeply into his eyes "Aizin, marry me. and I will not only love you. but I also will cook all your favorite meals." she bowed before him.

Aizin stumbles rumbled jarring him from his daydream and it also made him realize he wasn't swimming anywhere. The woman he was saving body was playing a vicious game of tough of war. It's as if, he's trying to reach the top of the lake with an anchor over his shoulder.  

She slips from his hand as he reaches the top regaining his breath, diving back into the lake he spots her sinking deeper into the body of water.

"What hell is she doing?" Aizin thought to grab an arm."I'm trying to help you damn it."

He yanks at her with all his might. He pulls and launches her above the water. but something horrible occurred.

He notices her bottom half was no existing a blue light illuminating this fact.

"D-did I rip her apart?" bubbles flow from his mouth. "Damn, no way."

His eyes move as fast as they could through the water. "what the hell is that?" he sees it.

a large monstrous fish with other jagged teeth at least one hundred or maybe two hundred barely sitting in its mouth.

The fish had a green orb connected to the top of its head and it's glowing an emerald color before his very eyes.

"Shit, what the hell is that?" trying to swim to the top.

But it's too late a blue light flash behind his back. he reaches the top smack his head against a solid surface.

"No, t-this is ice!" the fish launch towards him with a murderous intent.

Aizin beats on the ice but it's of no use. someone or something has frozen him underneath the lake on purpose.

Lucky for him there is a little piece of the surface just above the like and surface of the ice. it is here, he can catch his breath with what reminding air there is left.

He feels something push against his back as he launched forward and dragged down in the water.

The creature is locking eyes with him so he swings his fist punching it in one of its big red eyes.

It connected but there was not much strength due to the water.

The creature's orb lit up and a crackle appears around it.

"Oh, shit it's doing something," he turns downward and pushes off the ice to evade the attack.

Fortunate for him he got away. but the creature froze the remaining airspace he had.

it is Aizin the human with limited lung capacity versus an aquatic animal. he is in truth.

What makes matters worse is the creature torpedo at him with its orb glowing again

He senses another presence behind him. it was glowing an emerald color. He turns and sees another fish of the same size and viciousness.

"I can really use some help form scarf-boy, right now," he thinks to himself clenching his fist.

Back with Calico in the woods, he is facing off with another fearsome creature.

"Alright you stupid hound, show yourself."

The beast jumps at Calico with its large mouth open. he catches it before its mouth can latch down on him.

His lifts the creature slamming it down on the ground. picking him up again throwing him at a branch of a tree which was shaped like a spear.

"Well that was easy," says Cal staring at the impale hound.

He turns, "Now back to the mission," he rubs his right hand on the back of his head.

"Uh, which way again," he spots an area, "There!"

As Calico prepares to take off he hears a growl behind him. in one motion, he faces the creature as its eyes glow blue. it splits in half and creates another hound.

"Well, this isn't good." the two hounds growls crossing each other path in order to misdirect Cal.

Calico's fist burned even redder as he charges the two massive hounds.

"Someone's gonna have to domesticate you."

He rushes and punch one knocking it back but is nipped from the side by the other.

He lifts one and slams it onto the other. but these creatures refuse to stop.

He just hopes Roach isn't having a tough of a time.

Speaking of Roach she finds her about to begin a deadly game of hangman.

"Let me out of this damn box," she smacks on the glass.

"Resisting is obsolete don't you get it. I've calculated  your chance of death at 98 percent."

A red light beam from the robot eyes scanning Roach from top to bottom.

“Hey, stop it! What is that you’re doing” she continues beating on the glass.

“Relax human, It’s a simple particle scan. Think of it as checking yourself into the game.”

Hangmaster five right hand glows as the ground shakes and up comes a steel slab wall. He laughs as she looks on in awe. “What is this?” she thinks to herself.

“The rules are simple, I will make a single line that represents a letter. I can use the lines to make a single word or phrase. “ he waves his arms as lines began to appear on the walls of the steel.

“For each letter, you guess wrong something will be lost.” she interrupted.

“Lost? Like what?” she screams, “a body part will be replaced with mine.” he laughs fiendishly.

“That’s sick! Just how do you plan to swap our bodies!” she punches the glass.

“Oh, what do you think my particular scan was for earlier.“

Roach head just drop as Hangmaster continues on explaining the purpose of his scan.

“I am but the metal doll and like a metal to a magnet. Particular are drawing to me.”

Roach feel a strong pressure press against her chest as her breathing slows down. Everything becomes comes quiet and darkness ensues her. “What is this strange feeling?” she asked herself.

“It’s me, my dear.” the voice crawled through her ear in the most unpleasant manner.

“Don’t you want to see me again,” the voice stuck spikes in her mind and expand in her thoughts.

“I miss you,” The voice said causing her to screams, “get out of my head.” she pleas.

“We’ll see each other soon,” the voice disappear like dust in the wind.

She found herself back in the game the with trap master. She only could think of seeing her mother and doing whatever it would take to my that dream a reality.

“So, if you miss three times I’ll take a different body part till it is you hang up here. And I standing in your place.if you lose than this rope will turn blue. Then you will have fifteen seconds to live.” he laughs.

“Blah, blah, you are done talking? Are we going to play this game or not?”

Hangmaster was could off guard by her eagerness or was her stupidity. He crunches the numbers in his processor and determines it to be a flaw of a primitive species.

“My, my well let the games began.”  like a game show host a mike appears in hands hand.

“You may start now what will be your first letter?” he points down at Roach as game show music plays from the robots stomach speaker.

“Is there an B?” she feels a sharp pain shoot through her the machine next to her begins to fill up. It read “two percent”

“Oh nope sorry, you getting a shocking.” the bot chuckles. “Maybe you should just guess and get it over with now.”

“Shut up circuit brain, the game is only starting.”  replies Roach, “Now, give me an I”

An I appears on the wall. Roach jumps up in excitement. Hangmaster snared at her telling her not to get too excited. “You’re right the game is only starting.”

For several intense moments, the game continues on with Roach calling out twelve letters. She received a total of 50,000 electric shocks for each letter missed.

“Shit, I can’t get tased my vision is growing blurry.” she struggles to stand up, “what am I doing wrong? It’s just guessing a letter,” she glances at her life bar.

“Shit, it’s at 52% percent. I don’t have too many more guess before I lose.”

“Give it up, human, my scan of you talked me all your strengths and more important your weakness. I know what makes you tick from the inside and out. Try not to worry soon none of this will matter.”

“Has anyone told you, you talk a lot,” she says chuckling.

“Why you insignificant human,” he snaps at her,”I’d say, you’ve participated in a game foul.”

“A game what? Say no fair no I  d-did’” she is tased again before she can even finish her speech.

“You’ve disrespected the hangmaster, now let’s finish this game play. I want to see your lifeless body hang.”  

Aizin was having a tough of enough time as it is battling one sea creature with the ability to turn objects into ice. Now he is battling another with an unknown ability that could spell death for him if he’s not careful.

“Damn, stupid fishes” he reaches for his blades, “I have something just for you two.” he about scream when he realizes the lift on the surface diving in to say the pretty woman.

“Shit, this isn’t good.”  he watches as the two fish approach him at their leisure.

The fish with the blue orb launches and he dodges. The one with the green orb attack next with him narrowly evading it.

The water was dark and if it were not for their glowing orbs he would be able to see a thing. He swings at fish with the green orb turning its course from him. The next one orb crackles and burns blue.

He tries to dodge it but his left leg is caught by the beam. “Shit,” he says as air bubbles escape from his mouth.  

Just when thought things couldn’t get any worse and an emerald light illuminates around his back and he is electrical badly.

If didn’t mean he would drown he will be screaming out in pain. It was a direct hit on his back. And he could spell his singe flesh.

“I need to do something fast or I’m a goner.” He feels one of the fish swipe past his frozen leg.

“Wait, a second,” he flips around from the attack. “My leg, it's not frozen anymore,’ but how?”

He recalls back on when his leg was first frozen,” ah, that’s it.  The concentrated electric blast must have destroyed the ice from behind my leg. Making it weaker in the front.” his stomach growls.

“Shit, I’m so hungry right now. I can feel my strength zapping fast.” his head feels light as well.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Aizin heavy thinking almost lead to him being ripped to pieces.

“I got it!”  he said charging at the green orb fish. “I’ll just rip the electric beam off his head when he can’t shock me.” he was within arms reach of the orb when a powerful sudden realization force his body to roll over. Causing him to avoid a backside ice beam fused with the electric one.  

“Damn, I can’t attack one with the other one attacking me first. I’m really in trouble.”

The fish each took turns nipping away at Aizin his blood flowed into the water even though he couldn’t see it.

“Shit, I guess he was right about me.” Aizin felt his heart slowing down. “I  won’t amount to anything in life. My dreams of navigating the world end here. So, much for getting married and having a loving wife cooking me a delicious meal.” he drifted asleep as the two beast continues pecking at him.

His stomach roars fiercely scaring the two fish back as if there were something bigger inside of him.  The two fish scattered in front of each of shoulders but keep a reasonable distance. They crackle and pop as their ice and electric beams heat up.

Aizin eyes blinked opened as saw a light closing in on him another one with a blue aura. “Aw, man just my luck another hungry fishy.” but he was wrong it was no fishy.

The aura grow closer and closer, with each stroke AIzin could feel some of his health revitalize.

“What is that?” he blinked losing the aura but glanced up and saw it before the fish with a blue orb.

“Hey, wait a second. I-is that a kid?”Aizin could believe what he was saying he tries to swim up toward the blue boy. But the electric fish had other plans he sent its attack which Aizin was now able to dodge.

He glances up at the boy charging for him. “Something blue, something blue, something blue,” the little boy sing in a trance. Before eyes could reach the boy he was gone and so was the blue orb above the fish head.

The fish was enraged or in pain, either way, its mouth was opening gunning for Aizin. While the other fish prepare another electric attack.

He dodges the orb-less fish while it was shocked by the other one died in the process. This pleased Aizin but didn’t make the fish happy as it darted for Aizin firing many electrical shots back to back   

He dodges them as they fire upward breaking most the of the Ice above the water. Aizin wrestles with the beast ripping its orb killing it.

He punches through the thin layer ice thanks to the electric attack of the fish. He reaches the surface gasping for air like a starving child pulling food into its mouth.

“Thank goodness that’s over.” he huffs and puffs floating in the water. “Who the heck was that kid?” He ponders on how in the world could the kid appear and disappear in the water like that especially frozen water.

“Geez, I just hope Roach and Scarf-boy are doing better than me. His stomach growl as two large dead fish floated up next to him.

Aizin with some strange help was able to defeat two aquatic enemies but it would seem the numbers aren’t in the favor of Calico.

He sits on a branch staring down on five hounds as they pass him by. “Damn,” he huffs.” This shouldn’t be so hard.they’re just mutts.”

A massive hairy fangs hound arrives just under him stiffing at the air. It growls causing the others to growl. It turns and stares directly where Calico was only seconds earlier.

“That was a close call, good thing I leaped up to the next branch. They surely can’t see me now.” He says sighing.

“But anyway I can’t believe killing them only causes them to separate.”   

“I need to come up with a plan a fast.“ Calico watches the dog take different areas barking and Howling for him. “how can I beat them. I need to think, I need to think, damn it.” he fears a swoosh of wind coming from behind him.

It was a followed by a pair of large red eyes. He leaps from the branch tumbling in the center of the massive hounds. “Shit, It was the six one.” as the Alpha hound lands from the branch he was standing on.

“I don’t suppose a belly rub with making anyone you happy?” Calico jokes as the hounds close in a circle around him.

His fist flared red as he prepares for the hounds to do their worse. One by one they attack biting at his arms, legs, and side. He spun punching, slamming, and kicking. But it was not used, each hard impact created another hound in the process.

“What the hell am I going to do? I can’t believe it’s going to end like this.” he defended himself from a bite. “All because some punk left his back fence open, some luck.”

The hounds were wearing down on an already tired Calico. They’re sharp teeth and claws ripping through his close like a hot knife through butter.

The mongrels growl at Calico all circulating him for a final attack. Calico hears nothing, not the wind, not his heartbeat or the murderous roars of the beast as they close in on him.

“So, that’s it?” he feels a sharp pinch through the back of his neck. It wasn’t painful but it was enough to gain his attention.

“W-who said that?” Calico ask in confusion noticing the beast were moving at a much slower rate than before.

“Who I am is of no importance at the moment. You need to focus.”

“Focus well, that’s a lot easier said than done. How the hell am I supposed to focus when each impact causes them to split.” he pans around seeing all the creatures hungry for blood, his blood.

“Those they feel real there is only one.” the voice says before drifting away.

“Well, geez thanks for the advice.” Calico grabs the first beast launching it at two others.

He lifts another and did the same,” How am I supposed to know who the real one is?”

He notices the alpha hound heart was as out of his chest and it was glowing blue everytime they created duplicates.

“So, there is my target,” he felt more confident at swinging at an object than blinding trying to hit something.

The only problem he was facing was the fact the hounds are tripled upon prior impact so there were no fifteen hounds ready to rip him to shreds.

“Well this shouldn’t be a problem,” He jock. “I only need to kill one for the rest to vanish.”

They charge him like scared cattle he jumped over some causing them to snap at air. While punching and kicking others to the ground. He even lifts up a hound twirling it around and circles hitting the remain few.

The alpha hound growls viciously as its chest glowed blue. The other hound raises to their feet like zombies from the dead.

“Shit, I need to end this now before they end me.” He swung his fist hard and fast enough to come close enough to break through the sound barrier.   

The hound leaps at him as he winds up to destroy the beast with a blue heart. But he hadn’t counted on his arm being bite by one of the hounds and so were his other limbs.

He was sitting prey and all it took was for the Alpha hound to bite down on his neck for it to be his downfall.

“God, damn it get off me you stupid hounds.” he fights to free himself.

The alpha is only seconds away from finishing him. But off in the distance, he senses another presence. Its aura was blue it was traveling in the form of a ball of light.

It appeared in front of Calico separating him from the hound in front of him. “Something blue, something blue, something blue.” the ball of energy continued to repeat until it took the form of a little boy.

“The little boy turns and smiles at Calico, “It’s been a long time, I thought you were dead. Yes, I did. Sorry, I have to go I need something blue.” Cal reminds confused as to what had just occurred.

Cal felt his strength recovering as the hounds around him began to disappear. He looks up and sees the Alpha hound blue glowing heart missing.

It tumbles over and dies and Calico is saved by who or what he is unsure. But he does feel humble and thankful for it happening.

He looks off into the sky hoping Roach is fine. He takes a breath sprinting back through the woods. “This is no time for rest. They could both be in some real danger.”

Roach is shocked again for answering incorrectly.

She glances at her life bar and it's at 89 percent.

The steel wall had the letters 'I, V, E, O.' Roach tried a what seemed like a hundred letters even though there are only twenty-six.

"Think stupid think." she tries to stands but her legs are so weak.

"The phrase has to be I love. but I love what?" She struggles to think as she loses strength in body.

"Jewel, jelly, jives, no, no," she screams, "this is so stupid. how the hell am I supposed to be him a game he designed for him to win."

Gamemaster laughs at her. "you silly, fool, haven't you figure out yet for you carbon-based lifeforms death is imminent.

He shocks her again, as her bar rises to 95 percent.

"Damn, I can use some help right about now. I have no choice but to take a guess. or be torture before death?"

"Right now you're thinking about taking a guess and ending it all." Hangmaster continues on laughing.

"Am I right? you humans are so predictable. I told you my scan told me everything about you including your absolute weakness. so, go ahead and take the guess. it will only speed up your suffering."

"Damn, how does he know what I am thinking? wait, he said he knows all my weakness. it's almost as if he's telepathic."

She stands up and fills new vigor in her chest pumping through her heart.

"give me an 'm'!" she shouts as three M's appears on the wall.

"You're gonna need more than that to win this game."

"That's it!" he eyes light up when she sees the phrase on the board.

"I'll take a guess now!"

"Please be my guess."

"I love mamma!"

the board lights up and begins to crumbles.

"What?! there is no way you should have thought of that! how'd you know!"

"Well you said you scan my mind to make this phrase"

"Yeah, so!" he points at her.

"Yeah, so I've had the answer to my own problem this whole time. but your constant talking and pain I've been feeling have distracted me."

"W-what? no human can out-think the Hangmaster it's absurd logic. that I cannot compute"

“Your first mistake telling me you know my weakness! The second dissing me for being a human and third for being arrogant.”

“What!” the robot started to go crazy flashing lights red, green, yellow.

“It’s funny you talk down on humans. But you’re no true A.I. you just download me and used my fears for your advantage.”


“But those fears help me win.”

"why, you cheater you will pay for this!"

"Cheater- you're one to speak! I won fair and square now let me go!"

"Oh, I'll let you go. let you go to hell, you dirty human."

Hangmaster hand glowed as Roach's life bar hit 100 percent. she felt a strange surge course through her body. as the red scan engulfs her body again.

this time the red scan was doing something different to her. she could feel her particulars be ripped from her skin. like small hairs being pulled from a giant.

Roach blink several times before finding herself in the place of Trapmaster.

she looked down and saw him in her place. the rope around her neck turned blue.

she could feel the noose tight grip pulling the oxygen from her lungs.

"This is not fair," her legs dangle from 40 feet in the air as she tries to find a way to breathe.

"I told you, you stupid human that you will be hanging from this tree soon enough."

Roach began to recall her time spent in slavery. being strip away from her mother.

She thinks of Calico and even Aizin. "dammit this isn't fair," she thinks to herself praying for some miracle.

She blinks as time began to countdown on her just eight seconds left.

She sees a blue orb of light appears before her.

"Something blue, something blue, something blue."

The orb of blue light continued saying as it releases her from her blue noose.

Roach found herself fallen fast but luckily her fall was broken on hangmaster.

"Error, error, error, I can not compute. what has to happen."

"I'd say I just won the game hangmaster."

She stands up dusting herself off. thinking to herself and much like Calico and Aizin what was that thing that just saved me.

"It keeps saying something about the color blue."

Roach didn't think too long about it taking off back to their safe spot. her friends could be in danger she thought and at the very least she could be there to help them battle. after all, they are only here because of her.

Roach somehow was the first to arrive and then Calico and AIzin arrive at the same time. They each greeted each other and asked if everything was okay. To which each said everything is fine.

“So, no luck on finding an exit then scarf-boy?” asked Aizin.

“He shook his head in disappointment, “what about you Roach?” asked Calico.

She laughed rubbing the back of her neck. “You see the thing about that is?”

The three felt the ground rumble beneath their feet as the trio found themselves being elevated above the earth. “What the hell is going on,” asked Aizin. But the other two had no answer for him. They all encased in a hunting net.

“Yahoo, Yahoo, Ya-ho-oo!” laughs a mysterious figure.

The trio traces the laughter and it was coming from a tree not far from them. The rustling leaves gave it away.

“I caught em, I caught em, sweet doggy, I caught them.” the mysterious voice cheers pumping his arms almost fading from a tree but he catches himself.

“2 Bucks and a doe,”  the mysterious voice stomps on the branch falling from it.

He lands on several more branches on the way down. Calico and others lay uncomfortably on top of each other.

“Excuse me Mr? Are you alive?” shouts a concern, Roach.

The man gets up removing the leaves from his body. He reveals to have long a white beard in the form of a  single bread. He has black war paint covering his face. And he’s older with a scrutiny physique.

The man limps towards them, “I uh, meant to do that.”

“Yeah, sure,” Aizin scoff at him.

“Oh, shut up, shut up! I say or else you’ll be food for my hounds.” says the man stomping his feet into the ground like an infant.

“I don’t think they will be a problem,” says Calico cracking his knuckles.

“What?!,” says a shock stranger. “Well no worry, you’ll be great food for my fishy.”

“By fish, you mean the aquatic creature in my stomach?” interjected Aizin.

“You ate one?!” the mysterious figure jaw drops almost to the ground.   

“One? I thought there were two?” responded Aizin.

“Got-dang-it, you ate both of my fish!” said the old man.

Aizin says nothing in return only offering a burp. This really enrages the old man, he pulls two guns from his cowboy-like vest.

“Why I oughta toss your sorry hides up in my death trap area. And watch you get rip to shreds or better yet let my trusty friend hangmaster put you to death.” he smiled with a heart full of malice and eyes filled with hate.

“That’s what you call a death trap? More like a walk in the park. And you may want to get an upgrade on your hangmaster.” chimed in Roach.  

“Why you little harlot what did you do to hangmaster?” he cocks his guns.

“Let’s just say I crushed him and his game.”

This didn’t sit right with the old man he lost his temper firing off both of his guns into various trees and the sky.

“Are you okay?” asked Roach.

He walks toward them, “I’ll be better after this,”

He cocks his guns and started firing them only to realize they were empty.

They all laugh at the old man causing him to threaten them by saying the net they’re ended is an electric one. He pulls out a button, “1,000,000 million volts will soon be coursing through your veins.”

The trio faces are twisted with concern, it was becoming clear that they each had a way of inviting trouble into their life. The old man goes to push the button while the trio brace for the worse to happen.

But fortunately for the trio, nothing did happen as the old man push the button several more times. It was broken from his fall earlier. The trio snickered at him and sigh in relief.

“This guy must be a paid clown,” says Aizin.

“What did you say you little punk? I’m Chace The Hunter! Not some clown, dang it.” Chace goes to grab more ammo only to find himself getting caught in his own trap. A rope tied around his foot and pulls him up in the air upside down.

They laugh at him, as he shouts at them, “What’s funny were in the same boat.” he crosses his arms.

“No, no really,” says Calico.

“Aizin,” said Roach.

“I’m on it,” he draws his blades slicing through the wire.

The trio landed safely on their feet.

“What?, no please, don’t hurt me,” cries Chace,” I’m just a senile old man.”

“We won’t,” says Calico.

“Good, because I’ll never tell you all anything,” Chace says crossing his arms rotating around like a rotisserie chicken.

“Well it good we don’t need help from a clown such as yourself,” says Roach.

The old man said nothing only sticking his tongue out at them continually spinning in a slow spin.

After a few moments of speaking, they leave the old man hanging as he screams for them to cut him down. They ignore him reaching another path but they still found themselves lost and confused on which path to go.

Everything sees dreadful and trees have become a maze that is until the tree say a blue butterfly float pass them. And what was following the butterfly was a being familiar to all our heroes.

“It’s the little boy in blue,” says the trio as one collective.

They each took a moment asking if anyone knew him and each nodded no but he seems helpful so they followed it. And lucky for them, it leads them to the doorsteps of Roach's mother. Aizin confirm this much was true.

Large beautiful lush flowers were planted all around the house. There were even large fruits and vegetable of all shapes and colors. The aromas sent Aizin into backflips as his mouth water at the idea of devouring them.

Roach stood back a great distance as if there had been a wall separating her from her home.

“What’s your problem?” Aizin asked her.

“Nothing, I’m thinking,” responded Roach.

“I hope you’ll not think. Of flaking out on us right now.” Aizin said to her.

Before Roach could even speak Calico spoke from her.

“She would never.” he turns and looks at her.

“This is beyond important to her, we’ve traveled this far for her.”

“Uh, I know I almost drown for it. I just hope she’s not getting cold feet,” said Aizin looking down at his leg that was frozen earlier.

“Yeah, well she’s not!” Calico said getting in Aizin’s face.  

“Well, I’m not saying she is. She’s just acting distance as if she is.” Aizin responds getting close to Calico face as well.

A mysterious voice speaks from a speaker of a plant.

“I don’t know who you intruders are but you have thirty seconds to scat before I call the Sigma defense and border patrol.”

Roach was frozen in silence as the sound of the voice ring through her body. “Momma” she quietly thought to herself.

“Hey, there’s no need to do all that. We come in peace.”

“I don’t care what you come in. I want you to leave now.”

“Roach says something,” Aizin insisted.

She felt herself shrinking at the very idea of speaking with her mother after all the time that has passed.

“Come on tell her,” Aizin says crossing his arms.

“Shut up,” Calico responds.

“Shut up? You’re on my property?” Says the woman on the intercom.

“No, ma’am not you. I was-”

The woman caught her mic off and a siren started to ring. The trio panic, “Come on to her” Aizin said. And “I told you to back off of her.” fired Calico.

Roach sit there as the voices collapse in her head till she finally broke her silence.

“Hi-momma it’s me,” Roach spoke nervously into the intercom.

Aizin and Calico stopped arguing and focused in on Roach. There was no response, she spoke again, saying the same thing and still, there was no response.

“Mamma, please answer it’s me.”

“I thought no what sick game you’re playing but the border patrol is on their way.”

Roach face peeled off of her hitting the ground or at least it felt like it did.

“Momma no.” she cried into an intercom.

“My daughter died a long time ago,” the says as voice hiccups fills with sadness.

“No, momma. I’m back it’s me, Aster.”

Calico and Aizin stand behind her turning to her and mouthing the word “Aster?” Aizin asked Calico who is that? Cal shrugged his shoulders.

Roach stands there with her face almost engulf in the intercom. The woman didn’t respond, Calico and Aizin looked at each other and back at Roach who was devastated.

Cal went to go console while Aizin grabs his arm, “Just give her a sec.” Cal hated it but that’s exactly what he did. To Roach, all seemed lost. She turns faces Cal and Aizin her head hanging in shame.

She got no further than two feet from the entrance when the door opens and out comes a short white-haired woman. She had a Sigma Science sweatshirt on and a heart shape golden locket.

“Aster,” says the woman.

Roach and the others turn around and see the woman. Roach with tears in her eyes responds, “Momma?” the older woman opened her arms and Roach ran into them.

“So this is her?” Ask Aizin.

“I guess so.” Respond Cal.

“Well, she’s a bombshell,” says Aizin in a flirty voice.

The trio traveled far working together to defeat what few minor obstacles laid before them. In the end, it was all worth it. in order to help Roach. This has been her dream since she was five years old and enslaved. But sometimes sweet dreams can become bitter nightmares.  


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