The Tale Of Two Brothers


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The start

 It was a cold, stormy night at the Irvine house, while the Irvine's were having a feast the day before Nicholas and  Noah Irvine were going of to beast mastery school to learn to tame the ancient power of beast-mastery. The brothers had learned all about the history of the otherworldly creatures like werewolf's, vampires and magic beings, the upmost excitement went through there heads

It was the next day, the brothers Nicholas and Noah they had got there bags packed and they drove to a farm in the middle of nowhere. there was a man in little gift shop; the man looked sad and stood there looking at the door, mother walked into the little shop and said to the man "kiwi juice" and then a giant golden Phoenix came swooping down to the little sad shop.

"Hope on then!" mother shouted as we climbed up the phoenix and then we were off into the sky a few seconds later we were suddenly in a swamp with a great forest next to it then we flew an extra few seconds then we landed. It was a Castle it was wide- it stretched probably a few thousand meters- it was at a costal point and it had a big long road around it 1 big main building in the middle surrounded by walls and buildings. when we got there there were a ton of other first years.

then a woman who has blue short hair who was wearing a light green cloak said "Hello everyone and welcome to the scottish school of beast mastery!, i am miss capethord" she said very loudly. then we all followed miss capethord to the main building and then we came across a big hall "This is the main hall where you will be sorted into your houses".

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