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College Essays: What is the Right Topic?

The problem is choice. No matter where you are applying to, they will have some kind of instructions about the essay that you write. There is no such thing as the “correct” essay that will guarantee your acceptance. However, anything that seems insincere, tasteless, or seems rushed and not thought out will definitely hurt your chances of acceptance.

The topic and subject of the essay is what you choose and to make it memorable and interesting has to be something that is focused and specific. What you write about could be your family, or a divorce or even A New Year Eve Celebration, or an authentic Native American meal or even a summer job that you had. However, you do not always get the freedom of choice and you could get a question about an event, a novel or your analysis of a certain quotation.

Once you have a topic, whether you choose it or provided, the problem shifts from choice to what and how you write.  If you don't know how to write an essay, you can pay to write an essay. You can either buy an essay from us or write it yourself. Admissions officers use your essay to evaluate you as a person: Your preference, morals, ethics, thought processes, creativity, sense of humor and even your general knowledge. This will all come out in your writing. It will also reveal how organized, persuasive and above all else, how well you have mastered written English.

The admissions officer could be looking for any number of different things, and here is what they are looking to learn about you from your admissions essay:

  • Are you a person who loves the subtleties and nuances of the arts? Someone who can spend hours, days even, discovering the secret meaning in the Impasto brushstrokes of Van Gogh? Perhaps, you prefer cold hard facts and a discussion of the geopolitical impacts of the Cold War? Your preferences reveal who you are.
  • Choice. Or rather, how you interpret a topic reflects your value system: Do you have the latest in cutting-edge computer hardware and software no matter the cost? You could be the bargain hunter who searches for the best deal that might include one or more compromises to get what you want? Your values reflect on what matters to you and how you perceive yourself.
  • Are you a spur of the moment leap in to action and maker of impulse decisions? Are you someone who takes time, to methodically research something, gather background information and then make a decision? Your thought processes are on paper and will reveal how you think, your intelligence, common sense, insight and judgment.

At the end of the day, it is all about choice. And it is more than just choice of topic. It’s about the choices you make in writing about the topic, whether you chose it or it was given. As stated at the beginning, “There is no such thing as the “correct” essay that will guarantee your acceptance.” The correct essay is the essay that reveals your preferences, values, perceptions, and intelligence in a manner that proves you are the right student to study at a given institution of higher learning.

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